News>> Kumakubo’s C33 Laurel Update

As I sit here back in Tokyo surfing through the far reaches of the internets and trying to overcome a major dose of jet-lag, I stumbled upon a couple of new pictures that Andy from Powervehicles took of Kumakubo's new D1-GP Laurel. After what the Team Orange guys have been through over the last two weeks, fixing the various tracks up and giving shelter to victims of the earthquake it's incredible that work on the C33 has been proceeding too! The dry-sump RB26 is now finished up and sitting in the engine bay along with the Trust T88-34D turbine and a nitrous oxide system. Needless to say once it's all over and finished I will be dedicating a full feature on it!

Powervehicles – Drift Life

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-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Worth my "30 minutes" Dino! Thanks!


Damn i want to see more pictures of this car. its gonna look amazing,


I cannot wait to see this thing finished!!!!!


I cannot wait to see this thing finished!!!!!


i must say i love c33 lorrys but it is so very disappointing that D1 drivers feel that the competition is now a power fest. I know that they believe its for the crowd and its entertaining but i remember when D1 was at its toots and everyone rocked 400 or so horse and the tandems were intense. Its still great to watch but is starting to look a wee bit like Formula D which i despise, there is almost nil skill in the moving burnout comp that is FD. So please D1 drivers move to Kiiechi's and Dai's comp and show real skill!.


What they managed to do sounds amazing ..


oohh.. now this looks very well kept! the RB26 power-plant coupled with a Trust T88-34D turbs and NOS too you say... "it'll fly like a good 'un!"... were gonna need a video roll for this one! - oh yes and more photos - thanks


is thi still suppose to make 1000hp?




Man that is awesome to hear they are doing their best to deal with so much tragedy around them. I cannot even imagine.


^ ^ This makes complete sense ^ ^

The Friends Racing Aristo does get me quite excited in the pants though. I think all drift cars should have 1000 HP and we should drift banked ovals while Nascars race in between us.


woow..good job..can't wait the battle of this car,,,,


lovely machine! looking forward to seeing it finished but would have to agree with 'michael', very well said you hit the nail on the head.


cool to see they are progressing event thoug the situation in japan is dire..

however i will agree with michael as well - This horsepower mania is not good for the sport per-se. It just separates the teams who have the money to run this power level from the privateers who try to make up the power difference with driving technique.

While I find formula D fascinating, i'm glad the competitions in central europe still put emphasis on car control using more technical winding tracks, instead of horsepower whoring with almost oval, quite lame track layouts.


I completely agree with Michael. He actually took what I would've said, word for word, literally


dam.... more pics of the Laurel pls....