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We're in mid-February now and in Southern California, you can almost taste the springtime coming. But in many places of world that is not California, there's a bit of white powder on the ground still. Here's a few of Speedhunter readers doing a bit of speedhunting in their local winter wonderland.

Jelle de Rijke, from Holland, sent this great photo of him and his E30 wagon having a blast in the wintery weather. Love the hand out the window!

Here's a bit more E30 lovin' from Vincent van der Valk from the Netherlands.

Dan Cyr, the brother of Formula D driver, Pat Cyr, sent this video still of Pat having some snowbank flattening fun in Ontario, Canada with a Corolla coupe.

Not a typical car you'd expect to be sliding around, but Reuben from the Netherlands, with his Mercedes C-class sportcoupe, shows us that any car enjoy the winter weather.

Shawn Allen from Ontario, Canada, shows us that non-RWD cars can partake in the wintery speedhunting with his 1992 Civic Si. 

Just as I was about to publish this blog, an email written by Olzhas, from Kazakhstan, came in with a photo of his sliding Nissan Skyline ER34 attached. I had to add this photo to the mix. The Skyline looks like it has seen many snowy track days!

Though, not everyone that gets wintery weather can fully enjoy it. Tyler Johnston sent this photo of his 2002 Acura CL wanting to get out for day in the snow, but instead had to escape two feet of snow first. 

Thank you everyone that send in photos!




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2 foot of snow?! thats crazy!


some good ones in here.. i think the Beemer takes the crown tho'...


too bad i don't have any pics about our previous car the turbo ford sierra sliding around town :(


AE86 Snow plow edition.


Damn snow, ruined all my fun! Thanks for posting Linhbergh!

PS: I live in western Missouri, forgot to add that to the email.


2 feet of snow? only? haha Welcome Home from Canada


2 feet of snow is nothing here in Oslo Norway either...


Thanks 4 post!)) Yeah, you are right! Skyline was actually living at snow track in 2009-2010 winter))


snow.. i just don't understand it.

looks fun, but im glad it doesn't snow near me! id lose my front lip in that in seconds. <_<


@NuggetG60: thanks mate!

Had a lot of fun that day. Picked up some new parts yesterday for my E30. Anyone up for a build-up photoshoot of:??

E30 Touring with no interior whatsoever with:

-K-sport coilovers

-Powerflex bushes

-Ultra racing front strut & anti roll bar front (23mm)

-E46 M3 brakes with Hawk pads

-LSD with M coupe cover

-Carbon door panels

-E36 m3 wheels

-Hydraulic handbrake

-Momo seat (old skool nascar)

-Side pipes

..... M60B40 V8 with manual 5-box