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Hello Speedhunters ! May I formally introduce the Need for Speed D-Mac86 in her almost finished glory. This is a real proud moment for me and it's amazing to have built one of my dream cars. I must say that I'm very proud of the team behind the build and how we managed to get so much done in such a short space of time.

The plan was to finish the car for the Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed launch in Dublin on March 25th and we did! Rolling it onto the trailer at 6.30am that morning after spending all night at the paint and vinyl.

So here we are at Weston Airport where they had closed a runway for us. I introduced myself to the media and informed them that a lucky few chosen at random would be getting a passenger ride and it was my job to scare the *** out of them ! 

The Prodrift Academy was out with its army of Silvias to teach everyone how to drift on the day. 

Having been up all night and having to load the car a little prematurely in order to make our tight schedule, we were still doing the finishing touches and final checks prior to our demo runs. 

And so it was time to let the Hayward built 13B rip on an empty runway, the perfect test conditions for a new car. Mechanically the car performed flawlessly but will need some further testing to unleash its full potential. 

First demo runs over and no problems to report, the crew of 'Happy' and Dan went back to work, finishing the decals and checking fluid levels etc 

We will be testing different Falken Tyre sizes over the next few months to find the balance we want. Here we were running 275/40/17s which are huge on the little '86. 

Then it was time for me to meet the media from both Ireland and the UK … 

… and give them an insight into the life of a professional drifter. 

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a little gaming too. Really looking forward to getting my copy of Shift 2 Unleashed. It has been a long time since I have been so excited about a video game. 

Late nights and no sleep make for a tired hairy face.

In the afternoon it was once again time to fire up the bridgeported rotary and disturb the Dublin countryside. The noise this thing makes is just glorious ! 

Then it was time for the highlight of the day, the passenger rides! It has been a long time since I gave a passenger ride and an even longer time since I seen the reaction of a non-motorsport person to what we do. I think it's fair to say these people were blown away and I think we made some new fans for the sport of drifting. 

Paddy you are a magician with the camera! What an amazing shot! 

I could not believe how fast we were running our of runway, this car is incredibly fast!

We are so looking forward to doing some more testing and getting this thing out on the racetracks of Europe for some serious competition! 

Be sure to grab some desktops of the Team Need for Speed D-Mac AE86 here!





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this thing is awesome


Come on! let us see the engine bay?!!


not AE86 like


WOWEEWUWOW!!! SWEET RIDE! Love '86's LOVE ROTARY! Watched the car get built from the ground up right here on speedhunters. beautiful beast


SICK now put it on a SCALE!!!!!


The guy in the passenger seat looks the dude in halflife...


where's the 'builds' part?


hahaha sorry ive got to laugh at the gaming geeks who were interviewing you at the table....hahaha they look so funny!


that one crazy 86.!



Get it on the scales too

Be interesting to see the numbers


when do we get a video damnit!


americanitis has been caught here and this is a typical nascar which are plaguing the world over. this is not an impressive build, 275s on an ae86 is ridiculous and dumb, this isn't IMSA so why the N2 kit, the wing is there purely for grip meaning you want to drift faster so why not be a typical European drifter and get an E36 M3 and dump a M5 V10 in it?. drifting has sadly been turned into a moving burnout comp started by the Americans and then everyone (including the Japanese) have followed suit. some may say this is an evolution of the sport but what ever happened to "don't fix it if it isn't broken". American drifting ideology and the "spirit" of American competition has very much turned drifting into a nascar like nightmare. The world will follow suit because they feel the Americans are onto something.... They are wrong, all they have done is destroy the sport and commercialize it. "there is a big difference between driving a car around a corner and sliding one around the corner using the inertia of the car"


kinda sick of the NFS drivers talking up Shift, from what ive played of it with my G25 is just as horrible as the last one but i guess if they were paying me to drift i would say there game is good to but till then i'll just stick to playing Live for speed


very huge looking ! but when a video for the sound ?


Thats it Michael!! you go girl!!! let it all out!!!


Haha whatever anyone says, Dmac is enjoying the shit out of it so go play with your balls.

Awesome car darren, keep enjoying it, i know i would.


Rad. I'm feelin this


Michael, have you ever thought the reason people build cars with power is because it's what they find fun and what they enjoy? This nascar bollocks is getting annoying. If you hate it so much go buy a shitty old Volvo 360 and enjoy your 12hp, and stop whining about it like a complete tool. If people cared that much, nobody would watch any pro drifting. Why is it "nascar" all the time, have these fanboys never seen any other race car in their lives? If they think drift cars are outrageous I wonder what will happen when they see a time attack car. Might actually shit themselves.

This car looks awesome, can't wait to see it being driven as it should be!


YA nice one Michael, i'll do a moving burnout in my rolla tomorrow for ya

If only NASCAR used rotaries

ps. dmac more build details plz :)


Don't criticize the car so much Michaael, it's a sick car, and swapping a piston engine for a rotary engine has always been popular in Japan and even in South Africa i think, i do understand that it's a little frustrating that everyone in American Pro Drifting is switching to V8's, but that's American style and interpretation of the sport, and besides,their tracks are probably huge,where big power comes in handy. If you want more of the classic stuff watch japanese professional drifing (though yu'll see 700 Hp chasers and soarers there). And besides how is getting an M3 and dumping an M5 V10 any less insane than this build? Seriously


Looking really good there Darren!

We need some footage now and lets hear some noise from the Bridgeport we built for you!


Gloss White + Matte Black, very nice