Car Spotlight>> Precision Racing Evo Ix

I couldn't help myself but to take a closer look at the Precision Racing EVO IX on Wednesday. The last time I saw this EVO it looked not nearly as crazy as what it does now.

As I've chosen to do a spotlight on the car I've tried to gain as much information as possible and failed. I spoke to Paul Ruzic, the event organiser and he mentioned that the car is kept very quiet, apparently the team is trying to top Australia's fastest EVO.

Taking a look inside the cabin, it looks like serious business…

…and so does the driver.

I managed to peek through the rear windshield right before he took off, selecting first gear which displayed on the digital dial.

Just like the ever so famous Cyber EVO from Japan, this EVOIX is running Voltex aero straight from the motherland.

The gigantic rear spoiler on the rear sticks out like a soar thumb on the circuit…

…which I'm sure gives it plenty of downforce through the corners. Maybe we may see this monster at this years World Time Attack Challenge? But for now, we'll just have to wait and see!

-Casey Dhnaram.



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I just like the painting, the bodykit. Imagine what sound is it have.. :)


Sorry Casey, but if you're featuring a car, make sure to post at least some detailed pictures of the car that we can all enjoy; otherwise don't bother.

Your pictures on this feature show next-to-nothing about the car.

Those "cool" shots that are so popular these days don't really show much about the car.

Just my .02


Are Bride seats FIA complaint


agreed...artsy shots of nothing


I think that is the point of it..because the owner doesn't want much revealed Casey can leave out some bits and the car can remain somewhat mysterious. It is so we can look forward to seeing more of this car in the future!


Nice knock off Bride seat. Real ones don't cut off the word Bride.


seems like every pro TA EVOs are equiped with the voltex body kit nowaday...but yea...definitely lookin forwards 2 c this beast in WTAC this year!!! XD


Pure Bueaty


looks wicked on the track.. and yes.. the rear spoiler = downforce 'a-plenty!!'


Feels more like a "random snap" of there aren't no figures


Looks like the jocked the sierra sierra livery


i hate criticizing people's grammar, but i think you used the wrong "sore" in the second to last picture caption


The livery looks like Sierra Sierra but white.


Sorry but ALEX is too right... None the less just learn from this if you care to appeal to your target audience and give us what we came for. Close motor shots, turbo shots with size listing, rear shots, and of coarse in action shots use more car than background.. come on I'm not hatin' simply giving, constructive criticism, like it or, lump it, take it down the street and dump it, booooooooyyyyyyyyyy


Can you wallpaper the picture of the evo in the corner?


i like the car more when it was all carbon fiber


^^^ Ryan, interesting maybe someone should tell Bride that as the pictures on their website of this seat show the letters cutoff. Maybe they are making some extra dollars selling knock-offs...

Nice car be interested to see how it goes against the other cars a WTAC, last year it was in the Open Class be interested to see if it is running in that class or moving up to the Pro-Class.


Casey already mention that he can't get enough information on the car and the owner.

Please respect the Car Owner.

Maybe we need to wait for next World Time Attack to get the more information. Still nice Car Spotlight.


love the second shot. wallpaper please? :)


To the "fake parts alert" guys, we all know your not baller enough to afford a set when you call them fake when the FIA compliant decal is staring you straight in the face on the passenger side seat.

just a thought but this comes to mind when thinking of these parts spotter guys

"I dont have the money or skills to build a car like this, so I have to try to find a fake part and try to alert everyone so people on the interwebs thinks I am cool. I hope they don't find out I have Rotas with decals on my car!"


Love the paint scheme.


Alex trolls the interwebs too much yeah?


Sorry, but these pictures are just so boring.. and really could of found the same googling the actual car.


as casey clearly stated "As I've chosen to do a spotlight on the car I've tried to gain as much information as possible and failed. I spoke to Paul Ruzic, the event organiser and he mentioned that the car is kept very quiet, apparently the team is trying to top Australia's fastest EVO."

shows how some people dont even bother reading what casey took time write up. at least he tried to get as much info as possible on the car. would you guys expect a team like sierra siera or cyber evo to allow people to post up complete specs of their vehicles? or course not its a serious competition.

So give casey some respect, remember he is a photographer not a car reporter/journalist.


Only genuine items on that car like Sparco FIA rollcage. Alot of time and developement has been put into the suspension and aero before the chase for power. Mick has been peddling it for a couple of year's now and itis like another limb to him.

For results check


Yesterday I was lucky enough to get invited to a private test session featuring some of Australia's