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Last night a friend of mine happened to mention there was a Euro meet on. Taking up his offer and heading out, we surely weren’t disappointed. This spot may look a little familiar to some of you, that’s because the JDMST meet before last took place at this same venue.

It was quite a surprise seeing such different vehicles, as I normally don’t see anything past the local Japanese import meets. The night showcased a dozen or so Lotus cars and plenty of other unique vehicles.

This Lotus Europa S was the first car I was drawn too…

…followed by these two.

My jaw instantly dropped when this lightly modified Espirit S4 rolled in.

Having a walk around the parking lot I noticed there were a greater population of elderly people, having a good talk about what they love. It was great to see a mix of cars ranging from daily drivers…

…to cars that look as if they’d see the racetrack often.

Continuing my walk, I bumped into the Espirit S4 that rolled in earlier.

This particular Lotus was released in the mid 90’s. To be honest, I think it looks like something out of Back To The Future.

It was sitting on a full set of OZ Racing wheels which gave the car a lightly modified look, nothing too overdone.

Compared to other meets and events I’ve attended in the past the atmosphere seemed very relaxing and calm…

…everyone seemed very interested to chat with one another and share a thing or two about their rides.

After about 30minutes the majority of the Lotus crew fled…

…however more cars entered the parking lot, like this pair of Volkswagen Golfs.

They both seemed reasonably stock on the exterior, standard steel rims and super low.

Putting aside the Lotus the VW’s, there was another species on the premises, the almighty Mini Cooper.

This would of had to been my favourite car of the night, I’ve always been a fan of the 4 door Volkswagen sedans, sitting low on some fresh 15″ wheels.

Oh, and not to forget the roof racks!

Just as the night couldn’t get any better, this classical Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth appeared out of the blue.

The car retained a factory interior, fitted with a half-cage, very unique!

I spotted another Golf, this one being a later model then the other two I saw earlier. It looks like it’s been inspired by the USDM scene…

…with a choice of BBS Mesh that snuck under the rear guards nicely.

Another popular Australian car, the Ford XR5 Turbo slammed on re-painted factory wheels.

Last but not least Zac’s Volvo Wagon’s which put out an interesting appeal, the elderly seemed to enjoy them.

All in all I’m glad we checked it out and will definitely keep an eye out for these in the future.

-Casey Dhnaram.

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Where are all the civics.


Those Lotus guys probably left because of all those kids showing up with their vws and bike racks.


Those look like Volvo sedans, not Estates.

Also, it's a crime that you did not take an actual picture of the Mini Cooper. Fail


2nd picture from the bottom. someone likes Mike Burroughs Rusty? if only they had these meets in melbourne


Afaik those OZ's on the S4 are standard rims, not modified. Those wheels were featured on some models of the Esprit.


The rims on that green and black mk3 golf are the only set of alloys pirelli ever made...P slots!


I see someone needs to repair that bent lip on the Esprit...;)


Hey great photo's this is the first Euro Meet in Brisbane that I have not been able to attend. FYI these are Monthly Meetings so if your in Brisbane usually the last weekend of the month. If in doubt we organise them on go to forums and then click on Club meets and events the meets are usually organised within the first week of the new month. Keep an eye out and come check them out for yourself.

Its a great Mechanical Perve rofl



Haha, boy does that black Volvo look familiar... I'm sure it'll draw a ton of hate here.

On the Esprit S4, wonderful car, but didn't those OZ's come from the factory?


Having a Lous Espirit would be niiice


love those Volvo's.. and its good to see a classic Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth holding its own. you don't really Lotus Espirit's so much now - good pics.


Volvo wagons?


That Esprit looks like an S4S which did have, among other things, the big wing and the OZ wheels; OEM.


XR5 turbo? What the hell, It's a normal Focus ST. Jesus why do these companies change names for each continent...


was a great night, cheers for the pics of my white mk3, and yeah i picked the p slots up from ebay for an absolute bargain (they were once on my car), good to see so much euro love :)


@135 - no. There's a 2009 pirelli edition GTI. Pirelli wheels/ p zeros.

Nice to see the lotii out and about!


thanks for the photos. was a good night. did you take any more of the vento?


that 'ford XR5' is know know as the rather boringly named 'focus' in europe!

and is there a part 2 cus all i saw was a bunch of lotus'esseze!!!

haha btw any watch practice session 1 in AUS??!!! BANG down goes a lotus lol first crash of 2011 season!


That VW Golf MK3, silver one on BBS rs's. That belonged to Chris, might sad story, good friend.


i love the volvo =D


No photo of the renaultSport megane 250. What a shame.


no pics of the 911 casey?


Dear Lotus Europa, Your headlights are exactly the same as mine, i will be speaking with my lawyer shortly.

Sincerly, Acura RSX




sierra,volvo *_*


no wonder the lotus guys left with people loving some stupid 4 door volkswagen sedans no-one would choose here in germany over a MATTE BLACK exige! (why no pics???!) this is so wrong. omg :D


Dear Casey Dhnaram. You seem to know very little about cars. Could you please start to learn about cars and not post any text (pics are fine) before you know something.


more more more more more more more more more more


The wheels on the green Mk3 Golf are not standard steel wheels. They're extremely rare and expensive Pirelli alloys from the Mk1 Golf.


Thanks for the photo Casey! Was a good meet, looking forward to the next one!


whats with the haters? Casey Dhnaram did his best to cover this meet and spent time and effort on this post. if you guys can do better then try to cover events like these.


That's an ESPRIT,not an Espirit.......Jeeeesus...


Acura RSX have different headlights to the Europa

Nice post by the way

Good to see the lotus club out


The Lotus people left to go on their Friday night run.


It was a good turnout and the lotus boys enjoyed it. yes there are some OLD FARTS in the lotus club but you can be old and love car too.