Car Spotlight>>black On Red Roadster

It's no secret that we here at Speedhunters love the Mazda Miata. I've personally owned a few of them and although I don't have one in the garage at the moment, there are times when the urge to pick up another one is very strong. One of those moments came on Saturday when I found this gorgeous black LE Miata at the Remix Car Show at Irwindale Spedway.

Cosmetically, the car was in amazing shape and it's been modified in just the sort of way that a street Roadster should be.

The wheels you see here aren't common on a Miata, or many other cars for that matter – Work Goocars "Hemis" in 15". It definitely gives the Mazda a slight hot rod look.

Inside, I had to be careful not to salivate over the immaculate red leather interior. There's no better steering wheel for a car like this than a deep cone Nardi.

Out back, a set of the always sexy Garage Vary tailights give the car even more retro character.

Now, if you'll excuse me I think it's time to have a look at used Miata prices on Craigslist…

-Mike Garrett



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No GirlCar Here!

Amazing how easy it is to make this car look soo aggressive....


Any specs on wheel width/offset? Just curious....


a great car, i love mine!


Thats my homie terry's miater! I miss his old one but this one is just as dope!


congrats terry!!!!!! :D


That things awesome!

The price of miata's has skyrocketed.... It upsets me because I've been hoping to get one


That things awesome!

The price of miata's has skyrocketed.... It upsets me because I've been hoping to get one


any shots of the engine, for that little extra

great looking Miata


i would have to say thats the cleanest miata i've ever seen

desktops please!!!!


omg. the interior is amazing! Vinyl or leather, it looks great!


collage desktop please!!!!!!!!!!!!


I only like this car because it doesn't have "FATLACE" or "ILLEST" stickers plastered on the windshields like every fan boy/poser out there.


Its california

Y U NO convetible?


Rad. I'm feelin that. I <3 my NA


very nice miata


Now this is some good stuff IMO... proper sports car colors in the right areas: black car, red leather, chrome wheeled, tri-spoke steering wheel... not "classic" like Ferris Bueller Ferrari, but "old skool" like Miami Vice Ferrari, lol.


Nice!! needs some carbon!


never really liked these until i drove how they sit when they have small chubby wheels on with a bit of a poke stance - this one looks tough! the back-end is sweet..


those Work Goocars "Hemis" look nice and clean.

digging the leather

about the engine bay shots, i wonder if sometimes exterior shots are the only thing they can shoot because the owner is enjoying the track events or grabbing an overpriced hotdog.

it'd be nice to see more effort to get bay shots but I've always thought that if they weren't posted , then shot wasn't available.

Mike Garrett and the other photogs on here have to be some of the biggest car freaks on any site around, im sure they wouldn't miss an opportunity to snap a few flicks of the engine if possible.


awesome LE. wheels look decent, but how could you give up the stock bbs'? my dad has one. 14x6 or something like that weighing in at a whopping 7 lbs a piece. the other thing is how rare the LE is in the US, only made in '93 and only like 2k imported to north america with right at half going to canada. awesome cult following online for the NA in general and even more hardcore guys just into the LE. in fact he's been thinking about selling his. mike you interested?


The only thing that I'm not sold on is the chrome wheels. Otherwise, perfect. But I guess if I want the perfect looking car I should build it myself :)


Oh wow, gorgeous car.


JohnP likes penis


Team Infinit and Low N Slow ftw. That super rare red interior was so awesome.


A beauty!


the P in JohnP stands for pussy


The wheels are sorta tacky and the rear wheel fitment is disgusting, but other than that very nice.


johnp is a faggot


Go mike go!! :D


I agree with JohnP. Those stickers make me sick.

The MX-5 looks very ncie though, I like all of them.


man when i had one of those it was nice for a 2 seater on a budget build, had a lot of potential for a 1.6. got rid of it and now i'm seriously thinking of getting another one! seen a lot on craigslist but now the prices just sky rocket from 1 or 2 to 4 -7g.


I saw this car yesterday om woodley! lol


It's daily driven.


so awesome! hot rod look on a miata. very nicely done