Event>> The Texas Mile Pt.1

It's strange to think that those that have race gas pumping through their veins venture to the most unassuming places to get their speed fix. The Texas Mile is one of those places. The standing mile event is located at an abandoned airstrip with a three hours drive away from Houston, Texas. It's straight into no-where-land. 

But when you arrive and see the airstrip filled to the brim with all sorts of high powered machinery, you take it all and feel right at home. 

One of the most popular cars in attendance was the infamous Big Red Camaro.

I spotted the Dodge Ram from Import Reactor rolling around the paddock area. 

It was neat to see some land speed race cars out there like this old school coupe… 

…and this roadster. 

Seeing this roadster in action was bringing back fond memories of Bonneville Speedweek….

Spotted this pocket dirt bike that looked like it would belong in Team Need for Speed driver, Matt Powers', pit area. 

Not everyone in attendance was there to participate. Others came and slowly rolled around the paddock area, like this rather low E36 BMW…

…and this Buick Riviera with a cummins diesel swapped in. Yup, you heard that right. Low and slow is the name of the game for this Riviera. 

The field was made up mostly of 5th generation Mustangs and Corvettes. 

Like they always say, there's no replacement for displacement!

Porsches showed up in decent numbers. 

There were a few 4th generation Mustangs bout and this one sole representative of the fox-body 3rd generation.

Unlike last year, this all stock Gallardo was the only Lamborghini out running the mile. Most of the Supras, Lambos and other mile regulars were not in attendance as they all were at the gigantic Supra meet, TX2K11, the previous weekend. 

Despite the usual big name tuning houses not being at the mile, there were a few high powered vehicles out, like the all carbon A.R.T Dodge Viper which ran 240.9 MPH! The run can can be seen in this video.

I was quite surprised to see Ryan Gates take out his time attack Mitsubishi Evo X. He did zero modifications to the car to run the mile. He was consistently running in the ~180mph range all weekend long. He mentioned that if he ran with a stock Evo transmission instead of his dog box, he wouldn't easily been in the 200-215 range with zero aero modifications. GT wing and all. 

Ryan will be blogging about his Texas Mile experience soon, so keep an eye out for that in the coming days. 

There aren't many motorsports in the world where you can see a Mustang and an Evo in the same pit lane. Imagine if there were standing mile two car, two lane competitions….

Bikes of all kinds were in attendance as well.

One of my favorite cars at the event was this Honda CRX. Its almost-rat look and the fact that it was running in the 170mph range with a 1.6L single overhead cam was massively impressive.  

I was a bit sad to see a lack of Supras at the event. Though there was two out there to represent this speed-demon chassis.

Supras just look so right doing burn outs at the start line.  

It was nice to see an owner of a Audi R8 take it out to the mile to let the it stretch its wings.  

TX2K11 also stole a good portion of the R35 GTR owners but there were a few in attendance.  

The flat red Evolution Motorsports Porsche was one of the best looking Porsches on the grid and it also performed quite well, 234.6mph to be exact!

Another interesting car out on the grid was this Chevy Monza.

The Monza's driver looks like he has had quite a few top speed races under his belt….

Saturday's mile proceedings didn't have a set time they were to stop running, it ended whenever the sun dipped too low to see anything. 

How can you not like the sound, smell, and sight of a burn out? Its like gearhead coffee.

With the sun mostly gone, I headed for my overnight stay. It wasn't a high class hotel in the middle of nowhere Texas, but a high class two room tent sitting right next to the track. And I must say, it's not a bad thing to wake up to the sound of V8s thundering down a stretch of road in the morning….

More coverage from the Texas Mile to come!




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Is there any coverage of TX2K11 in store for us?


Amazing photos and editing Lunhbergh.


Great coverage man. And I'm much surprised to see so little Supra's and GTR's as opposed to previous years. Nice panning shots as usual, and yes Supras look all so right doing burnouts. I spy J Evins. :)


Just wish smoky would have made it.


A few guys from my home town went, we had a blast! There was a guy with a d1 official shirt that didnt speak any english.. i chatted with him through his translator and he said theye were filming for Option!! He even gave me his official judge shirt from last year! what a nice group of guys, the ams evo guy is really down to earth and most of the drivers/tuners were excited to show off their rides! definatly recommend going if u get the chance, i know ill be back next year.. make sure to bring a tent, bbq pit, and food.. and most of all..BEER.


maybe next year smokey, maybe next year.


The "Viper V10 Swap" is actually a production vehicle called an SRT10. You can pick them up used for around 24k!!!!


Wallpaper of the supra burnout please.


Would love to see the veilside r32 grt there. would destroy every other car without a doubt!


top quality coverage.. i like the mixed bag of goodies that turn up, i can't think of better way to put your car through its paces [well i can actually].. but this is cool.. thanks.


It's quite unfortunate that Smoky Nagata wasn't able to come. Wondering what speeds would the V12 Supra achieve....


Wallpaper of the R8? Please? lol


spotlight on the cummins buick. please


spotlight on the cummins buick. please


Very nice pictures!

Maybe it is possible to get the first mustang picture as a wallpaper?


I'm not too familiar with American cars, and since you brought it up, between the Mustang and the Evo, which would be the better one out there?




I'm a little surprised more tape wasn't used... Seems like they were pretty confident about the cars or they weren't trying to go all out to break any records.


How much power did the CRX have? Just wondering how effective the aero was?


The Vioer truck is actually from A.R.T. the same guys that were running the A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper #1800 that ran 240.9 MPH and the truck is not a swap it is a fully built SRT-10 Viper truck and roe Super Charged with Water Meth injectiond and AEM engine management. It dynos around 900 HP and is a daily driver street truck. Also, the A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper is a street legal viper that will be participating in the central texas viper round up this week end. That is correct, the A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper will be out this week end driving the streets. There will be a Dyno day on Friday held at A.R.T. in Buda Texas, A hill country drive on Saturday and A complete day at Haris Hill Race track in San Marcos so ever one who attends will be able to run there Vipers on an awesome road course

Here is the official A.R.T. video



Pretty sure that's not a Chevy Monza but a Pontiac Sunbird. Easy mistake.

I really hope to compete in one of these someday, or at least spectate.


@Vincent Brick .... I believe it was a Monza. I know it was badged up as a Chevrolet, thats for sure.

@VoBoy ... while you may not be able to tell from the photos, I can vouch that PLENTY of tape was used this year as opposed to last year. Many of the cars were using a clear seran wrap style wrap that was hard to tell from a distance.


theres no replacement for displacement, except for when you have a giant turbo!


Ooops *Linhbergh


Speedhunters needs more Monza's!


A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper

Breaks World record three times

Finishing with a best of 240.9 MPH

at the Texas Mile March 26, 2011

I was there and witnessed this Viper run and I had the oppertunity to check out this car. A fully street legal, full interior, full sound system, street driven mile car that ran 240.9 MPH , WOW, That is the car that you should be doing a feature on. The car is simply amazing and like no other Viper on the planet. Those guys at A.R.T. have all kinds of projects in the works, from mile cars to drag cars to ACR-X Viper Cup Series . You should check it out for your self.



R8 wallpaper please


Anyone covering TX2K11?


Will there be a tx2k11 cover?


great coverage Linhbergh, as always.. see you at Lone Stare Round Up...

Oh for coverage of TX2K11 check it out HERE: http://www.purple-wall.com/PurpleWall/tabid/74/BlogID/9/Default.aspx

If you have never been to TX2K you def have to make the next one...


Did someone noticed about the number of the pocket dirt bike? xD


R8 Wallpaper pls!


Holly @#$%$ , has any one checked out the official A.R.T. video of the A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper #1800 car that ran 240.9 MPH. I am blown away on how smooth that viper is at that speed. The driver is actually driving the car one handed, that is CRAZY!!!! The stabillty of that viper and those speeds is just incredible. I have seen many mile cars run and the drivers always look like they are holding the steering wheel with their lifes in their hands, A car that effortless to drive at those speeds is in another league, another class of cars.




Nice coverage and photos once again!


That vioer with the number 1800 on the side is the sickest viper i have ever seen. I saw the official video from the ART camp and i can hardly believe my eyes. I have never seen a sicker, bader street car than that. Check out the engine on that video, i bet that was not cheap. I cant wait to see a full feature on that car.





stop spamming the ART bullshit, nobody cares


That viper that ran 240.9mph was at Cabelas in Buda Texas one Saturday night after the last Texas Mile. There is a gathering there every Saturday night of all kinds of cars in the parking lot. That viper drove up and drew a huge crowd, parked for a while and then drove away. the car sounds like a super car and not like any viper i have ever heard and i own 2008 Viper SRT. The car is actually street driven. I cant wait to see a full feature on this car.


Some great cars, I really like the red Porsche. Hopefully bigger attedence in the fall texas mile.