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When it comes to AWD and 4-doors, two cars mostly come to mind, the Mitsubishi Evolution and the Subaru WRX or STI. Both the Evo and STI are very closely matched in performance and price but what happens if you can’t afford one? A WRX is a very worthy substitution. Soon though, that WRX slowly begins to get modified and transformed to match its brethrens performance. Eventually, with enough determination and perseverance, the WRX becomes an STI and EVO killer, just like the one you see here.

The owner of this car, Brody Hamblin admits that he has slowly transformed the WRX from stock to a full-fledged track car, a very pretty and powerful one at that.

Where there’s a Subaru a Mitsubishi is not far away and this one is a rather jaw dropping Evolution VI from Bozz Speed.

Under the hood of the stripped out Evo is a fully built and stroked 2.2L 4G63 engine sporting a Trust 25G turbocharger that helps produce 620hp.

Continuing with the track cars in this issue, we have a ‘93 Mazda RX-7 that also started off as just a street car and is now an all out track car. Brad doesn't mind though, at the track he can drive the FD to its fullest potential and not have to worry about being hassled by the cops.

Concluding our features for the month are a brother and sister Honda combo hailing from Ontario Canada. We’ll leave you to guess who owns which car. Both builds are impressive to say the least.

Everyone has heard of Toda Racing and how they build many top tier parts for hardcore racers but did you know that Toda has designed and built their very own race engine. From a blank sheet of paper to the final product we follow Toda as they show us what it takes to build an engine that compromises nothing for performance.

Our lone American project car, the Dodge Neon SRT-4, hit the track at our annual Super Lap Battle Finals to set some hot laps for some baseline numbers on it.

Our Integra project car gets some suspension bushing upgrades and a quick release steering wheel setup to further prep it for more track abuse.

Project S2K finally gets its turbo setup mocked up with a brand spanking new Borg Warner EFR turbo. This setup promises to deliver some very good horsepower figures with a broad power band.

We do an HID headlight upgrade the right way with a proper retrofit on our Subaru WRX courtesy of

Ever wondered about bump stops and how they affect your lowered suspension? We dive deep into this topic and explain how to ensure your bump stops aren’t negatively affecting your ride quality.

We’ve got Tokyo Auto Salon coverage this month with a focus more on the parts rather than the cars. After all, we’re more concerned about going fast than looking the part.

The Z Nationals event is a massive gathering in the south east of America for everything that is Nissan. From 240’s to GTR’s to classic and modern Z cars, you’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on at this once a year event.

Our guide for this month is all about tires. From R-compounds to all seasons, we got an extensive collection of all the tires on the market that will suit your needs.

-Peter Tarach



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I'd kill for that Volk/BFG combo on my car... mmmm




i really need to get into this mag. it seems great. and is great, my father and i just finished a retro fit on a 1998 yamaha r1 (with a morimoto mini stage III kit).


Why, Peter, i didn't know you were a Speedhunters contributor! Shows what I know. Keep up the good work, i'll have to grab this issue from the newstands!


id like to see all the benefits to that motor, love to see everything it fits in


Is that a dry sump oil pump on the Boxer motor?


The S2000 is looking sweet! I bet the brother owns it, since it screams RACE ME! Hahahahaha!

The other Honda (what is it, RSX? Integra?) looks a little bit more subtle. *hehehehehe diggin' the ProjectMu-blue green paint on those lugnuts and the calipers too.*


really well put together..


Are you guys planning on doing another article on your project RX-8 soon?


Definitely want to read the writeup about bumpstops.


that Evo looks crazy


I really wish I could get this mag. Too bad I'm in central Europe and we don't get that around here.... Any practical ideas?


S2K's turbo setup is delicious!




Toronto representing in this issue! Solid.


RE: Chris Davy

You can subscribe to Modified internationally! Just log on to and find Modified, enter your country and you are good to go.