Random Snap>> Fredric Aasbo’s 2011 Scion

Here’s an exclusive pic of Fredric Aasbo’s 2011 Scion tC-2! Stephan and the Papadakis Racing team have been busy working on the Scion that Fredric will campaign in FD this year. The chassis has now been painted and the team are now onto the final touches. We can’t wait to see Fredric behind the wheel!

– Charles Kha

Photo by Stephan Papadakis

Papadakis Racing

Team Need for Speed



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Why no articles on Japan yet?


yeah i dont wana hear about this worthless pile!


man, those 5" vented rotors look sick.


man I love the look of a half torn apart drift car, 2011 prediction, Aasbo's killing everyone this year.


Looks great!!... Can´t wait until he dominates with this one!! But the Supra will always be the KING!! Lykke til Fredric, det er så fortjent!!


Sad that he has to leave the Supra behind, but for sure a new Scion tC makes more sense commercially, best of luck!


The best driver in Formula D! I really hope the car does him justice :)


bcuz we dnt wana see carnage of JDM cars! and btw to this post, SCREW the SCION TC-2! why does it always have to be g*y modern cars when it comes to starting new and fresh when being sponsored by a big company. Stick to the Supra Aasbo! other u lose our respect.


I wanna see old supra in this season!!!! Scion FUUUUUUUU!!!!!


because everyone and their mother already know what happened.....................


Scion should've just made the tC rear drive


Are you serious? I've lost all respect for Aasbo. I absolutely hate it when awesome drivers drop their awesome OG drift cars for some sponsor approved, advertising, fake, almost all tube, front wheel drive, lie of a drift car. Such a waste.


Whatever happened to no modified firewalls and RWD or AWD converted only... nvm


err.. yeah.. i'll wait 'til its a little more finished before i let rip!


tube chassis arent allowed in D1, right? so what are we lookin at?


UUUUHhhh another scion -_- kill em some1


I'm glad he stayed toyota, but im gonna miss his old supra


maybe its just me but i don't understand why people are getting fwd cars and converting them to rwd cars for drifting. It makes even less sense if they're a factory backed team cause then they're campaigning a car that the general public can never have. maybe someone can enlighten me?


the fact that you embrace and promote the japanese culture and yet you dont have any article on the tragical events that took place in japan is a shame.


Frederic will do well in the TC this year. But like what the people said, Supra is king. Nothing is sexier than frederic's style and the platform of the JZA80 platform combined. It's business with those two combined. A threat to be reckoned with...


seriously a scion this is a joke what a bucket


i like girl scout cookies, thin mints are the best


@Alex: general public couldn't care less if it's RWD or FWD - they see a Scion ripping it up on track then go to a dealer and buy one.


yikes. come on people. why a new tC? drifting is a marketing tool. as exciting and fun as it is its to support the companies involved...like TOYOTA.



a forumla d car.....


Bring back the supra, not some car that resembles nothing of what you can buy.


lame build he will not be as popular not driving the supra.....scion makes me sic especially converted to rwd jus call it nascar/drifting...


damn that scion is gonna be sick, not as sick as abadar tho


for those complaining about aasbo being in the TC...who cares? seriously? i personaly would rather have someone paying for me to make it through a full season, and know that my car will be up to par at every round, instead of struggling to make it to an event, and praying that my cars holds together through qualifying.

mad props to aasbo. yes its sad the supra wont be there, but he deserves a full ride. and papadakis racing will support aasbo on his quest for a championship spot


I feel so bad for aasbø, im sure he has nothing to do with the choice of car he is to drive next season.

Put the money to better use, and upgrade the supra.

Whats up with all these Scions in the US? soulless peice of crap.


@quit complaining

who cares? obviously everyone here cares. drifting is drifting, but the vehicles being used in drifting do not represent drifting historically. i for one love drifting. i am building my own drift car to have fun in. i can say it would be nice if someone else was paying for all of these parts and fabrication work. if someone put me into their program and their deal was to run a Scion I am not sure what I would do. everyone wants to be picked up by a big sponsor and what if that sponsor runs an american car instead of a japanese car?

unless you/we have enough money to put together a WRC engine program for a Formula D season then you will most likely be offered an american platform with a V8. hey, at least Aasbo stayed away from the V8. but you dont hear anyone complimenting him their now do we.

maybe Aasbo will convert people back to 4 cylinder if he can put down the hammer...

Formula D for the win!


This is why Keiichi left and created his own new drift league.

Toyota should have given him a FT86 concept shell instead.


I just got some apple cider donut holes. There great. Especially with some milk.


let hope that this scion drifting thing has a bigger aim, like to get toyota people into it until the FT86 arrives, like they rumoured. they are gonna call it scion for the us market so this could just be R and D until the real thing arrives.


ECR33 maybe you think that, but I know I don't. Stop hating on people for making smart financial decisions. I don't have any less respect for him in the Supra than I will in the tC. Why don't you go get a JZA80 and become as skilled as Aasbo if you're gonna miss it so much.


Scion tC-2 = BOOO ! Supra = YAAY !


Can't wait to see this one finished and rippin. Don't give a shit he's dropped that beatup supra, i'm just glad he's getting proper support for the upcoming season.


Any parts useable on our street cars? I love to watch Aasbo drift and if someone offered me the ride I would say yes, but these cars are why drifting is losing. Less mods, more style.


The Supra is out because Toyota big wigs say so. I personally think this would be a great opportunity to showcase the FT-86...who's with me?


Another Scion? geez, those things are everywhere...