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After yesterday's persistent rain ended all hopes of any potential R31 meet at Daikoku things couldn't have been more different tonight. After the somewhat dismal R32 showing last year I was skeptical that more than a few cars would drop by, but I turned out to be wrong. I arrived just before 9 and already quite a few Skylines had gathered…

…all neatly lined up under the amber lights of the Parking Area. And so the Skyline Week finally kicks off!

With hope of more cars joining in the meet as the freezing night progressed I got on with the job at hand and began snapping away.

It seemed that almost every R32 present was gunmetal gray, so this metallic blue GT-R stuck out like a sore thumb. I headed over to take a closer look at the full Abflug wide body kit and judging from all the stickers it looks like Izota-san at Revolfe has taken care of the engine tuning.

This is another group that kept on expanding throughout the night.

It's always interesting to see how differently people mod their cars, transforming the looks of what is essentially the same model of Skyline into something unique. I quite liked the dark blue spoiler-less one on the right.

It was good to see that the Skyline meeting didn't fall through but even if it had I knew that March 2nd is also the yearly gathering of Datsun Sunnys at Daikoku…

…because of course "3-2" in Japanese reads as "San-ni" or Sunny. And boy did the little Datsuns keep on coming!

Most of the other side of the parking lot had been taken over by an impressive variety of cars in pretty much every body style ever produced, from your 4-door sedans and 2-door coupes…

…to trucks…

…and of course wagons. I remember this car from last year, still looks raw and ready to head out to the track! 

Check out the smooth grille on this B210 S model.

A lonely NSX on rather large chrome AVS Model 5s.

A group of drifters from one of the US military bases showed up with this cool gold-colored R32. I hope to be seeing some Speedhunters stickers on it next time!

The need to keep temperatures, pressures and other engine parameters in check can become quite obsessive at times! 

These GT-R owners were so eager to celebrate the R33 they showed up one day early!;)

A B210 coupe.

JDM vintage wheels win!

Judging from the lumpy idle on this BNR32 it was obviously not running a stock engine. Behind the very cool Enkei NT03s hid upgraded Brembo brake calipers and massive discs.

Anyone know what rims these are?

You can never go wrong with black wheels on a silver car and the stock BCNR33 wheels on this mean BNR32 achieve the required effect.

How can we forget the "Rat-Sun-ny," still carrying tons of garbage! It's actually quite interesting what people put in the back of these tiny trucks…

…sometimes they can be handy to carry wheels and tires around for one of your drifter buddies…

…or can be kept light and empty for when you take your little 3-2 truck out on track. Check out the little adjustable wing!

A couple of Mini vans also showed up!

Hopefully tomorrow's R33 meeting will be just as exciting as tonight's one was! 

Skyline Week 11

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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August Feroce on that red B110 Sedan! One of my favourite wheels!

Nice pics as always, good to see more sunnys on here! Really like that B310 Coupe!


Daikoku shd be made a national tourist attraction


nice pics! btw in the picture of that blue car that had all those gauges why did the person in the drivers seat have a mask on?


Awesome pictures Dino!!!!


Wheels look like August Feroce's


I just bought an R32 GT-R appropriate


The wheels on the red B110 could be Enkei Fotress if not August Feroce


Anyone know what rims these are?

like tom's sport rim...


kinda disappointing if you ask me


The white Enkei NT-03s and lugnuts just so happen to be the exact combination of wheels and lugnuts I had stolen from my house. THose wheels aren't exactly common (stamped GTR R34 ONLY inside the bolt pattern.) I would like to know more info about who owns this car. - Collen

Guy with the Sharpie GTR



19 years on and the 32's still throwin' punches


Awesome shots.

Although they aren't Model 5s on the NSX but Model T5s, the newer less awesome version.



Great meeting you lastnight..we will be rocking those speedhunter stickers !!

Drift team - -

thx again.. and great pictures !!!


Team Driftholics


I love seeing more modern cars with their much older siblings. The sunnies really make the skylines look mean but at the same time you can see their ancestry.

Also that man has to many gauges. Too many to truly know what is happening.


Awesome Photo's Dino....

We will be rocking those stickers you gave us..

thanks again



the rims that u ask,.,maybe its tom's,.not so sure


After 13 years of waiting and multiple other cars, I finally bought an R32 GT-R today. my "Elanor"

how appropriate


Nice the Enkei NT03's that are stamped R34 that were stolen from Misawa Air Base ended up down south. Thank you for the heads up, dude was so confident he even used the lug nuts he stole to! Nice real Nice!


i will miss the meet :(


I agree with Louis


I don't like you... :P


That's a lot of gauges.


mini wade wagons??!?!?


mini wade wagons??!?!?


Nice coverage!!!

Those sunny trucks are nice memories. I got my first "official" driving lessons in one, what a treat.

BTW which sunny is the blue one on the 7th pic?


I think the wheels on that red sunny is a Tom's igeta two-piece? three-piece? im not sure


The best pic!!! 2 skylines with a Datsun 140Z!!!! excelente job!!!!


great pictures - and some original Mini Clubman! looks like [as usual] it was well attended, lots of variety.


I hate to ALWAYS ask this, but can you upload at least one high resolution photo, please?

The one with the NSX looks damn good, really. Or maybe release a set of desktops when the Skyline celebration is over. :)


august feroce are your rims. JDM classic all the way..

Anyway, i've wanted an R32 GT-R since I was 17. I'm 31 now and I am yet to live my automotive dream! This speedhunters special makes me extra sad and happy all at once. I might just stay away till its over!


darn GTTpower beat me to it. yep he's right!


Sweet sweet skyline.


Nice pics, my favorite Skyline will always be the R32


to james, see people in japan are actually considerate when they're sick and put those masks on to prevent the spread of illness, god i wish people over here in the states were so kind


Awesome.. I wish my BNR32 looked as clean as some of these.

James: The masks are something that's worn all over Japan. When you have a cough/cold, you whear them to preven spreading germs, as most have a medicated pad in them to help clear airways and sterilise the air... because coughing without covering your mouth, and blowing your nose in public is considered bad manners.


Those wheels you're wondering about, they're Tom's Igetta's


Oh how i have fallen in love with the R33 GTR.


Just amazing!!! Japan knows what there doing... Those white enkei's on the gunmetal bnr32 looks way better then anyone could of ever imaged, its impressive.


It was nice to meet you Dino, glad my car made the cut. Driftholics will defiantly be rocking those speedhunter stickers. Thanks again!!


rims on the red car are Auguste Feroce. :)