Random Snap>> Drift Bee-r R34

Looking back through my archives I found this cool shot of a BEE-R R34. I haven't seen the car since that cold day at the Lydd circuit.. shame.

- Ross I'anson



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i think that's an R32, not an R34. if it's a legit Bee*R chassis and not just a replica body kit, it's most likely their R324, especially if its drifting. never known them to make anything but R324 drift cars. then again i could be wrong.. after all it is in the UK


what happened to JDMEGO"S r34?


Its THE original Bee-R R324 that Bee-R used as a promo tool and was on their stand at Tokyo Auto Salon and in various Option videos etc.

This pic was from when it was first imported into the UK in quite a state after being quite neglected in Japan.

Its still around I think and looking better than ever last timew I saw it.


The car is BeeR324 owned byJDM Garage , a version of which will be driven by Dan 'retrodan' Chapman in drift events in 2011 - here is hoping he gets a tyre / sponsor deal


This is the actual Bee-r demo r324 used to be left hand drive, why on earth Paul Howard of Jdm garageuk.com ever converted it is beyond me... A left hooker BeeR would be worth a fortune in Dubai/Norway/USA........


Ross this car appeared at a few JDM Allstars wembley events in 2008/2009 driven by lenard wanders and the owner paul Howard from JDM Garage


OMG, that R34, well normally should called B324R, but well, I just love that bodykit ! Sweet GTR34, and sideways, just looks awesome


This is my car if you go on the jdmgarageuk forum there is lots more photos and info


so.. aside from the face it really isn't an R34 at all..


you got a legendary car here Paul, i hope it is still alive and kicking!!