Random Snap>> Highly Modified Bmw 135i

A couple of days ago Kyle Mcmanus shot through a link of photos he recently shot, more specifically this highly modified BMW 135i. The 18×11 and 18×12 CCW Classic wheels along with the Aeromotion rear spoiler gives this BMW quite a fierce appeal, let alone the oversized wide bodykit. Seeing this photo eagerly makes me want to witness it smash along a racetrack. What are your thoughts?

The car is featured in the current issue of Eurotuner so be sure to grab a copy!

-Casey Dhnaram.

Photo: Kyle Mcmanus



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Looks clean! But i prefer this one:


Oeh the sound.


C'mon, there must be more details. On the Flickr page, I detect a rollcage. Please tell me that there's more to set this apart from simply "modified, with a flashy headline."


More details please - the dude next to me just said it looks like a rip-off lancer!!


err.. i've seen it before but i think more info is in order.. spec list??


Stop random snaps of beautifull cars and just full feature them!!!!!!!!


That is the President of Momentum Performance's car. Go to http://www.momentumperformance.com for more information on it.


Looks ok, is it fast?

Once u see the 134 JUDD, everything else looks just blah.


great photo. must be nice.


I will add the mods on flickr for you


DESKTOP please !! car is sexy!!


I've seen this car around my town, this dude is a part of Momentum Performance (http://www.momentumperformance.com). I've never really seen the car in serious motion, but I know that body kit is all carbon fiber and I think the only remaining stock part is the key. I'll see if I can find some more specifics.


Kit looks like Flossman work, same front/rear arch vents as their E46 GTR kits.


hey look, he did the works kit! haha


hey look, he did the works kit! haha


More info please! This deserves a feature!


Mod List because casey is useless

Engine Performance:

JB3 tuning module

Active Autowerke Intercooler and charge pipe

Active Autowerke Speed delimiter

Riss Racing Downpipe

Momentum Performance Dual 2.5” Aluminum Race exhaust

AFE Dual cone intake

Twin Setrag oil coolers

Custom crank breather and power steering reservoir

UUC Double shear selector rod

Active Autowerke Short shift kit

Momentum Performance Solid motor and tranny mounts

Suspension/ drivetrain:

Anze/ Penske triple adjustable coilovers

H&R front and rear sway bars

Front M3 control arms

Custom rear chromolly control arms with Aurora rod ends

M3 rear lower camber arms

Solid aluminum solid subframe and diff mount bushings

Quafe limited slip


Stock Brembo calipers and rotors

Carbotec Brake pads

Evolution racewerks stainless braided lines

Carbon fiber brake ducts

Custom Alcon Brake System in the works

Aeromotion Wing

18x11, 18x 12 CCW Classic wheels

315/ 335 hoosier r6’s

Racetech Carbon fiber seats


it look like unique.


It look like unique.


Pure sex, trust fund baby right there


is it me, or do cars that appear this fat an wide "rarely" live up to how fat an wide they are? I mean, to justify these looks, what are we expecting, touring car numbers? I doubt we get those.......wanna bet?.... its like sex with the curviest chick in the place............ ya know that skinny chick would have been better, easier to pick up, an doesn't snore in her sleep