New Cars>>the Ft-86 Ii Concept

The Geneva Motor Show is in full swing this week, and the news has been filled with stories of all the interesting vehicles debuting on the show floor. For us, there is one car in particular that we've been waiting to see – the latest version of Toyota's FT-86 Concept. Known as the "FT-86 II", Toyota says this concept is the "strongest indication yet" of how the production model will look.

"Functional beauty" is the theme of the car, designed by Toyota's European Design Studio. Both the driving feel and styling are said to bring back the spirit of Toyota's great sports cars – dating all the way back to the 2000 GT.

Few technical details have been released, outside of the fact that it will be powered by a boxer engine with a six-speed manual transmission.

Toyota's press release also states that the car will go on sale in 2012.

This should give us a great idea of what the final production model should look like. What are your thoughts on the design?

Whatever the opinion is on the looks, I don't think any of us will turn down a drive in the FT-86 once it goes on sale.

-Mike Garrett



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Looks a lot better.


Definitely not the abortion. I thought it'd be


Oh GOD. I liked last year's renderings far more.


Looks like a mini LF-A ... I don't really like it though :|


I liked the first rendering better. It resembled the LF-A a lot more, like a poorman's LF-A but still looked good. This one has too much going on. and the sides look like a TC. Eewww. The rear end? Where do I start? Just too much going on...


El terrible Batman!


It looks good without being the most daring design of recent memory. But this is a good thing - Toyota obviously knows what works in terms of design aesthetic and applied it here. I see touches of Alfa/NissanZ/BMW... And while the influence is apparent, they have worked all the key elements well and have come up with something pretty cool. I would have liked to have seen something I had never thought about before, but no one is expecting them to re design the wheel....and also, out-there concepts tend to get mixed reviews. They played it safe with such an iconic car, taking strong established design cues.

Well done Toyota. Perhaps you can keep it true and release it with a straight NA 4, of Honda S2000 F22C quality. Please? :)


Sure looks good to me.


I'm a fan, back end looks a bit strange but I'm into it.





As long as it comes with 3 pedals, none of that stupid SMT only option on the MR2 we got in Australia.

Gee I wonder why it was a flop.

2012 seems so much nearer now that it's 2011. I went and visited Toyota City back in what, 2007? I was itching to ask the tourguide back then if they knew what was going on with the FT86 back then.


Looks better in this video

Hope they do something around the rear quarters, seems "stubby"


The only thing I don't like is the LED fairy lights


i think it looks fantastic, but im not too crazy over the spoiler.. it looks so.. lame.


oh boy. getting a little too much. can we take it back to v1. i was feeling that. At this point I think my interest is going to be completely gone by the time they bring this thing out. when I first heard about the car i was excited. when i first saw the car i was excited. Now with all the back and forth about when it will put into production or even if, and now this concept. i think i'm checking out.

not likeing the led lights. what are those wiskers? a joker smile?

sorry. I like v1 a lot more. maybe this can grow on me. but first impression. not feeling it.


I like the rear, somehow it reminds-me of the Supra





Should have been a retro design of the ae86


Let's face it guys, it's a new, rwd, toyota...

Who cares what it looks like, it'll rip.

There will be no complaints when the gas pedal gets stuck on this bad boy!


I am seriously dissaponted in this.


The rear end looks horrible. Way too busy IMHO.

Those exhausts tips are too much. They Dont need to be chrome.

The whole diffuser is not Done right. It looks like such a compromise. Which I understand has to be done on a mass market car.

However, there is also positives.

The whole front end looks great, even if that center grill is a little too big for my taste.

Although that rear window does have a hint of genesis coupe in it, It does look good!

Looks like it has no b pillar which is always good.

All the lights look well done.

But the coolest thing as far as appearance goes for me... Is what looks like fender vents in the rear. hopefully they are functional and make it into production.

But like you said Mike, no matter waht it looks like. Im not gonna pass up a chance to drive a subaru powered rwd coupe with a 6 speed and an lsd. That is obviously the best part of the car, no matter what it looks like.



Looking forward to the debut of the production model.


I can only say that this must be my next car.


Tune86 has sounds of the boxer starting up and revving (in addition to a Toyota produced video).

It sounds wonderful!


The front grill looks a little funky, the mesh is not my fancy it feels like it could use a little bit less mesh on the grill. But I can definitely get used to it. I am not a huge fan of that spoiler if it had a duckbill spoiler like the m3's that would be perfect. Other than that the body lines are gorgeous finally something worth buying from Toyota.


It's decent but, looks kind of bulky. Could have been more functional and slimmer.



Dibs on flat yellow wrap.


Fugly doesnt begin to cover it


Tell us about the III concept for 2012, the IV concept for 2013, the V concept for 2014, the VI concept for 2015, the VII concept for 2016, the VIII concept for 2017, the IX concept for 2018, and extra special for being a roman numeral concept car that never made it to production after 15 years of promotion X concept in 2019.


Fender vents remind me of the Infinity SUV abomination. Once its gets toned down for production it will probably look pretty good though. Maybe some CF fenders sans vents will be available.


The front sort of looks like the vesitio kit from Amuse


the rear end is nice... but all around its a sick car.


This in my opinion is a SUPERB improvement over the original. I seriously love this second FT86, it looks great.


Wow! That is one great looking car! I am very much a fan.


I Think i will get this over an Porche Cayman, or 370Z!


Ugly !

It looks like a Hyundai Genesis. No thanks.


As an owner of a nice original, Blech. Ok as a Subaru, not as a Toyota (Had two soobs too). Oh well.


lol this is mitsubishi fto


it looks so sweet and mean

not digging the wheels but a easy fix needs more lip

thank god it's not hybrid ( bad honda, get those 1.6 turbo out yesterday or k swap the crz please cause this car will eat away your market fast.)


It'll be a big hit...or a HUGE MISS! I hope it's the prior.


It's a very cool, balanced and well-proportioned design. I would choose another set of wheels.


looks good. that big mouth would look good with an intercooler in between it...


Love the look, not so wild about boxxer engines, but hey im open minded.


looks more badass


ehhhh i like the front, its sleek and aggressive, but the back looks a little odd.


I think the first gen FT-86 concept was secks on wheels. This one..... Not so much


Love this one WAY better than the first!


Fugly, does not begin to cover ihat... Major disappointment


REar archs look very Subaru. Not bad though. Decent platform for the aftermarket to work its magic on.


Mini LFA! Being a Z owner i like the design but the main question is what kind of confirmed drivetrain will be mated to the "boxer engine" ?


Looks exactly like a Lexus LF-A


Such and aggressive step up!

Love it!


I1m with Jeff, here!


How does this convey in any way shape or form its predecessor the ae86? I know its been said many times before but a boxer just doesnt make it a toyota for me!


As much as I know it won't happen anytime soon....this is a feasible concept that could very well see production soon...cross your fingers kids! mX(>.<)Xm


Not bad but still a messy jumble of styling features. It is a step in the right direction compared to what Toyota was doing before. It suffers from the cheap bodykit look on the nose. I will say that those wheels look very nice. I feel that this effort is just a tad too aggressive and bulky looky in the front. The side profile is pretty good, but the way the front is handled is detrimental to what would be an otherwise nice design. I think the rear is handled fairly nicely for the architecture of the chassis. The mirrors are nicely sculpted and should be used for production. The integration of that vent into the fender is amazingly well done. Very tasteful wing that nicely integrates into the rear. The car design overall conveys a feeling of being in motion even when standing still, very important to appeal to the crowd who wants this I was expecting worse to be quite honest, this is a pleasant surprise from Toyota. Let's just hope that they can fix that fussy face into something less garish. Toyota please just change the face of the car into something more appealing, for most of the styling is perfect just the way it is.


Not gonna lie. I'm highly impressed. Possibly as much as to buy the production version. VERY tempting styling. Its like an LF-A, Maserati Gran Turismo, Celica, and RS5's baby. (Hey if cars can have kids than damn it more than two should be able to as well.)


rear diffuser=dope

last years rendering=doper


is it just me, or did the nose just get really tall? seems like it lost its knife-edge front end...

also, you say "it will be powered by a boxer engine with a six-speed manual transmission" but don't mention if it's the turbo boxer or n/a boxer... any case, i probably wouldn't take one if you gave it to me. new toyotas ftl.


Dear Toyota,

F!@#$%^ make this car already.


I like ver.I design better.

In first picture, from side rear windows to c-pillar reminds me of an s15.

I'm sure they will make the front bumper more subtle on a production model.


like it except the wheels and the back we dont need a diffuser that big and the old school spokes only look good on old school cars


most things i dont like about it could be sorted with aftermarket parts an tinkering, whitch makes me want 1 even more being honest bout it


ugly social network ft86 project I like more the Soul from Kia !!!


Get rid of that silly rear wing, and smooth that front bumper out so it doesn't like like it has fangs and it's pretty darn awesome! I did prefer the earlier concept but it's still a good looking car.


Dear Toyota,

You are on the right track for the first time in 15 years. Now don't eff this up.


Everyone who has driven and loved a pre-beige Toyota


Prefer the original.


The tail section looks well over designed/fussy compared with the original red model


rear end needs a re-think - maybe just something simpler??


i can live with that. love it


It's too fat.

I also like the past concept better.





That rear spoiler is directly off of a Pontiac Grand Am...

And it looks like they shot the front with bird shot and stuck LED lights in the holes.

High quality design. NOT!


I want it


I think it looks quite good. I can't wait to see what they actually come out with.


I'm looking (in my head) some of them on Tsukuba or Ebisu making some smoke tyre along the course.


OMG this looks awesome! thumbs up from me (Y)


looks mint, get rid of the boxer engine asap!!!! hi-po L4 please!!!


concept: yes

overall shape: yes

detail: no. it reminds me of that Raymond Loewy piss-take photo shoot where he posed the fancy cats with diamond collars next to finned-up late fifties US automobiles... whats with the redundant detailing? why does every new car have to have The Abyss-style squid LED lighting?? Audi???


definitely looks better then the original concept images. If they smoothed some of those lines out and made it less bulky looking and more sleek then i could see myself getting one.


I PRAY this is the final Design..i'll take it


LFA meets Scion TC


mirip2 mazda 323f bg astina.

design look alike mazda 323t bg astina.



mirip2 mazda 323f bg astina.

design look alike mazda 323t bg astina.



back looks fine.... the front something seems cheap.... and it doesn't look like a rear wheel drive car that is gonna blow your mind! looks more liike a front wheel car!


what's with the LEDs?


In the last picture the front end doesn't look right in my opinion, too cramped/crowded.


The front looks like an LFA and the rear looks like a Genesis Coupe

Two sexy cars in one small package



i don't particularly like it, it looks overstyled, like many other cars today. too many character lines, not enough shape.


over done


i dont dig the pincer like chin and the led lights are too curvy for me. but im sure that could be fixed with some aftermarket bodykits


this version looks bit more aggresive looking, While i do like the cleaner lines on the first version better, i dont mind version II at all

and keep this thing a f'ing Toyota and not a Scion and


Ill buy this car just to put it next to my 2011 tc.


Oh...Mah....God!!! this thing is sick!! been keeping eye on this concept since it first emerged and I want one badly! just as long as its not a scion...with a wack motor


looks way too much like a tC... do not want.


I'm disappointed by the over-styled lines and it already looks like it has a stupid looking nonfunctional bodykit and way too many humps and bumps that are for visual impact but do not have roots in anything useful. I think its a big joke and I can only hope to get a cleaner, more subtle looking car out of Subaru. I'm sad too, as a lover of RWD fun, this will be a letdown if its priced high for the features just becuase it has so much styling doodads on it. Thanks for the feature and pics though, nice to see whats going on with this project!


Quarter window area kinda reminds me of the genesis.. I agree with many, earlier renderings were much better.




I'm disappointed. The first concept was far better looking, this design has too much going on at the front, but i kinda like the back, reminds me of the supra.

Honestly, I prefer that new Alfa 4C concept over this. Now that's a sweet looking thing. And I don't care if it breaks down twice a week, because probably I could never afford it...


Rad I'm feelin this


I truly think that is one of the ugliest cars I have ever laid eyes on.




I think it looks nice minus the trendy DRL.


Love the overall look, but the first model had a better rear end. The weird LED fog lights (?) doesn't seem to match IMO. I just think there are a lot of unnecessary lines.


Lose the overstyled front lower lip and the wannabe Ferrari F430 rear bottom detail. Then this car will look a lot cleaner. I do like the first rendering a bit better.


I hope they ditch the boxer motor and put a 2AZ or a 2AR motor on boost. keep it all TOYOTA!


i'm a fan, however the first renderings looked much better! The body is very aggressive.

Fingers crossed it will come with a sub AU$30,000 pricetag! (not likely!)


That design just looks awesome !


Black is certainly not the best color, red or white would fit better.


I want to f*** it. Cant wait


a mix of a the hyundai genesis,tvr sagaris,and a scion??? wid it


Needs more hatch in the back, so maybe I'm thinking an Apex GT version?


I wouldhave bought Version 1 in a heartbeat. Not this. Not ever.


Rear looks awesome, front needs some work so does the rear spoiler. Definately going to buy one!


A mix by 370z and LF-A


hahaha this looks like a copy version of the rx8 from behind, and it looks like copy version of so many different other cars too....


is it too much to ask for some flared fenders stock? would look a zillion times better.


I hope the definitive model will be like this one, it is so beautifull =)


the rear looks to me like a very tuned rx8 and the front doesnt like at all


it looks good from some angles, 50/50 mixed feelings. would like to see the production model final draft.


We don't need pics of this car. We need to see it in motion.

Will it drift? OR NoT?


am i the only one that likes the busy arse end?? its busy done well. if anything i think the front kinda fails a lil. overall its a pleasant suprise. but i kinda get the feeling certain features are gunna look cheap on the production version. ie the tails and headlights will probably end up lookin cheap and ricey


Definetly has the Lexus LF-A influence there- also if you swint your eyes I see shades of RX-8 there as well- i like it though.


The front looks aggresive.......thats good...

The rear end needs some work with the very large bumper - looks like it's wearing granny panties if you get what I mean...

The rear wing MUST be removed also!!!

Overall the styling is superb!!!


I say lengthen it a little bit, looks too scrunched up. And make the front bumper a little less busy and we'll call it a day.


Love it, sure it will probably have a few little changes here and there to tone down for final production but this gives a really good idea of what to expect.


Looks like a tiburon.


getting worser...


Ill take the first rendering. Much more "Modern-day Sports Coupe" and had a Japanese vibe to it. THis one just looks like it's got too much going on. The back has the Ferrari diffuser, the front has a Citroen face, the sides look like a lesser-version of a Spyker, the list goes on.

Much rather have the original FT-86.


Looks good but a lot of cars dont back up the looks in the performance department. So if I had to make a decision on it I would have to get it in turbo form or it is just a waste of a design.


here's the problem with seeing a little Acura/BMW/Alfa's Toyota's reference point to decades of racing history, so the only thing you SHOULD be seeing is Toyota. I don't want to see that the scion of the world's most popular FR car looks like another car on the road it should look like itself, just like the 86 did. I mean yeah, the S12 200SX is kind of like Nissan's attempt at an 86, but to say the two cars are peas in a pod is ridiculous. The other thing that irks me is that Both Toyota and Subaru chose to use the same Boxer engine. The Boxer is Subaru's trademark, therefore they should use the engine as so. But Toyota's version of the car should have Toyota's engine. The company has enough money packed into R&D, there's no good reason why they couldn't have bothered to develop a new turbocharged inline-4 for this car, they did it for the 2011 tC, even though imho ANY power to the front wheels is completely pointless.


Also, that G-Sports FT-86 was looking production-ready to me! However it'll be awesome if Nissan decided to bring over the S16 Silvia next year!!!!


Hyundai Genesis Coupe meets Z4. The details are too aggressive for a small car; if it's not a supercar they shouldn't try to make it look like one cause it just looks silly. I agree with most in here, I liked the previous more plain version of the concepts. Plus the plain version gives more room for modification to owners from every budget which is what AE86 was all about. Everyone can add a lip, a spoiler etc. but not everyone would like to change oem bumpers, remove spoilers, cover holes etc. on a new car.


it doesn't look too bad. It will sell well if the price is right. The part I like least are the big ricer exhaust tips. I also hate them on the GTR.


Really how you can be disappointed by something like this??? it's not hybrid!!!! it will have a 6 spd MANUAL transmission!!! toyota it's back!! who cares about how it looks?? ( and i think it looks awesome)


very cool!! nothing else to say)))


have to agree with TJ here... they really should release something instead of continuously wanking over concepts while selling tasteless moving boxes


I really hope they stick with the first one...


i think its the sex


Not a fan at all especially the boxer engine thats subie's thing. they should scrap it and just make an updated looking supra and go back to the good ole inline 6


The front is a mess..!


Rad. I'm feelin this.


Ummm... sorry Toyota, your first version was better. IMO the roof is too high, and the LEDS on the nose is a bit Audi-like.


What motor will it have?


man i love it. think i'll have to save some money for next year :)


i wonder how hard it will be to fit a sr20 in there ha ha my own silvia s16.......




i think it looks rather nice! BUT i think the front looks a bit too fidly, too much going on with all the LED fairylights and that. nice shape though. all they need to do is sort out the front of it!


I'd rather the first FT86 rendition BY FAR... this looks too boy racer. Loose the side vent n give it back the flare. The front is bearable but don't make it look lika Scion tC from the side. Also the original FT86 rear looks much better than this.


They just killed the fake BMW Z3 fender vent market for this car, it comes with them already. Wonder if they will offer a factory option Honda Type R trunk badge.


Looks very similar to the ferrari 599. If you look at the rear end, the sides and the front fender vents.


I like it it still looks very nice. Hopefully the production model will be a toned down version of this car (smaller wheels etc)


freaking ugly


concept one was much more elegant and pure, had better flow in the lines, the rear was far better earlier. this is just too much. what a shame...


My only issue besides toyota trying to make it a scion here in the states is that all the manufacturers are now going for this weird like short back end and to me its just not that appealing. honestly to me if it looked a little more like the first rendering i'd be happier but other than that it should be cool, hopefully they dont make some stupid mistake to completly ruin this for everyone because a lot of people have been looking forward to this platform from any manufacturer and besides hyundai i think we were all expecting something from either Nissan, Toyota, Honda, or Mazda, Toyota brought it out first and better not screw it up for the aftermarket scene because their stupidity could lead to crappy sales and could stunt the production of other awesome cars to come from other manufacturers.


As is, Ide buy one now, but like most 86 fans will probably have a wife and child by the time it gets released and need to buy a 4 door. looks like all the over detailed parts could be toned down with after market kits (front and rear bar, simple/no diffuser and lose the wing) to bring the class back. Ide love to see T&E work their magic on this car.


No, designers can't get their crap right. It looks worse than the first FT-86.

They added more useless plastic, "aggresive" details, an "angry" face with a bigger grill and crappy LEDs, "muscular" details that made this fat car even more bloated and OMGshiny exhaust pipes. What the hell is going on with cars these days? Even the ones supposed to be sporty are fugly!

And get rid of that Boxer engine already. Just put a damn L4 tuned byYamaha in it.


The front and back look pretty nice to me. But I don't like the side profile. Looks to rounded and bubbly, kinda like the current impreza hatch. Are they using the same chassis? They should have kept the sharper more angular profile of the first design. Or at least the roofline.

Still, it's only the start of 2011, there's still time for changes and refinements. Overall I think they are moving in the right direction.

I'm still hoping that the boxer engine is just a trail they're leaving for the press to follow, and that they're developing a 2.0litre INL4 high strung 20valve NA engine for this car.




abysmal failure on all 9 levels of hell, toyota


MK.1 ft86 ftw.... definately dont like the fender or the rear of this


looks great i will definitely drive/buy one as long as it stays with toyota and not scion


I have no clue why so many of you are so freaking upset at this thing having side vents, plenty of other cars from the past 125 years of automobile history have had side vents, knock off the retarded bashing. Plenty of cars have also had diffusers. You can only style a car tastefully in only so many ways at a certain price and convenience point. This is actually one of the better ways in most recent times, especially for a car that will be mass produced. Truthfully this car's styling was a much more pleasant surprise for me than the Lamborghini Aventador's styling.

Also some people don't want to modify their sports cars. If you want a car that is easy to modify from the outset then go get a Model T. Truth be told modern cars aren't that easy to modify successfully anymore if you want everything to work right and not to pay expensive repair bills and possibly pass emissions testing. Why the hell should they make a car that is the easiest thing to modify from the outset, so they can have more people trying to fake warranty claims after doing stupid things to the car? Hell they are already going to have to deal with warranty claims from kids thrashing these things around like no one's business and then when something breaks from abuse try to claim it under warranty. Also who the hell do you think you are fooling with those cheesy arse bodykits anyway? Truth be told most people who modify their own cars with bodykits or mechanical parts do a poor job that often makes the car run poorer, makes it more dangerous, or makes it a sin to the eyes.

Also Speedhunters editorial team do an article on the new Aston Martin prototype that just broke cover, you can read about it on Mulsanne's Corner and Race Car Engineering.


It looks worse than before.


What word comes to mind in site of this vehicle? "Fugly"... I know its not entirely a real word but this car is legitimately fucking ugly. Just being honest.


I don't like the LEDs on it but everything else about it seems great.


Looks nicer than the concept in my opinion..Im not into the little mini lights strips that are on ity i feel even on Audis i think its kind of Tacky but whatever it doesnt take way from the car to be honest. Im looking forward to it. Props Toyota, im hoping the car is a success


I'll test drive one. But I wont buy the first prduction year. Wait till they work out a few kinks, then take it on.


hella lame! - at least I know what happened to the spoiler that got stolen from my aunties 1996 grand-am. The mazoora concept ft86 should be closer to what production should look like.


I was particularly irritated with the Pontiac spoiler..... this is not a trans or grand am Toyota... BUT that can be ripped off... I like the LFA ish incorporation throughout though it doesn't really pop as much as the original concept did... There are way too many trendy little designs in it... just another z / genesis / Tc / BMW irritation on body work...

However this was supposed to be Toyota's tribute to the AE86 and the Celica.... Neither of which I find in this car...I would agree that the boxer is Subaru's thing and shouldn't be in a Toyota but as a respecter of both companies maybe sharing is caring in this case as better weight balance is going to send drivers ratings up. But I am sure in time we will see some good kits come out which seek to correct those irritating body problems over the span of production.

And dear god dont tell me all the little "race mods" on the body work arent functional because if those outrageous little outlets on the rear of this car are just decorative and dont have anything to do with aero at all i've lost all hope in our 86

Plus 2 things

wtf is up with the LEDs whereTF are the turn signals and if theyre the led's Toyota = fail...

AND lastly interior was da shizzz very futuristic / (ergonomic looking)


Mmmmmmmmm 3rz up front 3540 for the ponies and big

Front mount for that hungry grille , should be some nice am body

Kits to i hope wootwoot cant wait to throw the dakdak in the ocean

And give it some love in the garage ! ! ! ! !


Mmmmmmmmm 3rz up front 3540 for the ponies and big

Front mount for that hungry grille , should be some nice am body

Kits to i hope wootwoot cant wait to throw the dakdak in the ocean

And give it some love in the garage ! ! ! ! !


It looks like a beast! Especially in black, that is. I like it much more than the previous concept that looked dull (the G's version was ok). I agree about the rear, it looks like it has alot going on with all those vents, but I could live with them if they're functional. The front has styling cues taken from Audi, but that's not a bad source for inspiration. Also, I agree the side profile resembles Scion TC :(. Maybe a little too bulky shape for such a sporty looking car?

Apart from the über gay LED day time running lights and the spoiler, it looks great and very aggressive from allmost every angle. I really dig it. Will get one for sure IF there's going to be a turbo version and the price is reasonable, like the Genesis Coupe that also looks super cool in black :).


Looks like the last generation Celica and the RX8 had an affair. I like the concept, but I still have mixed feelings about this version. Maybe in person it looks better...


Looks sweet, ditch the boxer engine, those are bitches to work on...

unfortunatly i cant see this hitting the aus market under 50k :(