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It's been almost 10 years since I've found myself glued to any form of instant media consumption device like I have the past few days. I've completely lost count of how many times I've hit refresh on my preferred news outlets or how many hours I've sat wide eyed staring at my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook streams waiting for any good news to come out of the earthquakes, tsunamis and problems with various Nuclear powerplants.

It has been scenes like this partially submerged and undistinguishable sports car (from The Atlantic's In Focus), with its Volk Racing wheels and Project Mu brake rotors, which really touch home for a good portion of us as we waited for news of how the various tuning shops and racetracks faired in the aftermath.

Dino has done a great job in updating us with the state of tracks like Ebisu and Tsukuba through out Facebook page which you can see herehere, here and here. It has been a particularly difficult time for us, as many of the Speedhunters family and friends have been affected by these tragic events.

Cars, shops and racetracks can be repaired, rebuilt, and/or replaced but the people that are at the heart of these things cannot. We here at Speedhunters wish the Japanese people the best of luck in the recovery and rebuilding.


The Atlantic's In Focus

Speedhunters Facebook



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good to know that Dino's ok. best wishes for japanese ppl...


We're all japanese right now.


Best wishes to the japanese people, it breaks my heart seeing these type of things.


Respects! We are all human. I'm a major car fanatic only when there is an ocean liner parked in the spot where you house once was we should not forget that a car is just a metal thing that get's us from point A to point B. Japanese have so polite manners Dutch's would never hold the line that well


Pray for the Japaneese.


Best of luck to everyone there.


Long live the land of JDM.


That is such a sad image. That car sums up everyting...dreams and hard work...gone in moments. Pictures ARE worth a 1000 words, and those words definitely can fully describe this photo.

But from an optimistic standpoint: maybe, just maybe, parts from flood damaged vehicles in Japan may find new life on cars across the world (europe, the US, etc.) as there may be an influx of salvaged JDM parts...


Thanks for finally posting about this on the blog. Best wishes to people who are going through hard moments in Japan.


This is super sad!


its a unreal amount of damage thats been caused just looking at those pictures on the Atlantic focus website are really quite shocking...im sure a country like Japan will pull through.

Best of luck Japan


Best wishes to everyone in Japan that was affected by this.


I always admired Japanese culture, people and the how history on that nation. What I saw in the media was more then a disaster ... noone on earth deserve that kind of pain and horror because these are the only words that I can think off while seeing this tragedy. I really hope that it won't happen again and I belive in these people.



Very commendable post, thanks! My heart and prayers goes out to all affected by this earthquake and tsunami.


animo a japon desde españa ,les deseo una pronta recuperacion , es un pais que no se merece lo que la pasado , por su cultura , su gente . y a los fallecidos mis mas sincero pesame y que descansen en paz


Best wishes to Japan! Gambate! Although it looks like the apocalipse has struck Japan with earthquakes, tsunamis, fires and nuke threats hitting them, I know they can get through this all. Japan, you can do it! Japan is a strong, disciplined and very tough country. If there's any that can get through such devastation, it's the Japanese people! I love cars and circuits and all, but honestly I love Japan for everything it represents and I look up to them. And to all of the other Speedhunters readers, guys, we who follow and feed on anything coming from the land of the rising sun, now is the time to really support them with anything we got! Wishes, money, food, lend a hand, anything! And if the internet warriors can't take a brake from spilling dirt, at least show some minuscule amount of respect and at least in these rough times make an effort to shut up; this situation is no joking matter!... Japan, we are with you!


Cant believe this has happened to Japan! My deepest condolences to all in Japan and anyone affected.


Nihon-jin are very tough people and will pull through this just like they have in the past. Very admirable people who always do their best no matter what. Wishing Japan the best and ganbatte!


My heart and thoughts are with the most amazing country on this planet, JAPAN, I hope to God they recover soon from this tragedy, best wishes for the people of JAPAN.


stay strong japan..


Its horrible what is happening now :(

Pray for Japaneese


Man it breaks my heart to see the japanese people suffer. Japan is one of my favorite Country's and the japanese people too, they're culture, history and thinking are unique and I give my respect to them.It makes me so sad to see the pain that the catastrophe caused and it isn't over yet. I wish all the bes and I will pray every day for them.


I agree with Kajz32, respect for the Japanese mentality and the way they cope with the disaster, lets hope the worst is over and the recovering and rebuilding can begin.

Best wishes to all that were struck!


Very sad, awful thing to happen :(


Hearts are with Japan


A real FUCK!

In fact is very sad and bad for the economy, people, and companys.

This will be hard but with a lot of work and pray will be back soon.

Force to Japan!.


The TV is allready telling us all about whats happening to the people, so we are all aware and all very very heartbroken. With that said it is not totaly heartless to seek the fait of the cars on a car site as we are all car enthusiasts and will undeniably want to feed our curiousity.


this kind of pic make me sick ...


You should have posted this news next week ! That goes to show how much you care about Japanese and JDM.


we are with you japan


Aaah shoot... I knew pictures like this would come up sooner or later. I dreaded it then, I dread it now. I wish I was there instead of Iraq!


poor people, so much stress for the Japan, for JDM world, i wish they recover..


This is the picture that's really showed the scale of what happened over there. It's a huge bummer and my thoughts are with everyone affected.

Before and after photos:



we can only hope for the best in japan. damn.. that se37...


best wishes to japanese from us in Malaysia..Hope that everybody is doing fine..God Bless


so sad :(

Dont give up japan and keep strong!


I wanna say thanks for this post, just horrible stuff going on there right now, Been following the Facebook posts, The Ebisu garages are is must be heartbreaking for those that are there day after day, although I imagine cars aren't exactly on the top of their concerns right now. I wish the best for everyone, If anyone wants to help: https://american.redcross.org/site/Donation2?idb=0&5052.donation=form1&df_id=5052 10 bucks may not be much to us right now, but if enough pitch in it could mean the world for the relief effort.




F you Dolphin and Whale!


if anyone can survive such events, its the japanese


JAPANESE POWER.... best wishes for japanese people...


All my prayers and thoughts go's to Japan. I hope they get well soon. As I've been there in 2009 I fell in love with Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka... But when I see pictures like this, it makes me very very sad. Long live Japan !!


R.I.P. Optimus Prime...

but seriously, praying for everyone in Japan. Hope everyone can hold out okay.


I would give no comment since given too much in my twitter.

The status of Japanese race, for references:

D1GP Odaiba: Postponed to June

Super GT: Official Test in Okayama cancelled, Opening round not affected(at least now).RUNNUP Sports using Corvette C6R quits Race 1.

Super Taikyu: Motegi opener postponed

F-Nippon: Official Test in Fuji cancelled

Moto GP: Postopned to October


we're still expecting more earthquakes and tsunami in the next week or two apprently. :(




The whole world is with Japan and we pray for all the people at this time of need. Our thoughts are with all your families Speedhunters! There will be a brighter day.


Our thoughts go out to all that have suffered losses :(

Hope we could do something for them with this community?


Our generation is often accused of being isolated from the rest of the world, and of not caring or even knowing what goes on around. However, for some reason, for the past two days, even this generation has been either glued to TV screens watching news channels, or obsessively refreshing blogs, facebook pages, twitter etc. For the past two days I've recieved more texts on my cell about Japan than about Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia put together, and that's for a very good reason. You see, the Japanese are some of the greatest poeples, and they've set an example for the rest of us nations to follow. The Japanese are honorable, strong, hard working, yet kind and unrealistically positive. This culture has gained admirers from all around the globe .... Thought I'd drop by somewhere that may have a Japanese audience to let them know they have Tomodachi in Kuwait who are very sad for them, wishing them ALL the best, and more importantly FIRMLY believing in them and are confident that the Japanese will VERY soon give us yet another example of how to stand right up after falling so down. Gambatte!


Terrible stuff... does anyone know what the status is at Sendai Hi-Land?


Our generation is accused of being a bit isolated from the rest of the world, and of not caring much about what's going on around, and it's kind of true. However, for some reason, even this generation has been glued to TV screens watching news channels, and has been obsessively refreshing blogs, twitters, facebook pages etc, waiting to hear good news. In the past two days I've recieved more update texts on my cell about Japan than I did about Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia put together. There's a good reason. You see, the Japanese are some of the greatest poeples in the world, an example for us - the rest of the nations, to follow. The Japanese are honorable, strong, hard working, yet kind and unrealistically positive ... Apologies for my lengthy post, just wanted to drop by somewhere with Japanese audiance to let them know they have Tomodachi in Kuwait that are very sad for them, but also confidently believe in them, and know that the Japanese will very soon come out of this ... Gambatte!


Best wishes for Japanese peuple... I really hope this tragedy will end soon...


Truly a sad day for the rest of humanity


The whole JDM/Drifting fanbase is feeling this. The Japanese are a wonderful people; smart, hard working, polite, live life with vigor. We know they are tough and wont be broken by these events but its so gut wrenching to see them suffer, no one derserves this.

Hope the worst is over - love from Australia.


not spamming, but here is a link to some Australian drifters reporting damage at Ebisu track.



My thoughts and prayers are with Japan..


I love Japan. I wish the best for Japan. :/


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