Event>> Dubshed Pt.iii

First up in part three of our Dubshed coverage is this Seat Leon Cupra R on anthracite BBS CH wheels. 

The subdued colour scheme really helps the blue Forge Motorsport silicone hoses and blue air filter pop. The spec list on this car is quite impressive as are the all important numbers : 305BHP and 329 ft/lb 

MKIV Golf with a Bora front conversion on BBS RS. 

Audi A4 B7 on airbags.

Decked Volkswagen Derby with dished rims sitting under some tidy arches looked very well.

Damn low is right. A bit of a pity where the car was located as it was hard to get a shot of it without someone standing in the way. 

I detect a slight amount of bitterness to the JDM scene here … 

Caged MKI Golf on BBS wheels, cream engine bay and lots of engine modifications showed that good looks can also pack a punch. 

Bora fronted Passat Estate on Rotiforms. I don't think I'll ever come around to bonnet bras though. 

If this isn't on airbags I'll eat my shoe. Perfect colour and wheel combination. 

Golf GTI style front end on another Caddy 2K.

Arguably the most important car of all time ? 

MKII Golf rally car was sweet (I was more distracted by the sweeter MKI RS2000 Escort beside it though) 

Dropped Lupo with chrome dished wheels and a stitched vinyl roof. 

My type of MKI Golf – Respectable drop and BBS RS wheels underneath an immaculate body.

Hmmm, I wonder what will Rod think of this 'stickerbombing'. Rather than properly sticker the grille, it appears to have been put together as a single image and then printed onto vinyl. Not too sure if I approve … 

Another bagged Golf MKV on chrome dished wheels. It's a pretty popular look and it's not difficult to see why. 

Spot the odd Jetta out … 

With crippling insurance rates for young drivers in Ireland, small cars like the MK3 Polo are perfect for those starting out or just looking for a run around. For not a lot of money they can look very respectable. 

Maybe this is why the VW scene is so popular. With styling cues from subtle to extreme it is such an accessible scene to become involved in. Add to that the availability of used models and cheap parts and it's no wonder so many have latched onto probably the most dialled in style in the car culture world.

More coming in the final part of this story …


Paddy McGrath



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As great at the other parts.

U sure the Passat Estate with Bora front isn`t just a Bora estate, or Golf estate with Bora front? Don`t have a pic of a passat to compare atm, but itjust doesn`t seem right...

Nevertheless, keep up the great work!


Looking at the rear quarter window is what I'm going by (that and a good friend featured it recently for his own site and told me about the 'Bora fronted Passat Estate' :-) ) - Paddy


Paddy you should do a feature on Caddy panel vans!! Please!?!?! =D


alright...and having just compared some pictures, i think i really could not tell the difference from that angle! Well done, sir :-D


yeah thats definately just a bora estate or bolf estate..not a passat

that derby is perfect, how i want a volvo 340 unless i get a nova..


insurance is a rip of in the UK as well, ive passed my test almost 2 years ago!! just saving up for the insurance costs and ting! i got a quote of like £8'000 on a 1.2 corsa :S!!!!!! WTF


Are you sure about that Estate with the Bora front end being a Passat? It's definitely an A4 (not Audi, but the VW MkIV Golf/Bora/Jetta). Either a Golf Estate with a Bora front, or simply a Bora Variant a.k.a. Jetta wagon in N.A.


The Rally Mk.2 golf beats everyother car in stance.


the Red Mark 1 Golf as well as the Derby are my stand-out cars in this post - yeah i know what you mean about bonnet bras, the one in the picture isn't even the right one for that bonnet?!! i do own one tho' - all in all i've really enjoyed these Dubshed posts - excellent photo's [keep it up]


that mk2 rally car and white 6n are amazing! as are pretty much all the cars shown!


wow a "slamed" 911.. really?? what the f#@k is this world coming to.. jeesh


The "Passat estate", is actually a golf estate with a Bora front end. Check out the forsale add on vagdrivers for it.


What wheels on that white polo?


The white one is definately a Bora/Golf Variant (estate) You can see the split on the backseat windows.


You are indeed correct - after more digging it turns out it's a Golf estate with a Bora front - Paddy


the seat leon in the first pic is great. not too low and tastefully done all round


I'd love a feature on that sick Seat!


The person who did that to a 911 wants a shoe up the butt.

No more, no less.

Stick to your stupid diesel golfs and leave the real performance cars alone.


i have a bonnet bra on my golf, last one above and it serves its purpose well even if it doesnt look right? loving the pics too :)


Leon for the win :)


Awesome Pics Paddy, and probably the best shot I have yet seen of my red mk1 GTi. Cheers for the comments, much appreciated.


Hi there I own the White polo fredrik. The wheels are 13 inch str minilites.


That "passat estate" is a golf i believe, golf estate that is


Cracking pics of my LCR there, thanks,Just one thing, the wheels are done in metallic Audi R8 daytona grey with gold leaf, not anthracite. :-)