Car Spotlight>> Midnight Blue R34 Gt-r At Daikoku Pa

During my Japan trip last year we were lucky enough to visit Daikoku Futo two nights in a row. Being a Friday and Saturday the car park was completely packed with hundreds of cool cars. Before the night got crazy I noticed a vibrant blue R34 GT-R Skyline parked right away from everyone else. At first I thought it may have been the ever so famous Dino Dalle Carbonare, but unfortunately it wasn't.

 Taking a closer look, the GT-R was lit up like an angel underneath the warmth of the Daikoku lights. On the exterior you'll notice the car has been lowered on a set of 18" Rota GT-A's, a raised factory rear spoiler… 

…and a Nismo front lip. With these minor modifications it gives the GT-R the perfect touch.

I really do appreciate how cars are modified in Japan and look forward to visiting again next month.

-Casey Dhnaram.

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Isnt that bayside blue?


great...a gt-r ruined with a set of rotas.


yeah that's bayside blue indeed.

I'm waiting since I saw this photo for the first for a wallpaper. Please fellows,do people one small favour on the R-34 day.


Are you sure those are Rota wheels? They look more like Prodrive GC. Why would someone that can afford a R34 rock Rota wheels especially in Japan?!


really sure that where rota's? please not! i thought at least the guys in japan keep it "real"...


Car looks great, too bad it is driving on Rota's. Oh well, at least it's no hellaflush.


whats so wrong about rota wheels ? are they so cheap that it's embarrasing to roll with them? think it looks good on the car and that is what matters not how expensive those rims where.....


I'm with sidebrake on this one those look like Prodrive GC -010E wheels


What's the prob with rota's??


C'mon Casey you should know better. Those are Prodrives, not Rotas. No one in their right mind in Japan would put Rota wheels on their cars.


Swapping the stock magnesium R34 GT-R wheels to Rota's makes no sense at all... I'm sure those are Prodrive's quality motorsport wheels.

Rota's are counterfeit designed wheels that are made from lesser quality alloy.. Everybody hates them! If You can't afford proper wheels, run the stock ones and invest the money you'd spend on pirated wheels to buy grippier tyres, like Toyo Proxes R888 etc... FAKE SHIT IS LAME :)


Yeah what is the deal with Rotas? I had a friend that was involved with modding cars with his brother and friends. They worked on Imprezas and 240sx's. I thought that was a good brand of wheels.


im one of the people requesting this thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what's the thing with rotas? it's just that they don't have their own design, they're just fake ssr's, fake volk's etc. its like rocking adidas hoodie with 4 stripes. company's earning money on somebody's design.


*correction they clled GR-A's if they are rotas


personally i favor the r33 and r32. however if an r34 had made its way into my possession, i would be the happiest kid in the world.


...rota? ... vibrant blue? at least put some effort into the article pls.


Just a sexy car


nice example..


Wow, you know it's gotten bad when legit wheels get confused with the knockoffs.... I think it's supposed to be the other way around. I don't usually like to bust anyones chops but really guys?


I see this blue shyline a bit too much, where's the other color?

Nice wheel btw,


daymn its perfect in every little way! i cant find anything that i dont like about it! apart from the fact its not mine :(

any chance of a Desktop?


Those wheels look more like prodrive GC-10, i dont they are rota.


and isnt the wheels prodrives


Am I completely wrong in thinking that there's a set of overfenders on that too?


Why even bother buying rotas when it could be the right deal volks?

Fucking hate copys!!

Have to agree with gnubber.. FAIL on a set of rotas!!


rota is ruining this industry.


It's actually BAYSIDE BLUE and there's no such color as Midnight Blue, it's Midnight Purple.


genuine question from a newcomer to this world: WHATS WRONG WITH ROTAS???


Is this write up about another car? Those are not Prodrive wheels then?....................


I would love to owm one myself, but until the USDOT gets their head out of their ass i can just forget about it.


Aren't those prodrive gc010 wheels, not rotas?


they're prodrive. the rota has 4 lugnuts while the prodrive has 5 lugnuts. this R34's got 5 of them.


Why Rota wheels ya'll ask? Well they're EXTREMELY affordable, look like the real thing (sort of), and they don't put a humongous DENT in your wallet. Rotas for daily driving, VOLKs for track. Enough said.


Pretty sure those aren't Rota's. Japanese don't rock Rota's, those are definitely Prodrive GC-10E's.

Why would a GTR owner get something that is smaller in size than the stock size, because Rota only offers that style wheel in 7.5j + 35 offset?


nah those are legit prodrives...even if they arent the car still looks sick


those DO look like Prodrives...


if you dont know why people are mad over rotas than you should sell your car today.


I doubt they are Rota's...


100% not rotas

100% Prodrive GC's


I'm not gonna lie. I eat the Kroger brand mac and cheese.


Whats midnight blue? All I see is a beautiful R34 with bayside blue..


Yep, those are Prodrives. Those are also prodrive centercaps.


Yeah SilkRoad is right about the wheels. Those are definitely Prodrive GC-010E wheels.


Rota made their way to Japan? comment.


Those wheels do look too nice to be Rota's but I wouldn't consider it sacrilege if they were. It's a fugging R34, it would take a lot more than a nice looking set of Rota's to ruin this car you fanboys.


Anyone notice the huge front caliper ? Too busy flaming Rota ?


Yeah, they have to be Prodrives.

Even if they were Rota's, pretty sure they would be Rota GR-A, not GT-A.


Wheels are definitely GC-010E's. I have GC-010G's myself--the carbon fiber center cap is a dead giveaway along with single drilled holes and not duals like rota's have.


The wheels look awesome but I find it strange that the owner put Rota's on when he could probably buy a set of the original wheels at a decent price over there, Rota's are just for people who can't afford the real deal in the US and UK because of the shipping and quality costs right?


I cant hate so much against the rota's as they can serve purpose as a cheap alternative as a second set of wheels, maybe his stock wheels are wrapped in race rubber but they do look like the prodrive models with that clean of a center cap which several people already noted. Also, the guy appears to have a 6pot brake setup in the front and whether its alcon or brembo setup it ain't cheap.


nice... what mini fender flares are those? looks nice


Rota = Sketchers of the wheel world. Steal everyone else's designs, have em made with cheap parts and skill, then flood the market killing the originators. No, nothing wrong with them.


deffiniately not rotas !! the center cap looks like i says prodrive, and rota dont even make wheels by the name of GT-A


so damn nice this GT-R


Can u even buy Rota wheels in Japan????


HAHAHA! This post made me laugh. It's bayside blue, not midnight blue. Those are Prodrive GC-10s, not Rota GT-As. Why in the world would a person driving an R34 rock Rota wheels, and in Japan at that! HAHAHA!


@Dino Some of us noticed.. as well as the rear calipers and bigger rotors.. also the Bride seats, Nismo side skirts, read pods and z-tune over fender strips, aftermarket steering wheel, massive aftermarket frontmount, painted stock front bar lip and a few other little mods.. The bonnet of the car with its NACA duct and the front bar outlets on the side of the bar also hints that the car is either a V-spec II, V-spec II Nur , or M-spec Nur.. I'm suprised the OP got some of the more obvious detials incorrect.. But what a stunning car and great pictures.


what happened to JDMEGO"S r34?


I'm positive those are prodrive gc010 they even have the center caps, and why all the hate on rotas? they are actually used in the spec miata under the regulated wheels? plus a wheel is only as good as the tires it sits on functional wise?


so he buys an R34 GTR then upgrades the brembos to Alcons then puts ROTA wheels on it


casey stick to taking photos and not describing the cars


Awesome car, there MUST be some desktops...


I believe those are rota T2R's


I believe those are rota T2R's


come on speedhunters, ROTA,MIDNIGHT BLUE? can you publish this?


@ meangirl: remember your pills, Garth! my car - which im not about to sell - is a bmw running bbs and/or schnitzers, so the whole jdm fetish is really more of a spectator sport for me... i was just kind of curious. ive seen plenty of pro teams and drivers on rotas, so they cant be all bad...


Rota's in japan?



I can't believe you called those $$$ PRODRIVE GC010 wheels Rotas... this car is gorgeous though.  Great find.


I can't believe you called those $$$ PRODRIVE GC010 wheels Rotas... this car is gorgeous though.  Great find.