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While I was busy shooting at the Automaxx Streetpower event in Holland another event was happening in Belgium. The event was called Heaven On Wheels and took place inside a parking garage. I was told this was a must attend event but I haven’t invented something to be at two places at the same time so I was lucky that Ronald Veth from RPMvison offered me some of his shots to show you guys.

This Golf reminded me of a car that Paddy featured not too long ago. Although it isn’t as extreme as that version but it does has some of the same styling cues.

I really liked this car with its orange BBS wheels. This was one of the many UK cars that crossed the channel to be a part of this show.

It seems there is no stopping Rotiform in their quest for world domination. I wonder how long it will take before I see the first Dutch car with a set of Rotiforms.

Here we have another set on a newer generation Audi. Apparently dropped with the help of airbags.

This Audi TT has been featured on Speedhunters before. At the time it rolled on a set of BBS LM’s but for this event the owner went with the more classic looking RS versions.

I really love the BMW E21 especially when it looks this clean.

It doesn’t get more gangster than this Mercedes E class.

I thought this Audi TT looked pretty cool with what looks like 15″ or 16″ wheels.

-Jeroen Willemsen

I need to thank Ronald Veth for the photo’s



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lovw the first pic.. wickedly low Audi looking mean & moody..


we need more benz action in the euro posts!


oops.. i meant' 'love'... its all good



I am an American Living in Stuttgart right now. Please LMK of sites and events in and around Germany like this. would love to meet people who share my passion.

Hit me up at andre.brodie@valpo.edu


Nice i really love it, thanks for posting it, but thats an e21 3 series not an e28 5 series ;)


nice cars and it's not an bmw e28 but e21.


the e28 is an e21, first 3series, also a lovely car, especially this one...


How about a feature on the E21? That thang is sick!!


I could be wrong, but I believe the wheels on the silver TT are HRE 505's. Amazingly versatile wheel


Love the E21!


the wheels on the silver TT are speedline mistral 3 piece, 16x10" all round! :)


I saw that white Audi wagon at UltimateDubs. :D


Check http://www.cleaned.be for more of these meetings in Belgium


The last pic is amazing! The nicest TT cab i've ever seen.




@Foreverzero : They are Speedline Mistral 3 piece, probably 17" ;-)


About the first dutch car on rotiforms it's already there and it was on heaven on wheels.

It's my golf mk4 v6 4motion i was standing far away form the audi on rotiform's.

it seems like nobody notice my rotiforms