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Let’s head straight into the our last look at the car show, Import Reactor, that ran in conjunction with the anime convention, Anime Matsuri.

I’m sure all of you have read Smoky Nagata’s heartfelt letter about the reason why he has postponed his stateside visit. Smoky planned to drive the infamous V12 Supra in the Texas Mile this next weekend as well as this stateside Power Fab Automotive built R35 sporting a plethora of Top Secret parts. It’s presently the only other R35, in the world, with the new Top Secret aero package for the car.

Smoky wanted to see how his PROcess tuning on a stock engined R35, with just aero upgrades, would stand up to the other monstrous speed demons at the Texas Mile. Sadly, this R35 and the V12 supra will have to wait until next time….

Sitting just next to the Powerfab R35 was their Infiniti G35 which featured a completely built motor pushing 700whp and 556wtq! The car was suppose to have a completed Top Secret aero kit but the front pieces were delayed because of the recent events in Japan.

Power Fab should be getting the rest of the parts later this week. I’ll be making a stop by their shop to snap a few photos of their shop as well as the completed G35.

In the previous look at the car show, Import Reactor, I mentioned of the Speedhunters Rice award. This Honda CRX owned by Steven Pham was our pick. It’s an extremely clean car with wheels that fit, but also aren’t too extreme. Steve practiced a bit of restraint on that wheel fitment department and we recognize it. Great job!

I’ll be taking a closer look at the car in the coming days.

This Lexus GS300, with its chameleon paint and 2JZ swap, with giant snail, was the overall show winner.

There was quite an impressive line up of Infiniti’s G35/37 and Nissan 350z’s at the show.

Here’s another shot of one of my favorite Infinitis at the show. Love it!

I’ve always loved the 300zx, and this one struck the right nerve for me: simple exterior modifications, a decent ride height drop and a nice choice of wheels.

Here’s some more Mazdas like this sweet Mazda 3. It’s sweet to see these cars start to gain in popularity.

Now here’s a Mazda I didn’t expect to see at Import Reactor, a Mazdaspeed 3.

This EK Civic Si, on a set of sweet Work VS-KFs, was one of my favorite Hondas at the show.

And so was this S2000. Talk about low!

It was nice to see Hajime’s RB26 powered S14, which we featured earlier this year, again. Mayday Garage photographer, Mikey Nguyen, couldn’t help but to get in my shot….

This Lexus IS250 on Vossen wheels, with its bright blue paint job, stuck out quite a bit from the field of cars on display that were of the more monochromatic flavor.

In the first look at Import reactor, there was as shot showing the front of this IS350 with its teal colored Volk CE28Ns. Now, here’s the rest of the car.

This Hyundai Tiburon was the show surprise for me. I would’ve never thought a Tiburon would be able to look this good. The body kit gives the car a bit of FTO flare to it.

I thought I’d add another shot of this Audi. It just looks so good.

In the main DJ area of the car show, there was a giant jumbo-tron playing the Initial D anime all day long. I thought it was a rather fitting thing to be showing as the car show coincides with the anime convention.

Where else would Cookie Monster be attending a car show awards ceremony?

Inside the convention center, I did a bit more cosplayhunting. This bearded man was playing as the Commissar from the Warhammer 40k series. Earlier in the day, he was dressed up as one of the main characters from a well known anime, Cowboy Bebop, Jet Black. Sadly, I wasn’t quick enough to get a snap of his first cosplay costume….

The convention also featured a very novel and Japanese experience: a maid cafe. Basically, it’s a restaurant seating area where you can sit down and eat on various Japanese food and drink. On top of that, you get the company of a girl dressed as a maid.

Another rather impressive costume.

I made a brief stop at the Cosplay contest to see what it was all about and ran into these two characters. Here’s Commander Shephard and his battle companion Tali from the “Mass Effect” video game series.

You definitely know you’re at an anime convention when there are Neon Genesis Evangelion figurines on top of a car in the show.

This flat black Dodge Ram seemed a bit out of place in the sea of late model imports…

…but when you peak under the hood, you see fire-breathing Viper V10!

It was great to see all the car crews, friends, and buddies busting out lounge chairs cracking open a few cold brews and just having a great time outside during a beautiful weekend.

Cars, buddies, and brews (and maybe a few smokes). What more can you ask for?

The best part about car shows, like Import Reactor, is how it brings together the community as a whole.

It brings together people that are barely into cars, to car style influencers like Edafe Omosowofa, whom we featured his 350z in back 2009.

The reason we come to shows like these is to gawk and drool at the cars on display…

…but the reason we stay is because of the people that are behind it.

Engines are the heart of cars, but the people are the heart of the community.

It’s moments like these that we live for. The greeting of a friend with a handshake or another handshake as a farewell. It’s that bond between car enthusiasts with other car enthusiasts.

It’s also thanks to people like Paul Morgan and Jace Williams that organize, put on and run shows like this.

This year’s Import Reactor seemed like a much more personal affair than the previous year’s. Die heard one-make enthusiasts would be hanging out and mingling with others. It was great to see such a community so alive.

The event has just ended but its strange to think that I’m already anticipating next year’s festivities….


Anime Matsuri

Import Reactor



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Excellent job on the photography, it can't be easy to get in there when so many other people are trying to look around and photgraph too. I've just started to 'try' and snap cars at show & meets it ain't easy - [via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


Gorgeous CRX!!!


Nice S2000.

Linhberg, please, desktops!


if you guys didnt delete my comment, let me know if youre interested in that car show in south carolina. i'm a fan on facebook.


Good stuff!




so many wonderful cars to see and drink in the information.. - are we going to see some car spolights on some of these wonders?? - the cosplay world is very Japan, am not big on computer games but some of the characters look cool. i'd stick my neck out and say that this event was a resounding win for all involved and for those who attended.


That Hyundai looks Exotic! Feature please! :D


The cosplayer you're hinting at being from "Gears of War" is actually an Imperial Commissar from Warhammer 40k. Chainsword and bolt pistol aside the Imperial Eagles all over it give it away.


This Hyundai Tiburon was realy beauiful


I love that teg, got any more pics? :D


pure love!!!


If I was there, I would take photos of all the cars! And the anime convention. Just hoping that I have enough memory cards.


Anyone knows the specs of those vs-kf's ? 15" or 16", width, offset... ?


The Mazda 3 ontop of the 2nd Gen Speed 3 is a 1st Gen Speed3. Thank you for taking and showing pictures of two generation speed 3s btw, more love to the Mazda Community. =)


any pics of the inked up car to the left of the Audi wagon. looks like it has bright orange bbs Lm's?


what are tires brand on the Top Secret Infinity G35 without nose ?

the Ram v10 ! genuinely this engine was made for that sort of trucks and fitted afterall and by accident under viper chassis... by crazy engineers of Chrysler Group


Full feature on the CRX please...


G35 I/C piping takes the +1 WIN


I remember this picture of my Integra, the photographers were like stacking on top of each other hahaha!!

Good times and thanks for the shots of my DC2 they look great!


That is a WH40k Commissar! NOT Jet Black!

I really like that CRX. Super Clean.


Fantastic article, Linhbergh!

Great photos too!

Can't wait for future posts like this, keep up the great work!


Linhbergh it was great having you out at the event again you are welcome always, Fistpumping


more pics of that teg? ;) i know someone who has one like that, almost that low.

and do you guys ever come to the south carolina area? i think theres a pretty big car show going on in april you guys might be interested in.


thanks for the awesome snapshot of my z32 ^_^

lovely cars out there, props to everyone.


Beautiful 300ZX!


That 300zx is the sex


So let me get this straight. You go to Houston last weekend and have a choice of attending either A) TX2K11, the largest gathering of the fastest street cars (1200 whp Supras, Lamborghinis, GTR's, Vipers) in the country, or B) Import Reactor, an cosplay festival and world summit of the JDM tyte crews that hang out at your local Autozone with LED shift knobs and UnderGlowz?

Not to say there aren't some fine cars there, but jeez. That's like picking HIN over the Woodward Dream Cruise. Hella good choice, fam.


Thanks for putting up the pic of my hyundai! The hyundai world does not get much coverage.. so thanks!


That's a sick Mk3 VW lip on that CRX...


Moustache on FMIC = win


The white "mazda3" is also a speed, there is a huge ic pipe crossing over the motor like on an evo x, also the front bumper, rear bumper and wing all point to a speed3


Thanks for the pic of my tiburon! Hyundai does not get much attention so thanks for the comment! All the pics look great!


Turbocharged Infinity g35 got my heart pumping.


blue em1 has 16' vskf's, w/ custom offsets. ill let the owner revel if he wants too. 5*


Nice tash on that frontless G35. That Hyundai looked really sweet too. If only it was RWD. That's what makes the Genesis Coupe so cool I guess.


Great show and event better people. The event was overall amazing once all the bumps were ironed out. look forward to the next one!


ewwwwwwwwww! more hondas on fitted wheels. ewwwwwwwwwww! that crx is beautiful with the exception of the wheels. how about fwd offsets on fwd cars?


Nice pic of the red s2000!


To answer fRed B's question. The tires on the G35 are Nitto Invos. The front wheels are 285/30/20, and rear are 345/25/30. The wheels are HRE's 891r's.


haha tundra stepside is badass. :)


Just so many nice cars...


damn, that blue civic SI is sick!!!!


damn never see works vs-kf in 16 before


I'm in love with that IS350.


It's strange to think that those that have race gas pumping through their veins venture to the most


Great performance parts for mazdaspeed 3. Can't wait to deck out my car.