The guys from Format67 have once again released a film, which is more of a stylized lifestyle piece than an actual film about a car. Though, there is car featured: a face-lifted 2012 Nissan GTR. This film was made to promote Nissan’s upcoming iPad app, which shows the new GT-R in everyday life situations –be it a bit more glamorous….

This is the polar opposite of the Group B RX-7 video I posted; dramatic music, dramatic editing, and very little balls-to-the-walls driving. Some of you might like it, others, well, will not. I rather enjoyed this glamorized look into the life of a GTR owner.




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Awesome vid, thanks for the link


Nice camerawork but damn the video is boring as shite


this film is shot well but frankly i fiind it quite drawn out and repetitive


nice work! thanks for posting!


is BARCELONA!!! my city! nice!


That was a great film - great feel

i was wondering where the ipad came in, did i miss it?



AWesome!! love it!


they forget the part where he goes to the service centre.

"My gearbox isn't changing properly"

Sorry Sir, You've driven the car on the circuit and the warranty is VOID!

The repair cost is $13,000


this film is shot well but frankly i fiind it quite drawn out and repetitive




Ohhhh, I like this video so bad!



As usual, stunning format67 pictures.

Always a pleasure for the eye!


the nsx vid was much better in terms of overall entertainment content. This has good visuals but frankly its too boring


thanks for sharing guys, this is a wonderful piece of art!


Sorry but that was a bunch of pretentious vacuous rubbish, It was trying to make itself sound thoughtful and have something meaningful to say but had nothing of the sort. Nothing insightful came from that monologue and it didn't even make sense. The shots were okay but nothing original that I haven't seen a million times before. I did enjoy the music but that doesn't change the fact that the whole thing was a total waste of resources.


to idealistic of a video, did not like it


i of a piece it

VIDEO wrap round>> THE PERFECT WEEK - Speedhunters

now im your rss reader


hmmmm, kind of repetitive isnt it?!!!! nice soundtrack and camera work though!

anyone know the soundtrack?!


.... I.... I dont understand.... why was that the perfect week? Because he got laid and a woman drove his car and he got to go to the track on Sunday? Lol I feel alot better about my life now.


Personally i think whoever shot this is... PURE genius! The whole backbone of it isnt supposed to be eventful, not supposed to appeal to everyone, and is meant to help make you understand what it's like to own a car that is used for racing. Sure the guy isnt the real GT1 driver, but he has all the spirit of the driver, and makes a perfect living out of what he is and does.

Great mini-film I say.


2011 GT-R is pretty striking... i don't like the LED's on the front bumper.

I realise when looking at this video the GT-R doesn't look like any other sports car... It truly resembles japanese technology, finesse en muscle. It also makes me realise i would die to own one of these cars :) When looking at the car it reminds me of the first day i sat in the passenger seat of a 580hp black R33 GT-R. I have never sat in a faster car than that.


An absolutely gorgeous film, but to me it's nothing but eye candy. If the visuals weren't superb, I wouldn't have watched it any further than the first few seconds.


the coolest fact i think about this film is that its the same time it takes for the GTr to go around the 'ring


This video looks like it's about someone with a psychotic obsession with the GT-R. My perfect week would be all about Toyota GT-One Road Car.


Camera work is very cinematic but I've just lost the will to live watching that, 7 minutes of my life I'll never get back................


Some of you didn't understand that this is pure entertaining. I think this is a great way to promote this car.

The camera work was perfect!


Why the fuck did you make me watch that.


Seems to be nicely produced, but the rambling disconnected monologue made me stop it half way through...

It's like the awful poetry of a robust lady wearing dungarees. An unfortunate trend over the last couple of format67 productions I've seen.

less chat more blat, please :)


I loved it, it was the gt-r waiting all week, to be set free on the race track