Car Spotlight>> 2jz Powered 350z

These days at car shows, there's a good number of cars that are built just for that purpose. Then there's others, like Alex Mills and his Nissan 350z. People who want a car to look good and also be able to practice the art of speedhunting as much as possible. 

Let's cut to the chase. This 350z no longer sports its original Nissan VQ35 but instead a Toyota powerplant, a 2JZ-GTE…

…with a Precision Turbo and 1000cc injectors which produces around 600 horses. The swap would be considered quite blasphemous to a lot of Nissan owners, but if you ask me, I much prefer the smooth sound of a straight-six over almost anything. 

The car sports a complete INGS+1 body kit: the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper.

Alex also has a few INGS+1 carbon fiber pieces as well: the carbon fiber hood, GT wing, and canards for the front bumper. 

Craftsquare carbon fiber mirrors are always a great addition to a car that has a GT look to it. 

Alex went for a set of ISS Forged FS6 wheels, 19×9.5f and 19x11r, that were custom painted Lamborghini Verde Ithaca. 

When you're rolling around with 600 horses, stopping should be pretty high on the priority list. So a Greddy big brake kit was employed with six pistons in the front and four in the rear. 


Project Kics R40 Neo Chrome wheel nuts are a neat little detail.

A quick peak on the inside, you can see the Key!s racing steering wheel, Bride bucket seats and a set of iconic green Takata harnesses. 

Whether you think the car's current powerplant is blasphemous or not, you can't deny the appeal of 600 reliable horses at the power of your right foot in a platform as solid as the 350z.

There are no complaints coming from me. 


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My heart is pumping again..


How to make a 350z go fast just put 2jz in it. To sick


it ticks all the right boxes in my opinion - hey! that engine swap is the right choice in my eyes and very sensible one at that.. you can't really compare the stock Nissan power-plant to the Toyota straight six, only purists might moan.. and thats a might 'i tells ya'.


nice 350z i like the color of the wheels it give the car more power


eeeewwwwww.....cross breeding!


Cool, looks like I was wrong and not everyone is closed-minded as I predicted. The world is moving forward.


meh. would love to see what this does to the balance of the car?

while the power is undeniable. i believe the z/g35 was meant to be a front midship. that motor is heavy and long... if it balances out and weights close to the same its def full of win...


I usually don't like V6 engines, so this swap is all good. Nothing can beat a nicely tuned inline 6.

The car looks good too.


That Ings aero is sex to me...


By "the world moving foward" you mean putting an old, iron block motor in a newish car? haha just sayin... maybe not my personal cup of old school muscle but we all have different goals. Its a super clean install and as long as it suits the owners goals then its a cool swap. It looks great and I would love to hear it at full noise.

Can we have audio files? 10 seconds at idle and 3 seconds at full noise would be f-ing awesome and really let us feel the heart of the car.


Saw this beast last year at IR. HE BUILDS AMAZING MACHINES!


@ Linhbergh: those are not Titanium lug nuts. Those are Project Kics R40 Neo Chro.


What's in front of the intercooler?

Awesome car if you ask me


Blasphemy! Now that's wild. I dig this guy for having the balls to do this, even the VQ35 being already a great engine.

I'm guessing a lot of flaming starting soon... In a very famous blog near you! ;)


this is madness!


Rad. I'm feelin this


Was a RB swap to hard !!


I6=win. no matter whether it comes from Toyota, BMW, Nissan or any other maker.


Anda GoPro HD cam in the front bumper lol


big "brake" kit


Amazing car, love the white on green. Great post and beautiful images


Yes¡¡¡ The straight-six sounds just amazing and they works very smooth but.. Why dont mount a RB26DET???. I think that's the right combination. Anyway, this Z have a great look. Well done...


That Ings aero is sex to me...


the sound of a well-tuned L6 beats the crap out of me!


WhYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?.................. an RB26 would be better


I'm a toyota fan at heart, but i just can't deny how awesome that Zed is :)


Nothing better than hybrid swaps...shows that a lot of work was done to get it moving


Looks good, I wonder how the overall handling is. But props to the owner for doing something different and doing it clean xD


Well, if the owner used a 2JZ for the swap and not a RB26 seems pretty obvious. It's easier to get the parts. And it's far from being a bad motor too. Just listen to it when you floor the right pedal.


@Globular: The RB26 350z has been done.


As a nissan purist, I have to say that's just pure blasphemy. KIWF


Nice car but really? Someone should be shunned from the Z community.


HI! I wanted to do that exact Engine theme (digital camo) on My rb25 a few years ago, but couldnt figure out a way to do it that looked good. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!



I have gone to heaven


definitely not a big fan of putting a motor in a car that it doesnt belong... but i gotta say.. yummy. ohhh yummy. sexy car sexy motor.. and fast. thats all that matters!


to riced out for my taste


What a total and complete waste of energy, resources, talent, and every thing else that went into making this piece of JAP SCRAP. The wheel are hideously colored, but I guess they fit perfectly with the monstrosity that they are installed on.


siiiiick! STR8 6>V6...TOYOTA OR NOT


I love this car


Congrats Alex! Glad to see your hard work paying off.


All of you that go against this swap are ignorant.