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While Paddy was off shooting Dubshed I went up to Milton Keynes to have a look at the second Stanceworks meet. It wasn't long ago car styling in the UK mainly consisted of hideous plastic body kits and a quarter tonne of stereo equipment but a visit to Stanceworks thankfully proved that UK styling is vastly improving.

I was of the same view as Paddy on the whole stance thing. Why have a car that is so low that it's virtually un-drivable?

Because it looks damn good that's why! I loved this bagged E46, it's not about the engine or how many G's it can generate around the Nurburgring, it's all about looks and this E46 had it in droves.

Not quite as extreme but just as cool, this VW Caddy looked great.

By 3pm there was quite a good turn out, a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The cars kept on coming, with every new arrival attracting a crowd of admirers.

Although a large percentage of the cars on display were from the Euro scene there was still good representation from the JDM crowd. This sticker-bombed Civic looked great.

Carbon bonnet,wheels and lowered. Sometimes keeping it simple just works so well.

This street style S13 was one of the drift cars on show …

… contrasting nicely with Garry Huges competition spec R34.

You don't often see R32s on 15" rims in the UK.

You have to love this crazy low MX5 …

… It wasn't on airbags, it was just super low. One of the best looking MX5s I have seen. 

The one and only Beetle of the show certainly attracted some attention.

As did this bus pickup.

It was a case of arrive and sort the car for show, most cars were polished as they parked up.

MKII slammed and mesh style rims, a winning combination.

I really liked this sweet Euro look Polo, nice touch with the Webasto retro sunroof.

MKV on Bentley wheels looked pretty much perfect.

Porsche cups on a MKIV.

This early 944 wasn't even part of the show, it was parked up in the corner while its owner had a look around.

Black on old-school Azev's, its just how I wanted my old 944t to look, apart from mine was silver and a bit of a shed.

Some crazy poke on this bagged A4 wagon.

E46 Touring slammed on OZ rims looked mean.

This pair of E46 saloons stood out, The blue one was on airbags.

But the black one was static..

I would say thats pretty damn close to perfect fitment.

I didn't expect to see a mid 50's ford pick up to be honest, but glad I did, seriously cool car.




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I like to bro-chav hybrid smoking while he messes with his GTI. I'm going to call him Sir William Chodeminster of Doucheington Abbey.


Second picture from bottom:

That guy in the background has an EPIC photo stance.


the MkIV is on Porsche 996 turbo wheels,

and that 'bagged A4 wagon' looks like a Passat to me...

great stances and wheel choices though.


The A4 is a passat, unless it's a A4 with passat tailights


That MKIV with the Porsche Rims would be nice, but RWD style fitment=fail.

Anyway, jeez, that Black E46 Coupe is just legendary, whoever drives that thing is fing badass because driving a car dropped that low on static, with the UK's roads, is just... insane.


That Black E46 is so Boss, as Googly says on UK roads that must be rough as guts, What a god damn hero. should be Jason Stathams car. Haha


UK doing it up for once! we love our beemers. and i love that 944.


nice turn out - with some very interesting cars! - quality photo's too


The rims on the black BMW look awesome!

What are they?


Great picssss!!!!


Great write up! Thanks for the coverage of my car, the black E46.

Few little things, mines a coupe not saloon, the purple car was a Passat and that Porsche was part of it.. lol

Next one is on the 15th May, same location. Check out the SW:UK area of Stanceworks for more information.


good thing is that these cars have really serious stance, not something like hellaflush guys with their crazy undriveable camber. really like this!


Yeah he does!


More of the e46 touring please.


want the static E46 as a wallpaperrrrr, Wish i had the money to get my e87 lookin like that


"Some crazy poke on this bagged A4 wagon." It's not an Audi, it's a VW Passat ;)


wall paper of the 2nd pic of blue bagged e46.



Nice 944!


Click my website for more pictures from the meet.

Yes the E46 is driven daily, more lows coming this weekend with the air of camber arms. Wheels are BBS style 5s. 17x8/9 staggered.


I live in MK and drive a stanced 106. I was going to go, but unfortunatly most Milton Keynes meets do involve horrible plastic body kits and kids trying to drift their Vauxhall Corsas. Seems like it wasn't to bad though.


I love the blue E36, so simple so right.


all very nice. I wish more performance-oriented enthusiasts could have your open-mindedness, Ross. if i see one more bitch-ass pussy on the internet make a microsoft-voiced satire of stance enthusiasts im going to shoot myself.


what are the rims on that sticker bombed civic? those look awesome~!!


Almost everything in this post has been comprehensively ruined with stupid mods...


specs on those rs? on the black e46


Are u sure that is a4??

I think it is a passat

Nice photos xD


"One of the best looking MX5s I have seen" ..... cheap rims, cheap suspension, cheap lip. They look good low but that's nothing new there.

That 944 is one of the best cars pictured I reckon!


LOL at the guy in the second last photo... i wonder how that shot turned out? hahahaha


pretty sure that's not an a4 wagon. those are passat tails.


But is the A4 a Passat excuse me??? 'Cos the taillights are the one of a VW...


That 944 is timeless, It just looks perfect unmodified on those wheels.


The guy throwing shapes in the 2nd from last pic is Jord from You can check his photos and our words on the Stanceworks homepage!


* Just realised the post on SW hasn't dropped yet. Keep an eye out in the next day or two!!

Black 944 was definitely car of the meet for me.


Gutted i missed this meet :( but a big up tp all that made it, looked like a awesome meet with some fine looking rides:)


KLUB ORLY? Owl in your area.

Red polo.