Event>> Dubshed Pt.ii

Picking up where we left off in part one, this Porsche 356 Spyder was stopping people dead in their tracks all day long. I'm unsure if it's an original or a kit car but I'll prepare a closer look at the car in a future post. Who thought brown could ever look so good? Amazing colour and finish on what was one of my favorite cars of the show.

Back outside was this Seat Leon on airbags. These cars can actually come with a pretty wild styling kit from the factory so I'm not sure if this is an aftermarket kit or factory specification. 

A road specification Quattro Sport in the works rally team colours. 

A smooth MKV Golf lowered on Alphards. 

Another Jetta inside one of the sheds. I really like these cars and still can't figure out why there aren't more of them on the roads here in Ireland. 

Another Quattro Sport … 

This Leon was attracting lots of attention all day.  

I love this A4 on Rotiforms, looks to be a perfect daily driver. 

The MKII Golf GTI parked beside it looked cool in this green finish.

I thought my Caddy was low until I came across this. It certainly divided opinions on the day but no one can deny the amount of work that has gone into this. I particularly like the rear spoiler blended into the top of the doors. 

Bright blue BBS LMs on this Audi A4 B5 looked a treat. 

I quite like this alternative method of decorating the engine cover. 

Another A4 on Rotiforms … 

MKII Golf on some very wide (ATS?) rims. 

Another shot of the A4 above on Rotiforms. 

In quite an unusual fundraiser, members of the public were invited to donate money to a local children's charity and in return got three swings of a sledgehammer against this unsuspecting Nissan (I believe the car was to be crushed anyway) but it looked like serious fun ! 

I came across this Bora at Edition38 last year with its solid Image wheels. 

The sheds themselves offered a great sense of exploration as you wandered around trying to find hidden gems. 

Beetle on LMs. 

Fantastic colour on this MKII GTI, just a really solid execution of a tried and tested formula. Beautiful. 

Majorly low … 

X5 Wheels on a MKIV Golf looked very neat. 

I love this Caddy. Touran front bumper and splitter, BBS CHs, Golf mirrors, black headlights and a respectable drop. It was actually this exact van in its previous guise that inspired my own Caddy build. 

This Seat Arosa (identical almost to a VW Lupo) looked a proper small city car on its LM style wheels. 

More in the next part ! 


Paddy McGrath



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Nice work, that Leon has the 'Copa-Edition' Bodykit. It is an OEM Kit from Seat.


That Mk1 on ATS Classics is INSANE.

Also, that black caddy on BBSs with the molded rear spoiler was featured on Max Power a while ago, really awesome build, insane ICU and stuff. Not my thing, but you sure are right when it comes to the amount of work that went into it.


Clean cars...Looks like the kid is being hassled by someone offering free candy.



the black a4 on the blue bbs lm's with the blue mirror covers is a b6, not a b5

Cheers, I wasn't sure if it was a B5/B6 due to it being 2001 (the year the B6 was released and the fact I'm half blind from tiredness!) - Paddy


Lovely feature Paddy. The Leon kit is indeed a factory one, though the lip and skirts seem to be aftermarket. The 2 quattro's ain't Sports though, they're both the LWB 'normal' version.


The "kit" of the Seats are OEM. I'm from spain and the "super tuners of the wold" dive this kind of cars here... they bites the dust of my S14a lol


sorry, the kit is called "FR" and the ibiza has one too but isn't as agressive as the leon one


Fire up the Quattro!


Well Paddy

I met you a few times throughout the day

Serious pictures but I kinda think your picking the wrong pictures to advertise this show.

Especially in the last part, some the cars you chose were nothing special whereas this show had some unreal cars. The cars you choose dont show the true masterpieces of Dubshed 2011

Maybe your breaking us into the nicest ones>

Don't worry, another two parts to come ... - Paddy


PLEASE PUT SOME WALLPAPERS OF THE PORSCHE 356 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy crap!! A beetle that I actually like!


Leons are with K1 bodykit. I think it was optional extra :)


Backround of that red Seat Leon pl0x


wow Ireland Stand-Up!! - i never knew they had it so good, definately some 'spotlight-worthy' cars in here, just by the looks of things. Honourable mentions:- the Caddy in blue with the Touran front bumper and a shed load of extra's, Oak Green MK2 Golf next to the 'Rotiformed' A4 - [tell that bloke to stop leaning on it, even if it is his] and the Red Jetta.. we need to embrace this platform as Dubbers.. not many Mark 1 Golfs present then? dare i even ask about my beloved Corrado's[?!!] - thanks for the photo's = top quality!


- There were a couple of Corrados present but nothing that stood out for me. Maybe I might of missed one as it was pretty huge show ? - Paddy


Poor Primera... much better car than 80% of the other cars on the pics.


Well with us that Leon kit can be specced from the fatory and is called the BTCC. Oh & as for your comment Paddy about there not being enough Jettas on the road, where have you been? They're everywhere down my end of the country (Tyrone) in fact any given cruise will comprise mostly of Jettas & mk2 Leons. We need abit more variety..


- It seems to be all Passats and Golfs down at this end of the country ! - Paddy


Vdub stuff is killer.... Seat seems to be getting more and more attention


Any pics of that rabbit that says "DERV" on the front fender?


dude! more caddies!!!! i love those van's maaaannnn!!!


ooo those bright blue BBS LM's on the A4 :O!!!!! SERIOUS!


Anymore pics of the Porsche 356 Spyder


Other maker's wheels on your VW just looks stupid. As for that A4 being a cool daily driver, I hope you haven't got any speed bumps where you live mate...


Too mutch photoshop


Nice meeting, some fine cars! But what is it with those german number plates?i do not see even one done right.


I recognise a few of those cars from home. That MKII on the ATS wides looks so mean! Defo some key cars there but let down by that Beetle - is there such a thing as a good looking new Beetle?


man, sledge hammering a car for charity is really common. The funny part is, you get 3 swings, but they don't stop you if you keep going.

"Hey, stop the guy from swinging that hammer"

"um,............no, he's swinging a sledge hammer, I'm staying back here"


Those are regular Quattros ,not Sport Quattros ( LWB as opposed to the shortened Sport Quattro) .


The bashing of the Nissan reminds of that imbecil who payed some men with hammers to "kill" his Lamborghini Gallardo in sign of consumer protest.


Great photos mate. I know it has been said before but any chance of a profile on the 356!?! That thing is beautiful!