Shift2 Unleashed>> More Q&a Plus Some Nissans

Righto… well I've opened a bit of a can of worms here… it seems like while my recent FAQ post on SHIFT2 UNLEASHED has been greeting positively, it's also started the floodgates to a whole new wave of questions!

I'm still trying to finish my Nissan showcase but perhaps it will have to wait just a bit longer.

We just have to look at a few of your new questions as there were some very interesting points to answer.

These answers come direct  from the SMS team who were more than happy to take the time to give us some very detailed responses.

Let's get started!

Oggy said:

Have you guys made sure there isn't one overly-dominant car that would be abused in online play? This has ruined a few games for me. In the original Shift, you'd only see maxed-out Murcielagos online, or in Pro Street, it was 69 Camaro's all over the drag leaderboards. I don't want to buy a game where the sole goal of career mode ends up being "save up $1,200,000 to buy the Ferrari F50GT and level 10 upgrades"."

The Works Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 was an absolute beast in Shift 1 and quite rightly so! Instead of nerfing it for the sequel though we've given it a ton of worthy competition to even the playing field with the inclusion of the GT1 cars and the ability to Works convert all other cars. I think you'll be surprised at all the different cars you'll be seeing on your SpeedWall.

Please also remember that Autolog will allow you to play asynchronously against your friends in the same car in a certain event, so you can compete directly with other cars. Of course, you could always set other criteria (such as performance class and vehicle type) to keep things changing.

steve said:

…so are details like brake dust on wheels, bugs on windschield etc going to be implemented into the game/ little details like this really add up to the experience of a game like this….

Absolutely – one of the areas we focused on this year was "The Driver's Battle" which includes both build up of dirt and scratches on the car as it progresses through the race (including debris thrown up from the car you're drafting and bugs hitting the windscreen) and degradation of the track (skid marks, gravel/sand pulled onto the track, damage to armco, and marbles).

If you look closely inside the cockpit also you'll see working dials for oil temperature and pressure etc, and if you rev the engine you'll see various components like windscreen wipers and catch nets vibrating appropriately.

grk said:

Great job on the game! It looks awesome! I have one quick question though: How realistic is crashing. I remember in Forza 1, if you crashed into a wall, the steering would be off and the car would have less power. What would happen if I crashed into a wall in S2U?"

Crashing in SHIFT 2 is all about trying to recreate that feeling of dread that you'd feel in real life. In most driving games you can happily bounce off the walls without any fear but we tried to recreate the true disorientating and frightening experience that is crashing, with visual and audio effects. On top of that, in SHIFT 2, you can now choose to have the damage model fully enabled, with damage being taken by your car to any number of critical parts, including bodywork, suspension, drivetrain, engine and ripping your wheels off.

Also this year we've improved the in-air physics and damage models of the cars to ensure that not only do crashes/barrel rolls look visceral and heart-stopping but are authentic to how they then affect performance and handling. So yes, you might find your car pulling to the left, or if it's a really big crash, missing a tire with the drivetrain busted!

Dragawn said:

Just wondering: -I've seen in the realism video that the weight is calculated with the physics model, but do the physics include the weight distribution of the car ? And of the engine swaps? Not just preset that the car goes oversteer more or something like that, but really a different weight distribution.

Yes weight is calculated like the real thing. Engine swaps do change the weight and weight distribution.

luke said:

one question can u put stickers on the windows?

After much feedback in SHIFT from people that they wanted to be able to put stickers on the windows, we now support this in SHIFT 2.

 SLAiNTRAX said:

Got a question I bet most of us want answered:

Will the physics be different when drifting?

You'll be pleased to hear that drift now use the same physics set as when racing. However, those of you who drift in real life know that it's very challenging to get the hang of this extreme type of car control. So we had to figure out a way to also make this style of driving accessable to the mainstream gamer audience while also staying true to the hardcore scene.

So the solution was add a power ramp for lower HP cars and as well as some extra input filters/drift aids for gamepads. This allows beginners driving low powered cars (the power adder fades out as you reach 500hp) using game pads some help to stabilize the cars at extreme drift angles. So there is a "pick up and play" aspect to drifting on game pads, but it still feels natural, flowing and controllable using real life drift techniques.

Please note the gamepad filtering is purely to compensate for the lack of Force Feed Back.. Steering wheel users get a raw, unfiltered experience. As with real life, it takes some practice to master.

Rattleface Blouses said:

I'm rather upset that photomode questions were not asked or answered. I love sim games, but I am also a photographer. To be honest, Shift 1's photomode was piss poor. Bad compression, bad everything. Will this be improved in Shift 2?

The photo mode in Shift2 is significantly enhanced over what was available in Shift1. You can now access photo mode at any time during a career, quick race, a replay, and directly in the garage. The photomode controls allows you to cycle through all the various camera views (including trackside cams) and also allows you to toggle to a 'walk' mode where you can freely move around the car, rotate/pitch/roll/pan/zoom the camera, and set up the shot exactly as you want it.

Don't forget also that you can also share your photos (and replays) via Autolog.


Good that you answered the questions, got me even more happy!!

So how is it gonna be with the adjustments regarding the handling of the cars? Brakes/ springs etc

All tuning affects the car's handling as it does in real life and this time round we're going into far more detail than there was in Shift 1… installing new parts on your car will unlock new tuning options and you can test out changes on the track using our new Live Tuning option. Once you're happy with the setup you can then save it to either a specific track or a group of tracks that are similar (eg.. all Oval tracks or all Drift tracks).

We've also included a live telemetry readout that details friction, g-forces, and tire temperature/suspension data so you can see your handling and performance in real time.

Gonzi said:

Hi there, I have 2 questions about multiplayer.

1) I like to challenge my friends with selected car on selected tracks but I need to be sure, they hadnt use any asistance – will there be a way, how to check this? (in Shift 1 we have to record replay with fraps and show that settings in menu)

2) Will there be any matchmaking system for multiplayer? = I dont wanna race people, which are far better than me – it is not fun. I would love to, if there will be some dynamic online rank, which will grow or shrink based on your online wins/loses and when you will find some online game, there will be people with aproximatelly same rank.

There is no option to filter by a specific handling mode, but you can now filter by camera view. So if you want to ensure everyone is driving from helmet cam the option is available.

Matchmaking incorporates a number of criteria but always tries to connect you with players of a similar Driver Level to your own with good connection speeds. You can keep track of your Online Wins/Losses, Online Play Time and your Driver Level from within the Autolog Driver Profile tab.

Fans will also be pleased to hear too that we've included two new matchmaking rules to address feedback we heard back from you guys on Shift 1 that aggressive players were ruining your experience by constantly trading paint or crashing into you on the first corner…

Although we've removed visibility of Aggression vs Precision from the game, we still monitor it under the hood and now use it when matchmaking. This means that if you drive well, you'll be matched up against other similar guys. The second is your Disconnect % – ie.. if you're a bit of a sore loser and pull the cable out of your machine when you're not winning then you're gradually gonna find it harder to play with those that are there to genuinely have a good time on the track.

Bryce said:

This all sounds great Rod. I'm still hoping you'll answer about whether the consoles will be able to take high resolution photos like the PCs, which I suspect is what we're seeing here. If not, it's not a deal breaker, but it just seems a waste of developer time to make things so realistic looking in the game, if they can't be shared in a photographic setting.

Photos on PC are taken at the resolution you play at (eg.. 1600×1200) so make great desktop wallpapers! Photos on console are 720p, and all can be shared via your Autolog Gallery

grudas said:

Could you please let me know if shift 2 has Anti Aliasing on PC of course.

Yes, we have a deferred rendering engine which supports 4xMSAA and up to 16 x anisotropic texture filtering.

4ZFEED said:

One question, how big will the garage be this time? is it big enought that you could fit one of everything in it or even more than one of the same model?

Garage Slots have been removed in Shift 2 Unleashed so you can comfortably fit one of every car in now. It's also possible to have several versions of the same car model in your garage now with SHIFT2 UNLEASHED.

BTW a few of you were asking about DLC packages, and we'll be revealing these soon on Speedhunters and Stay tuned! 

Ok then. I wanted to show you more Nissans! First off, some people seem to be extremely concerned about rear wing deletes so I thought I'd build up this version of the S13 to show you.

The yellow color was partially inspired by one the C's Garage S13s BTW.

Since this car started life as an USDM spec machine, we've offered the option to swap in a SR20DET.

BTW Mark Arcenal from Fatlace was up in Canada last week visiting our studio and we built up this particular S13 together. He seemed to like the combo of the small diameter Equips on the S-Chassis with the flared arches.

Here's the Works version of the S13.

I painted it blue in honour of the first IMSA GTU S13 racing machines from the early 1990s.

This is definitely a circuit racing set up.

A quick look at the Work spec S13's cockpit setup.

Interestingly the S14A in game started life as a UK spec RHD 200SX. Look ma no rear wing!

The S15 obviously is RHD.

I started out styling the car with the intention of honouring both the D1GP Taniguchi S15 and the original orange look of Phil Morrison's Driftworks machine.

I then tried a sticker bomb approach… just to see if it could be done.

I then settled on this more VIPish set up by bolting on a set of Weds Kranze Bazreias.

Engine swap-wise the S15 upgrades to a RB26 sourced from the R34. While it makes the car more nose-heavy, you can have a great time making big smoke with this setup.

Here's the Works kit for the S15.

I styled the car to be slightly inspired by the Scorch Racing time attack S15.

The upgrade package also has a little bit in common with the old GT300 S15 racing cars, although gobs more power!

The G35 also gets the RB26 swap… here's a peek at the works kit.

We elected to allow the V8 engine from the Sumo Power GT1 machines to be shoehorned into the 350Z. This really changes the character of the car I have to say!… that Works kit is looking ace too.

The 370Z also gets the Nissan V8 too which should make it a great drifter.

You can also strap turbos if you want a truly insane race or drift experience… let's see how many of you go for this setup in your Autolog drift battles.

The regular R35 GT-R is a USDM spec machine and therefore is LHD.

Interestingly though, the Spec V is RHD. I'm not sure why SMS did this! Both cars have different works kits setups too.

One of the ultimate driving experiences in the game has to be piloting the Sumo Power GT1 spec GT-R. It's quite a beast of a car.

And is a machine I repeatedly return to. It's truly epic!

Ok guys. I'm flying off to New Zealand today for some much needed R&R so you won't be hearing from me for a few weeks. I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes in a video game production, especially a project which has been directly influenced by you, the Speedhunters readers. I've poured my heart and soul into SHIFT2 UNLEASHED and a sincerely hope you enjoy the end product!

I'd also like to tip my hat to the Slightly Mad Studio crew for being fantastic collaborators on this amazing game project. Cheers guys!

:Rod Chong



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Thanks for answering my question along with another gentlemen concerned with photomode as well. This eases some tensions I had because I absolutely hate compression.

However in GT5, you can export photos taken in the game to the XMB photo menu, then transfer the photos to the flash drive. Would you consider restructuring whatever program that involves photomode so you can do the exact same thing GT5 does? As far as I am concerned, PS3 doesn't have the same flawed infrastructure as Xbox 360, where the system would be compromised if you attempted a similar stunt like the PS3.

Keep that in mind, we still have time before the game goes "Gold", and plenty of time when the game is released.



looks like y'all done your homework and then some.. wicked graphics, hard to believe..


Great start to the nissan post. But I am a dedicated Z32 fan. Can you please answer my question on wether or not the Nissan Z32 300ZX will be in the game. PLEASE!!!! lol


so the G37 isnt in the game?


Tandem drifting? Demo?


Damn shift 2 is ganna be a beast of a game! Cant wait to get my hands on this title. And shyt, just bought GT5 too ... lol


So many Nissans So little Rocket Bunny Kits ... add to game PLZZZ!


customization looks awesome, nice job rod.


me too i just bought gt5 and its awesome nfs s5 would have to be a looooooot better cause gt5 its just perfect


Are there going to be weather effects?


so will their be more car part options? like bodykits and such, being able to choose the muffler we want, front end conversions? drivetrain swaps? or any initial D like cars in the game, a Nissan sileighty(silvia k S13 front with a 180SX rear) and if our clutch breaks or the manifold goes will there be sparks after the clutch breaks or brakes sparking if the brakes reach their limit which is sparks from the wheels etc.(car part options, conversions, drivetrain swaps, other damage physics) wasn't sure if my other message bigger than this one posted so i made a new one thanks for reading


It doesnt look like you have bigger steering angle on the drift cars. Or is it just the way you have the ars in these shots wtup with not so serious steering parts?


Rod & SMS crew:

Thank you for treating us like adults, and answering extremely good questions. And in full. My faith is slowly being restored. But not fully until we get a dem....wait. Never mind. Gotta wait til the full game hits.


Thanks a lot for finally answering my question :) can't wait to get my hands on it!


why not just make the s13 and s14 and r35 jdm versions? it truly shits me. they are japanese cars so honour that. why would i want a crap version of a 180? putting a type x wing and an sr20 is pointless when you could have just included them in the first place.


well it looks like you sold a game to me. stickers! i mean come on thats just awesome.(plus everything else)


very very good!

wait for Shift 2

Good Luck!


I have not bought a Need For Speed game since 2005. I always play the games first, however this one has got me sold just on the face. However never judge a book by its cover, however I'm going to get it anyway just for the amounts of drift culture in it. Im starting to respect this game more and more just as the info comes out. Well done EA, well done.


I'm sorry, but that's f'in' RETARDED! You can filter by driver view (as if that made any difference to the racing), but you can't filter out people using aids... WTF were you thinking?

Is it ALL about visuals, or would it kill you to think about RACING from time to time?

So, we have the new Elite Handling Mode, and you can't specify a race by it? I have to race ten year olds with every assist on but at least I can make sure that they are driving HOOD CAM?



It's like this game is doing everything I ever wanted in the looks department

the last one failed me big time in the drifting physics... (other need for speed games have felt much better/realistic) but I have some hope for this one.


Question about drifting. If you make a drift spec car can you make it to turn more like professional cars?


In the previous Q&A someone asked about drivetrain modifications and you said it's not possible in SHIFT 2. That means that we won't be able to drift in 4WD cars like Impreza or Lancer?

As the car list is being revealed I see that there's no Hyundai. I suppose that means we won't get the Hyundai Genesis Coupe nor an Acura RSX (old classic)...


christ - who wouldn't buy this game?? mind you, this coming from someone (me) who has had ZERO interest in playing any other racing game BUT Gran Turismo - this is from GT1 to now - I've played NOTHING else - I refused to buy another gaming system to play any games closely modeled after GT - but wow - this here is a MUST HAVE - and I took ZERO interest in Shift 1 - call it whatever - I don't care - but this go around, I get it - and literally, I will get it............and my car has to go back in the shop in a few weeks anyway - this should give me time to work the oil through this game :) THANK YOU!!!


how about mufflers tips do they change sizes and muffler sounds


is there going to be a datsun 510 available in nfs shift 2???


Some bodykits really need to be done again, etc, S15, that yellow 180sx, rx-8 g35. looks ugly and unrealistic when compared to the looks of the porsches. feels like they were from different games.


The Spec V GTR is right hand drive because it was only made right hand drive. Of course we miss out on it here


There will be a RHD UK 200SX S13(uk 180sx with CA18det!!) I really want to see that CA18det tuned in game! I haven't meet a game so far that has it! Please add it! It's also a popular setup in US 240SX's And from my point of view is a 4cyl RB engine!


I CANT WAIT!!!!~~~


That white GT3 RSR... yum!


im sure ur tired of all the questions but i would love for a response on these 2

im a real racing sim fan, not for the physics but for the moments.

i play forza; in forza im a drifter, me and my friends get to together and drift inching ever closer to the perfect tandem (more so drifting like team burst). basically im asking will my friends and i be able to drift freely, as in drifting back and forth in one spot without ending the session and beginning a new one? 2nd) this one is more towards drifting in career mode, is it only based on single runs or will there finally be a tandem or chase drifting scoring system, i know GRID was close using your position on the track (like being first in the field) to boost points, so have they created a way to score each other by judging proximity to each other?


I am very satisfied with what you and the team at SMS have done with the game. I started off having many questions but as your posts came, those questions slowly went away. I will definitely be buying this game at launch. I also plan to get the PS3 Platinum Trophy for it as I did for Shift 1.


So glad there is the R32 Skyline in there!

I'll probably pick a copy up!



Just wondering if the price of the mods are realistic? It's always weird when you buy a turbo upgrade for your RB or SR engine for 30 000$ in the other games for exemple... Can't wait to try this game, looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome!


Still no info on the DLC availability :(


I'm hella psyched about engine swaps :D

I was wondering, but could you swap a 4G63 into an Evo X in S2U?


Are burnouts in SHIFT2? because I turn off all assists in SHIFT1 and I couldn't make a single tire rotate and make some smoke. Full throttle a lil brake and no burnout :(


I've been dying to know, since it's shown itself to be a real performer, is the Genesis Coupe going to be in game? I'd love to see some pictures of it!


Isn't the R35 Spec-V only available in Japan? So why are you surprised that they made it RHD?


Will there be more hondas in the DLC's ? Please tell me yes. :'(


great answers seriously can't wait for the game to come out!btw there are few questions id like to ask..

1:is there going to be tandem drifting?

2:does the cars sound almost the same like it is in real life?i mean like those vtecs??

3:can a s13 or 180sx change their front part into s15?it would be cool if it can though..


I see de-spoilered RPS13s and S14s (Meh) but no S15, which is worrying because that is the one that needs a de-spoiler the most. Really hoping that you don't screw that up, or it at least has some decent replacement spoilers.


Will the PC version of S2U have DLC support?

I really hope PC will have DLCs this time.


Jesus I am so excited for this. After Shift 1 and ProStreet left a sour taste in my mouth (weird physics just in general) this is really looking promising. I'm waiting to rent before I buy it, but this is definitely on my watchlist.


What's happening with Ferrari and Shift 2 ?


what is the minimum hardware requirement for a PC to play this game?


is there giong to be a propper s13 in the game not just a gay 240sx. s13s look way better so why put the 240sx in and not the s13


no zenki? :(


So can you lay rail? slam the car on the ground?

can you stretch on tyres and it affect handling?

I'm guessing the variety of bodykits are non existant.. seeing the S15's all with the same vertex style aero?

Staggered fitment?


To put this in simple terms...I will buy this game for the customizations alone. Those renderings and work packages look simply amazing. If time allows I MAY hit a couple of tracks or two...I simply CAN'T wait....Hats off to everyone who took part in this project!


Why no G37 or new Subaru love?


type x lights?


About drift mode... So , does this HP gain means , that i will be able to drift with my stock ae86 corolla like it was tuned by the devil himself ? If that so , this game is.... piece of f&^*#g crap... CAN YOU GIVE ME AND OTHER REAL SIM LOVERS REAL DRIFT MODE , WITHOUT ANY F****G AIDS , NO POWER GAINS FOR SO CALLED "UNDERPOWERED " CARS ?!!!!! I MEAN R E A L I S TI C ?????

Well , but what do i care ... NFS allways was , is , and will be stupid arcade game for noobs... There are much better games in the market...


Where in NZ you heading? Staying for beach hop?


Bobby don't care about tandem drifting in the drift mode, i don't think that's gonna happen. but we have the same physics in the normal grip events aswell, so tandem drifting shouldn't be a problem.


customization looks awesome, nice job rod.


The DLCs are going to be available for the PC this time??? because the people like me(pc users), felt very disappointed!! We purchased the game and it felt like the PC version was "cheaper", because we missed the great DLCs! So please tell there are going to be DLC for PC!!!


lookin great! So for the moment I've only left one question. I read something about removeable wings, oder just tune a car without putting a wing on the back. My question is: would it be possible on the R35 GT-R? As seen here (

This car looks so much better without a wing, and i remember it, everytime i drive my GT-R in Gran Turismo:)


Looks epic! Given you have the awesomeness that is Mount Panorama, Bathurst as a track, are there any Bathurst cars in the game? Any Aussie cars from the Production era, the Group C era or the V8 Supercar era?


Can't wait!


I was just wondering,

1.Will Shift 2 allow us to change the drivetrain of 4WD cars?

2.Will Shift 2 have the same camera experience in drifting or racing events?


Are there going to be drivetrain swaps? Like making a subaru impreza wrx sti rear wheel drive or an R34 so they can be made into drift machines? just curious, A whole lot of different body kit option would be nice, and it'd also be nice if we could choose what our manufacturer of our parts is and what the muffler we want can look like. if the clutch messes up of breaks will there be sparks? if brakes burst or reach their limit will sparks fly from the wheels etc. (car part options, drivetrain swaps, other realism aspects) how bout front end conversions? any intial D like cars in the game like a sileighty(S13 silvia k front with a 180SX rear. Thanks for reading.


Dammit let us tandem drift and filter by "elite handling" . . . thats the stupidest decision by far that Ive heard from you guys yet. And what about drag racing?

Also, I can't see why you won't let us adjust boost pressure? . . . or let us experiment with different turbos? After all, thats what its about in the real world. That and, being able to choose turbo vs supercharger . . . then narrowing down to single vs double or twin scroll vs screw . . . then throwing it on a dyno to see what you got.

But whatever. It's all about "accessibility" nowadays.


When I saw the Lancia Delta Integrale I was shocked. I can't wait to drive that beast. Thanks speedhunters for the pleasure that you gave to all the people, waitin' for Shift 2 Unleashed.


I would really like to see some video of drifting using the Steering wheel. I feel like GT5 did a good job of replicating the physics and motions required to drift a car I would LOVE to see some video of matt power or vaughn Gittin drifting using the wheel.


The game enhancements/ improvments look really Great! Have a question though about the pits?

Tyre changes etc, like if you have to pit, do you see the crew running around changing tyres etc?

Is this something that has been done?, comparing to Shift 1 where there was no possibility of pitting.

Changing weather? is this something that will be in Shift 2?

Regards Carl in Sweden


This really is starting to sound like THE racing game to own this year!

With the works conversion (eg. S15 with an RB26) will u keep the engine swap? Or will it default back to a 'race spec' original engine?

And are we likely to see things like the henessey venom gt, qnd other specialist branded cars... or the option to have a strawberry faced 180sx?


can that champagne fastback go lower? just wondering. i'd definately like to see some of these cars as low as they go. just for visual purposes.. you know? haha.


That part with the driving aids for the pads have me a bit worried. Do I need to buy a wheel to enjoy driving a AE86? Surely the aids must have an option to turn them of completely even for the pad? And what about a demo?


I liked old NFS, like Porsche Unleashed, High Stakes, but I absolutely hated Most Wanted, Carbon, Undercover, World etc. And when I saw SHIFT for the first time I wanted to hate it too...but then I played a bit and...I actualy liked it. If the constant over-steer in FWD cars and drift physics will be fixed in Shift 2, the new NFS would be probably my new favourite game. :)


that street style s13 is perfect. but the interior which is shown is from a s15


When can we see the onboard footage from Tommy Milner as promised ???


Can you guys PLEASE put in a tandem mode even if its just for hooning around with some mates online. I know a tandem mode would be hard to score if the drivers are competing against each other since its so subjective but just being able to slide cars around with more than just yourself would be awesome! The novelty of drifting alone wears thin and makes it less fun.


Although there won't be any tandem drift mode, will we be able to make custom games and drift on the track together with friends? I know a lot of other people are worried about this, and this is totally a deal-breaker for me... I just don't see the point of drifting if your friends can't be there doing it with you.


"If you look closely inside the cockpit also you'll see working dials for oil temperature and pressure etc"

OMG at last! ive been waiting to see this in console driving/racing sims for along time, pc racing sims have ALWAYS had it and so did all the F1 games, working dials that work like they should in a real car and are not just there for the fun of it, im sold.. Will you marry me!


In previous PC SIMS you were able to turn off the driver arm animations and steering wheel. Doesn't make a lot of since to have a wheel in hand and one on screen too.


dude! i wasnt too confident in the new nfs but now that ive read this... im half believing its gonna be better than forza four? am i tripping or what? body converstions would be dope too. bee r r32.4 kits, s13 silvias (not the 180/240) +onevia/sileghty converstions. im from nz and we're big fans of r32 four doors! c33 laurels and a31 cefiros! if they made an appearance... WOW!!! so sick! plus koya drift teks, (first gen) cyber rims, 17x10's of course! and .com racing rims (first gen too) all with SUPER stretched tires! lol gotta have super stretchies! actually looking forward to playing this game!


Looking amazing, one question - when you modify a rotary powered vehicle, are the modification menus and options adaped to suit rotary specific tuning rather than still displaying camshaft upgrades etc?


Thanks for you answered my question.

Do not the S13 get the RB26 SWAP? :O that is bad in that case.. sure SR power is good but still no rb :(

And how about the seats by the way?

Which so much real rims you should at least put som real seats in the game ;)

BRIDE AND RECAROS and sparcos :)

And also that you could paint the car.. for example the cage? Inside - Seats - Rims?


1.can u paint wheels now? 2. are we going to be able to tandem drift online and 3. will it be possible to pick a different tier 1 body kit?....thnx


This game is looking incredible so far!

It may be a little late to still implement this... but if theres anyway video support for 16:10 monitors can be offered, that would be awesome.

Just the addition of black bars is all I'm asking, so all the users PC-widescreen monitors (those without 16:9 support) don't have to be stuck looking at a stretched picture.

Also, wow different wheel setup on the front and rear? That's a first!

Very excited...


I already pro-order this game and buy every NFS game sense 2002, I got rip off on NFS HP, if your looking to race some of the top racers in the world come visut us at we share setup information and can help you tune your car......


I don't know too much about European cars but in JDM and possibly cars that are famous to make drifting the engine swap should be in 5 options; a V8 (for american lovers), an RB26, an 2JZ, also a SR20 and a F20C for all kind of drifters lovers and for the people who want to have a different providence of the engine. Can you do something like that?.

And the other thing is there the possibility of the Levin or the Coupe Ae86?. It will be really cool to see Ae86 lovers trying to realize the hole Mousse drift gang or making the Rauh Welt Levin. In the same order add the Zenki S14 because you have the Kouki and both ones should be amazing like PS13 that is very famous base car for drifting and we have seen a lot of really cool Silvias on the web.

If you can do those adds all the drift lovers will love this game.


Will be a race track editor?.


aare there restrictions for drifting? for example, cam we drift any rwd car? and do you have any old datsuns?


great to see some of the porsches included in the game but im a huge fan of 80's 911's will they be included in the game as well


This game is gonna be so legit.


The white RX8 is awesome, and the sticker bomb touch is soo cool. On the topic of sticker bombs, are there Touge Automotive stickers in the game?


Please tell me that PC version is going to have DLC.

I dont want to miss out on DLC like Shift 1 or HP.


will it be possible to drive real endurance races. with large grids und long distances?


Good article.

One quick question - Can you turn off the steering wheel in Shift2? - I have a steering wheel in my hand when playing, so dont need another on screen.



Are we able to change the S13 to have Kouki taillights....??!?!? i hope so....but it doesnt look like it ?


I have a giant question, how come you don't allow us to choose which parts to add to our car like you guys used to let us. I think adding a kit is boring cause every one could have the same kit as you and gets really annoying, In NFSU & NFSU2 you could of added front bumper and not a rear bumper and keep it stock and not add a spoiler, how come we cant do this any more with the NFS games?


Come on Rod Chong, tell those SMS guys to put the 2004 Cobra in the game. Please just put it in the DLC.


Again no Zenki? C'mooon guys! I see that the Nissans list is full in Shift2's car list, but YOU HAVE to think of a Zenki... Matt Powers' Zenki...he's in the NFS Team and his car is from said that 2010 NFS Team cars will be in the game...

And add a Hakosuka. :/ btw someone said that S13 Silvias look better than 240sx... I kinda agree with that... at least add these cars in a DLC... and this time think of the PC gamers, too!!!

PS: I hope that Silvia S15 also has the option to remove the rear wing...

PS2: Anyway, the game looks AWESOMEEE!!! And the stickers are 10 times better than those in Shift. I see that there are more street drift-style stickers, that's sooo cool! ;) Can't wait to try the game... The next 2 weeks will be long...


I have a question to add : Will this be released via Steam ?


All I want is a Toyota JZX (any) in a game. Please, make it happen


will there be dynaic sort of track system? like in f1 2010, where over the course of a race weekend, will the track get stickier? and also, WILL THERE BE PITSTOPS, because a game with realistic tire degradation without pitstops doesnt really make sense. thanks! definately going to buy this game looks awesome!!!


Looks good, but I am still bummed out about the non-availibility of stretched tires. Why not????


What's the word on customizable control maps? Changing gears in SHIFT 1 on the Xbox was annoying as hell.


I noticed that the american muscles drivers have a old school helmet. The helmet cam will be different too?


Looking great. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this game. It's cool to see you can get different body parts for the same "level" of upgrades on a car. That worried me a bit from before, I thought it would be that if you wanted a car to be at "drift level" or whatever, you only had one option for body kits, which would be really boring and everyone would have the same car. But it's not like that, so great!

Although the ranking system for online doesn't seem perfect. It's cool you get put with people who drive with a similar style to you, not just driver rank. And it's cool that if you are a sore loser you pay for that. But to have a visible rank is bad... It's part of what has made Forza 3 worse than Forza 2 in regards to online. People treat Trueskill like a contest, not something designed to give them the best fun. If people see their Trueskill they want to level it up so they have bragging rights. You should make it non-visible so then no-one cares about rank and everyone has fun.

Oh and I'm still waiting for more Supra pics... pretty please!


Subaru STI 08 will be in the game?


hope u enjoy nz man, why do you choose new zealand for a holiday??


every update y'all put up gets me more pumped for this game. it is looking pretty darn good, well done!



will there be pitstops and can debris puncture your wheels?


I'm still waiting for a game which recreates the sound of a screamer pipe accurately. Please?


What if I want to drive something that's made in America? US models seem to be scarce.


Subaru STI 08 will be in the game?


Enjoy ya break down here in NZ Rod!!



I have drifted in Forza for some years now and have always been irritated by the meager steering angles. It seems as though they are even less than stock. In Shift 2 will we be able to modify the steering angle through upgrades or is there a set max?


Hey Rod, did you read my comment when you showed the first batch of Nissans? The R32 has something weird on the head lights (or maybe it's just me...); the housing of the lights looks too dark. Maybe you should say this to the modelers and compare this detail with real-life pictures just to be sure.


rocket bunny


Please please tell me they have the Veilside RX-7 Fortune Body kit


One question.

Will there be drivetrain conversions in S2U?


Hi Rod,

I have to be honest I hated NFS Shift 1. I just couldn't get onboard with it. I have very high hopes for this game and will of course be getting on day one.

Now on to my question:

Im a PS3 user and play allot of GT5 at the moment, I don't care much for livery editors or slamming a car with negative camber and screaming from the hills "look ma, I've got a low ride" what I do love though is getting my beautiful car, thrashing the nuts off it and the taking photos to share on Flickr and regular forums and the such, what I don't like idea of is EA's sickening way of strapping you down to an EA pass (or whatever is called) and making you use their proprietary systems for sharing online. Forza does this too [insert been sick icon] Rattleface Blouses asked above (top post) but I will ask again will you be letting PS3 users export to the XMB or will we be tied into EA's web of doom?




my question is:

can you drift online with people because a big part of what i love about forza 3 is tandem runs with my friends, might sound a bit stupid but i just wanted to make sure.

Thanks love the Q&A btw its a great idea :D


will it be the same as shift 1 with body kits where there was 3 different kits that replaced the front bumpers, rear bumpers and sideskirts or can you replace a front bumper and leave other parts or the body standard?


how come there's no newer generation of subarus in nfs lately? i really like the sti hatch.


Hi there, love the game so far,

I'm assuming the only engine conversions for the nissans are only the SR20/RB26/V8 power? Any chance of a RB20/25 conversion for straight six single turbo lovers?


I'd just like to say how much I appreciate the addition of wing-deletion. That has consistently been one thing that has bugged me for years with racing cars that allow everything to be modified, albiet taking the stock wing off.

In relation to this matter, is wing deletion present on all makes and models of cars? Also, will convertible cars, if there is any present in S2U, be avaliable with the option to race with the roof down.

Lastly, loving the progress on the game so far, already placed a pre-order for it!


with shift 1 there was 3 different body kits you could install on your car an each body kit contains front bumper, rear bumper and sideskirts is this the same with shift 2 or can you change individual part?


I want to know when you upgrade your exhaust do you visually see it? its a really simple concept but games always neglect it. also i noticed that in the first shift that some of the pre-made vinyls had carbon fiber hoods but we could not installed cf hoods ourself. well you be able to change the hoods to cf? and those work meisters have a crazy offset i figured you would give them a more concaved look like the te37 you made


Will it be possible to change ingame steerin wheel rotation degree from 180 to 900 in drifting mode for the people who are huge drifting fans and use a simulation wheel what supports 900 degrees and wants to play hardcore , When i played 1st Shift than it wasnt so realistic to drift because of the rotation on my wheel and in the game . with steering wheels you can usually change the degrees to be the same as the ingame wheels full rotation . Well im reguesting this to be possible to the other

Thank you , and please consider this reguest for all the drift fans out there .


I have a question, the size of the wheel changes the final velocity and acceleration etc?




those bodykits already had no wings from the first game. why are you trying to play us


Additionally, because I didn't mention this in my previous comment, the game looks excellent for the most part, and I am very excited for the final release. Thank you for all of your hard work on the game - it looks great!


This game seemed pretty promising until I got to the part about drifting.

So you guys said you were going strictly for a simulation game, and NOT one of those sim/average player friendly deals, but you made the drifting exactly that.

This is what I hated about all the other Need for Speed games. This one sounded very promising until this post.


Thank you for this update - you answered a lot of important questions about the game, and it is great that you have done this.

Here are a few additional questions / comments:

- Due to the technical nature of the PC I play NFS Shift 1 on, I have had numerous technical issues which have caused the game to freeze and disconnect me from playing online. I also had a high DNF rate because I have entered into 20.00 or Unlimited class races and was forced to use a low-powered car. I sincerely hope that this will not impair my ability to find good matches due to the new matchmaking algorithm in Shift 2.

- Can we mix and match pieces from the body kits? So far, every image you have shown us has either been of a pre-existing kit from Shift 1 or a new car. I have frequently wanted to put a spoiler onto one of the lower-level kits without spoilers, but have been unable to (for example, at least a small trunk spoiler onto the "look ma, no rear wing" kit in the screenshots, because I like that kit but not the lack of the wing).

- Which engine swap does the S14 take? (I'm crossing my fingers for an RB26 swap in the S14, personally.) Also, any chance of an R35 GT-R VR38DETT swap into the G35 or the 370Z?

- Is there a wide range of sponsor decals for the cars, and has the Shift 1 limitation of having every single decal be dark gray or oddly colored and also way too tiny been fixed?


Love the 180sx!


Hello! cfkgfdf interesting cfkgfdf site!


Thanks for answering my question.

Now that I remember, even stock cars had a straight cut transmission whine. Will this be fixed in SHIFT 2?


1.) Will you be able to tandem drift with your friends online, or is it only the stupid points drifting seen in the Powers v Gittin video?

2.) Are you able to change the weather and time of day? (i.e. Snowy night, or rainy evening)


Will there be interior stickers?

interior usually get pretty plain after awhile so interior stickers would be awesome



you posted some pics of old school cars (Delta Integrale, Merc 190 Evolution, Golf MK1 GTI) and I've seen a vid showing the classic Mini Cooper. Can you tell us which other old school cars are going to be in the game? Are those old cars going to be in the game at the beginning or just a DLC? I'm hoping to see a Renault 5 GT turbo in the game (or even a DLC) since I have one.



no coupe love? i wish they would throw in s13 coupe.. some silvia fronts or onevias. that would be dope! gt5 has it so you gotta take them out haha


Need son JZX 90 and 100


So no Z32 love? That's a shame.


Will inexpensive japanese 4 doors from the 80s and 90's be available? It'd definitely add some value for a lot of the skidders out there since it's fun to build a car you own. Maybe a DLC pack could be in order with say some mx/jzx from toyota and some a31/r32/c33 from nissan kinda thing. Would be very cool to see.


is there any chance that there will be weather in the game at launch or in patch/dlc/donload? so few racing games have weather these days. if this game will feature weather i will be completely sold