Event>>nfs Socal Pt.2

There's still plenty more to show from last weekend's NFS Socal event, so let's go ahead and jump right into part two of my coverage.

The S13 you see above belongs to Kyle from Violent Running Tribe. The battle scars just add to the look. Oh so tough.

Speaking of the VRT guys, here's Skylar Smith's Corolla Wagon. You might also know Skylar as the Team Falken video guy…

The Evasive time attack Evo could be found in the photo studio area. Another fine machine to represent the functional track cars featured in SHIFT 2.

The Mastermind Spirit Rei Odyvia was occupying some prime real estate in the Source Interlink photo studio. It was pretty cool because it gave everyone the chance to take professional looking photos. Speedhunters photo studio anyone?

There were plenty of high quality SoCal Hondas out there, including Big Mike's Prelude.

Here's another view of Justin's 610 Wagon, decorated like an ambulance in support of Heartbreaker's Japan relief efforts.

The guys were out selling their charity stickers, from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to those affected by the Japan quake. They are donating all of the sticker material, postage fees, and their time. If you'd like to support the cause, head over to Yuta's blog for more info.

Ben from Bulletproof Automotive brought out his S2000 demo car, as well as his newest project – a brand new GTR.

If you are a longtime reader of the site, then you should recognize this Z32.

A pair of Euro machines I spotted in the parking lot.

A quick group shot of the Twins Turbo crew in front of their Viper. As you might guess, these guys are pretty jazzed about having a car they built being featured in the game.

Another one of our reader selections for the event was Aaron's black S14 street car. This is S-chassis perfection.

You might remember Michael's Grabber Blue 5.0 Mustang from my coverage of the Hotchkis track day earlier this month. Since then the car's been outfitted with a Magnuson blower. And I thought the stock 5.0 Stang was fast…

There's Vaughn Gittin Jr. having some fun on the D-Box.

Another very nice JZA80 Supra that showed up late in the day.

I invited Matt and his girlfriend to bring out his S13 convertible after I spotted it at a local meet. Thanks from coming out you guys!

Alex's S2000 looking as wild as ever. 

This group of Z33's was another parking lot sighting.

I'm liking the idea of a feature on this 1JZ-swapped SC300. What do you think?

I'll finish up with this shot of the Heartbreaker guys taking an up close look at the Twins Turbo Viper.

It was scenes like this that made NFS SoCal such a great event for me and hopefully for everyone else that came out.

More tomorrow!

-Mike Garrett



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Yay, I made it in one of the pics! This was a goooooood time! Props to everyone who helped set this event up.



That soarer is insane.true story.thats what i think! and the 610 wagon the business


What ever happened to vrt? I haven't heard anything new on those guys in a real long time


You guys should feature the Bulletproof S2000 if you haven't already, looks pretty nuts!


so you guys playing forza on there? :D


Yes, do a feature on the SC! I loves me some Soarer goodness.


Too bad ERM didn't want to park his red JZA80 next to the other Supras -__-. This car is flat out gorgeous with authentic parts...


Isn't that grey Z33 the one that was practically destroyed by that bodyshop? It's come a long way since then that's for sure.


feature on the black Soarer please! :)

one on the S13 vert would be nice too ;)


yes! Feature please!!! :)


That Corolla wagon sucks.


some really nice cars. sorry but the wheels on the corolla look stupid. the turbo on the viper looks a little close to the tire.


Keep it up with the sick wagon coverage!!


the groupd of z33's and Alex's S2000 made me think of NFS Underground 1 or 2

These were good times for tuners...


how do you obtain the twins turbo viper in shift 2 unleased?


Yaaaay my white GTI made it on there! VW in the house!


Need to see more pics of that SC like right now lol.


that preludes color is atrocious, someone sponsor him back to a normal color like red or something, that drop top 180 is kewl minus the gold paint on the bar. the wagon would like alot better with less broken rear suspension and some slightly bigger tires


That red Supra looks a lot like Orido's Supra.


would make my week if you posted more pictures of that convertible S13


that sc is amazing, not as much as the z32 though.....


Skylar Smith's Corolla Wagon & Justin's 610 Wagon look well, but the stand out car is theBulletproof Automotive Demo.. now that looks awesome.


Hells yea to the SC300 feature, and to corolla wagons and vw's. excellence all around!


That Z32 is sick! We need more Z32 love <3


The Bulletproof S2000 has some crazy stuff on it like an Amuse full titanium header, graphics by mana-p/MS-R designed, cut and mailed out from Japan, full top secret suspension with roberuta cup kits, limited edition JDM recaro super starks, mugen roll bar, the custom widebody using legit Amuse, Tracy Sports and Spoon parts, and lots of crazy details.


So many different makes and models and styles of car building were there, I loved every minute of it. And as always, I appreciate the kind words and the snaps from SpeedHunters. Thanks guys.




More pics or a feature on the s13 convertible!!!


Thanks for the invite Mike!! I had a blast with all the nice cars and entertainment. Really nice talking to you aswell!


Nice S13 vert, pity the American market got the short end of the stick. The Japanese Autech built cars are finished off so much better. Still, that's pretty close to perfection right there.


Can we get a feature on the sc300. With wallpaper too!



I agree 100%! They're top design is gorgeous, wish I could get one of those Verts over here.


Yes, please do a feature on that 1JZ swapped SC300.


Yes, feature the SC300!