Event>>it’s Cars & Coffee Time Again

Now that the madness of Skyline week is behind us, it's time to move on to this month's main theme – meets. I couldn't think of a better place to start off than with Southern California's most well known weekly automotive gathering – Cars & Coffee.

It had been several weeks since I'd made it down to Irvine for C&C and the weather was calling for clear skies and warm SoCal temps. Surely the turnout would be good.

My assumptions were correct. The turnout was massive, and an extremely diverse selection of machinery was on hand as usual. Everything from hotted up Boss 302 Mustangs…

…to this bright yellow IS300 slammed over a set of RPF1's.

Look at the rear camber. Wild!

The featured marque this week was the Pantera. There was a huge selection of the V8-powered exotics that came out.

Everything from pure stock examples…

…to some seriously modified versions. Get a load of that stance! This thing looks wicked.

I noticed more R35 GTR's out this week than normal. Not sure if it's because it was March 5th, or it was just a coincidence…

This R35 had to be my favorite. This wheel and tire setup looks so mean on a street car!

Here's a Nissan of an older variety. I also noticed a larger than usual turnout of 240Z's on Saturday morning.

Mustang Boss 302 vs Camaro Z/28 – you couldn't have a better pairing of rivals.

If you had to own a car and leave it completely stock, you couldn't do much better than a GT3 RS.

An amazingly clean Mk.1 GTI on Ronal Turbos. Perhaps the nicest, most original looking Mk.1 I've ever seen in person.

Also representing Wolfsburg was this Cal Look style rag top bug with BRM's. Timeless.

A ride in an Ariel Atom has got to get the blood flowing early on a Saturday morning.

Every week at Cars & Coffee there are a couple of cars that always have a crowd of people around them. On Saturday this Corvette Grand Sport was getting a lot of looks.

I'm not sure if it was genuine or not, but it certainly looked the part. Love the looks of the engine bay!

The word "aggressive" is a little overused when it comes to describing a car, but that's what comes to mind when looking at this Lotus. I'd be damn scared to see this thing rolling up in the rear view.

I'll finish up part one with this NSX group shot.

Back tomorrow with more from Cars and Coffee!

-Mike Garrett



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yep! good turn-out.. - always like the Pantera as a car.. nothing to dislike - i'll leave it at that.


Nice reportage! well done!


that 240z was featured in super street a while ago


The black Pantera looks fantastic! Any more shots of it?


Love the IS300! Someone who know the spec on the RPF1 wheels? :)


man,, that mk.1 Golf real good


I love how that IS300 has Altezza badging and the Altezza grille. I'm planning on doing that when I eventually get one (hopefully be my first car) :D


A Saab Sonnet? crazy times


Mmmm.. Fairlady Z


why can't I have your job?????? going to car meets and shows and meeting people who have sweet cars. Drooling and taking pictures. I am full of envy right now.


Nice to see a Corvette running quad 45mm Webbers


sweet! as usual a nice selection!


Awesome job on the shoot!...great selection, spectacular ridesa dna sunny Cali day to go with it = Heaven..=


Thank you Mr Garrett.

If the landlord of that yellow IS300 is reading this - lovely looking machine, sir - i would love to know how you achieved the matt natural aluminium finish on your wheels. Thank you.


What lens do you use for events like this?


@ black R35....has to be best fitment and stance I've sen on R35s yet......and suprisingly, its on an American one. WOOT!


I love the IS300! So dope with the fitment and camber. One of the nicest I've seen!


Lets see more of those 240z'!


Is it going to be at Mazda corps next week too? Might try to make it out and want to make sure.


i see a 510 sport, a porsche 356, a C4 ZR1, lots of rare and vintage metal out there. way better than that urine-yellow Lexus with the stupid ride height.

i hope to see some more proper C&C participants in part two....


Awesome Aerial. Those look like a blast to carve asphalt in.

We need a meets calendar on speedhunters. No forum. Just dates.


I saw the lotus on the 10 freeway passing by the Staple Center.... That car is INSANE!!!!!

I can't wait till I can attend one of these events.


What is the green old sports car in the first pic please?


More information on that black Pantera


Black Pantera is stunning


The IS wheel specs are 18x9.5 +10 (all around) :)


The IS Wheel specs are 18x9.5 +10 (all around) :)


It may be a bit of a stretch for this month's theme but you guys might enjoy Caffeine and Octane over here in Georgia, the next meet is the first Sunday of April.


GOD THAT EXIGE ! Always see him at CnC with that huge ass Diffuser .


Lol Weasels mad cus he can't get laid. :D


Love that black Pantera. Just WOW!


That red and black 240 is my buddies lol


Hey, there's more than one of me on here! Go figure...


I wonder what those old guys think of lexus' with a tons of negative camber in the rear showing up to their meet. "Uhhhh you guys can park down the street"


that black pantera made me jerk off :))

gotta love them panteras :D


Wow that pantara is wicked!