Random Snap>> An Updated Fatlace S14

Back in December, I had the opportunity to help Mark Arcenal slowly ruin his S14 by learning how to drift. I also had the chance to get a detailed look at the car itself. During that time, the car was sporting a combination of a Supermade and Rocket Bunny body kit, a set of JLine SDMSL2s and an all over animal print which was an homage to Nike sneakers.

Now, the animal print has been removed, the Jlines have been replaced for a set of black Work Meisters (18×10 -7f / 18×11.5 -13r), and the car is now rocking a BN Sports kit. The rocking the street drift style in a big way now.

Mark explained the new kit selection best on his Fatlace blog post, "Honestly, this aggressive style bodykit looks the best drifting. Supermade and Rocket Bunny look great going straight or parked."

I am going to have to agree with him completely.




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Fatlace is overrated


i like whats been done here! but it does need some livery!!?




It looks so clean - just beyond ideal. Can't wait to see it in real action.


rocket bunny look parked?.....wow, i dont think so maybe for an S14. Other than that glad he got rid of the vinyl. Nice.


is it just me, or is it starting to look a bit like a NASCAR?

nonetheless, i like.


yea rocketbunny!!


car is nicely done but it need to be out more then park.


JohnP, do something with your life or for the community first, then talk schmack second. Mark and Fatlace has done more for car culture in CA and all over than you will most likely ever do from the comfort of your computer monitors. Hate on haters.


agreed, fatlace and hellaflush are lame as well. Bunch of fixie riding tools.


not sure what is cool about this car?

i've seen about 100 of these in japanese magazines from the 90's :(

Fatlace needs to stick to the classics or something :) Their giveaway cars kill this


with the constant makeovers you think it would be time to change those camry lights


dont get all the hype over fatlace


Everytime I see a "fresh" company partner up with a Chinese-made product, I shake my head. Sorry, Mark is a great guy, but in the past few years; his business choices have been leaving people scratching their heads. (as in, "what is he doing?").

Mark, if u read this: stop trying so hard and make people believe your company is closely associated with what JDM is all about. Many folks in your "family" (and you know to whom I'm talking about), those people do NOT live and breath JDM philosophy, and it shows in your company's attitude.

Go back to your roots Mark, for the sake of your company's image.


so is drifting about the look?

or the actually drift?

thats my issue with the sport.

i thought motorsports was about the way a car makes the driver feel when driving

and for that matter the origin of street drifting.

now it seems to be about how cool the driver looks doing it.

to each its own...


overrated?.....Nah......there strait f#€kin played........

Fatlace=new rice.....

Hellaflush..........How bout Hellanonfunctional?


To that first comment...."HATERS GONNA HATE", mark always keeping things fresh


If he cared about being competitive and not just looks, he'd raise the car to a functional height for serious competition... but then again, isn't that what hellaunfunctional is all about? I really hope this trend dies out soon.


Always willing to try new things and move in new directions. I appreciate the car, I also enjoy that he has kept it zenki for so long. For those who are unaware of how Mark and the Fatlace crew contribute to the automotive scene perhaps try using google search! Be it professional driver sponsorship or organizing / participating in grassroots events, it would seem that they practice what they preach. Inform yourself before making the easy mis-informed judgements about people and organizations.



Cali was doing fine without fatlaces help, with events from thunderhill,formula d, irwindale, willow springs, and others are the real car culture and for you hellaflush fanboys wheel fitment has been around way before it was brand named "hellaflush" just saying. But only recently have i seen sponsored drivers, word up events, and some amateur events, so im not nudging at fatlace. But what did they do that was so different?

Just my two cents.


What's so "fresh" about a company that "borrowed" the hellaflush trend from Europe (back in the 80's when VW's and Benz were rocking the scene)?

To me the term "fresh" means constant evolution and progress. Now the Hellaflush movement has been around for few years (at least in California). Time to move on maybe? Or is the term "fresh" a marketing strategy?


You all sound like a bunch of bitchbabies. Why does Fatlace have to contribute anything to your "culture?" They've done a great job of peddling pseudo forms of auto, art, individuality, community, and originality by marketing it to the right demographic... and that is what we (businesspeople) have to do to make money. If that somehow sets you off balance, remember that every product you buy, whether it be your clothes, electronics, or automobile, was pushed to you in the same way; even Goodwill employs the scheme.


i feel like ruin is the wrong word... maybe you should replace it with use just sayin


LOVE THE WHEELS just dont get any closer to RWB styling so I dont have to call you a biter. car looks good, glad to see a changeup but wish you had two different cars and made one for some diehard grip use. lol @ the haters. +1 for rocking the zenki still. I miss my kouki s14, damn it.


Haters gonna hate, retards will never understand


"Haters gonna hate but they dont bothers meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i just had to extend the line!"


wow... bunch of tards and their useless comments! This car goes hard on or off the track. Hater gone hate.



Borrowed? If anything, they've fine tuned what they've done in the 80s which is an evolution of what that style was. You sir haven't done much to motivate people so instead of just ranting, do something. Like ARP says, you're a bunch of bitches.


Hahaha, soooo much hate! Mention the word Fatlace and suddenly everyone "knows" Fatlace personally and has some story how Fatlace ruined something. Just a bunch of whiney kids here.


has this thing drifted on an actual track yet? i would have thought that car park stuff would be more for first timers


Simple and clean with drift damage that's what's up!


what i like about drifting is both the amazing skills... and the really cool cars. in other words: driving funtionality AND looking good doing it. why not have it all!? its got to be possible, because there are people in japan and elsewhere that have been pulling it off for years: just look at the cars in Mr Dalle Carbonare's.last post. ok so a bit of compromise is probably inevitable, but finding the sweet balance... i guess thats the real talent? and surely where you draw the line between style and function is a question of individual preference? isnt there room on the spectrum for everybody?



back to BnIV. nathan approves.


Jhooks said:

wow... bunch of tards and their useless haters gonna hate quote!


That haters gonna hate is just a quote for people that don't have any argue and are upset coz people don't think the same as them.

If dudes like Naoki Nakamura or Haruguchi would've said "rocket bunny and supermade look good parked or going straight" I'd said ok.

But now this is just that fatlace dude and a picture of his car.... parked...


@mistah mofro

I get that and I agree. Fatlace clearly isn't the first and I am not a hellaflush fanboy in that regard. I roll my EVO on stock BBS with no spacers FYI, haha. But seriously, I think fatlace is a positive crew/co. in the sense that they are holding events that promote grassroots car culture. I think that is cool. Whether I am feeling the style or not, I am feeling their support for the community.

In my comment I was just saying Fatlace is doing more RIGHT NOW than haters on the internet. I am not eThuggin or anything, so people that want to hate, DO something BETTER!! That is all I am saying. Instead of talking, do something!!!! If you really hate fatlace and what they do, do something to compete!