Random Snap>>slammed 911

Here's one that's sure the generate some discussion among you guys. This ridiculously slammed '68 Porsche 911T recently popped for sale on Ebay, and our buddies over at Autoholics passed the link over to us. To get this insane stance, the Porsche has a custom subframe with a front end that's been narrowed 10 inches among other things.

For more, head over to Autoholics, or the Ebay auction where you can make this one of a kind 911 yours for not a lot of dough.

-Mike Garrett



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Hmmmm i usually love all slammed cars, but the main thing that bothers me are those front wheels tucked in so much!


Argh. On many levels.


Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!!


Wrong indeed. would've looked so sick with normal fronts!


But WHY??

This should come with some sort of warning: once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Let's hope it's reincarnated as RWB


I'm going to level with you... I dislike


Looking through the website, it appears to be a hack job to me. Also reminds me of the Reliant Robin! You'll flip it through every corner, or at least in the first one. Then you'd be dead.


Well, for a car that had a load of potential... they ruined it.


Its more a 912 than a 911 now. If it was only tidied up a little more it would be magic.

A 911 Rat Rod - who'd have thunk it?


Hellatucked. I love it!


Bloody awful!


This takes the words epicfail to a meaning.




No discussion :

Who'd want a 911 with tracks the width of a train, no damping whatsoever and no more of the magic brought by an alive 911 chassis.


Rad. It's so wrong it's right. Maybe I'll get it.


i would love to take the girl :p


Why? Now it doesnt only look like crap, it ddrives like crap too. But to each his own i guess.


Whoever did this needs to be taken out back of the garage and whipped with a timing chain!!!!!


Some big old American cars just called. They want their sunken-in wheels back.


Looks like shit


Must be a slow day


There is too much slam.


That is laughably uncool and pointless.


ruined is what that is


That looks like crap


Eww! I bet it would handle terribly now. Almost like a 3-wheeled Reliant given the change in geometry.


Sadly it is probably going to be so much work to reverse this now. :(


Mixed feelings


Discussion? I think you mean hate! Seriously though, this thing makes me sad. I mean, to each their own and all, but I really?? It seems like this person is purposefully trying to piss people off. It's like trolling, but in real life. I wish someone could save this car.


not bad at all. the tucked wheels are a bit... different (to be kind). Overall its a looker for sure! but those front wheels.. affect the handling?


Wrong... if i had a 911 only way i would go is for RWB style.


Love it... tired of hella lame stuff flooding the market with their nonsense. Something different :)


even if its a classic Porsche...its a pos. The workshop has some nice finished cars, but why so lazy on this classic? Its terrible and is obviously lazy fabrication & build.

The brunette is unbelievable though...Seriously damn


this is just hopeless, there is no other word for it...


What a waste of a car.


wow that looks so dumb, the owner bust be a ding dong for thinking that looks dope!


poor porsche...


I love the slammedness, but hate the narrowed track. It just looks weird.


looks good to me.


A perfectly good waste of a great car. Soon there won't be any of these left and to think someone thought this was a good idea? Sad really.


comon speedhunters... stop with stupid stuff!


looks like a fab shop was looking for some attention and decided to use a Porsche to do so.

reminds me of when a kid destroys something so we pay attention to them, that is what happened here. they know it is wrong and will stir up the pot and generate buzz, and that is what they got.


Can you hear that? It's the sound of Ferry Porsche rolling in his grave.


Oh dude, I'm used to seeing Beetles and Karmann Ghias with that type of stance... but a rare, classic 911 modified with a narrower track? What the hell? It looks sh1tty!

The only thing I hope is that this car falls in good hands so the new owner can restore it like it deserves.

The chick in the ad looks hot, that's the only good thing.


Reminds me of the old model cars that were designed wrong. This is the wrong kind of "tuck"!


Absolutely hate that thing , It just looks stupid. I barely can say it ( 'cause I love 911's of any age ) , but burn it with fire. And as I can see many people agree with me .


Horrible! Defeats the purpose of a Porsche. Practical, good looking, and a great drive.


The people that dislike this car are the 'Hellaflush' fanboys.

Ignore them.


i rekon RWB is the only company that can pull of making a slammed porsche look so good...and why are the front wheels tucked in soooo much?!


disucssion? ha.....3 words.........LOOKS LIKE SHIT............end discussion


I love the stance but that subframe has to go! Please widen and add a little camber ASAP!!


I did some thinking about this and got some conclusions:

1 - For me, the word "crime" is not completely out of place here. c'mon, it's a classic 911 :(

2 - "pussy magnet"? more like pussy alienator!

3 - I'd buy it if the girl was part of the package :P

Yeah, two of them are jokes. It'd be nice if the person who buys it restores the old machine to its former glory.


Speedhunters or trashhunters?


Not feeling it at all...On a side note tough, if you read the article on ebay, the car had crazy rust problems from floorboards forward...If you can't fix it, just build to suit I guess...Someone will buy it, and be made fun of forever.


The "zombie" look isnt original anymore.


I like it, crazy tuck though!


no 6 cyl = bad

Narrow front track = inexcusable!!!

I'm sure they could have not done that and gotten better results.


No matter how much you polish it, a TURD will always look and smell like a TURD.

And Ferdinand must be rolling over in his grave just thinking about this monstrosity. Most of the kids on here wouldn't even know who Ferdinand is.

Kill it. Kill it with fire. I might actually bid on this just so I can then have it destroyed.


beat up paint and useless suspension? Give me a restored classic 911 over this any day. just my opinion though.


cant lie,

id drive it in a NY minute mfers


Not my cup of tea but it would be baddass to see it rolling with the ratrods!!! Overall from 1-10, I'll give it a 7 just because it's creative and unique in some other ways a mans mind can be.






Wow this is wrong in so many ways! Why not just build a bug with a narrowed beam, fuchs, and 1776? Instead they decided to make a great 911 a useless 912!


Slammed? Yes. Insanely Stanced? If you mean insanely BADLY stanced, then also yes. But if not, the no. God no.


This is what happens when douche bags buy good cars. Why can't this sort of human waste stick to VW/Audi? This is such a shame.


I lost all interest after going to eBay and seein that hag fart into the window...


Hella lights because it's hella slammed. New owner should make it hella flush.


also, reading through the comments on here is silly reading them makes me feel like an old man among teenagers that ditched school, fail this and that.

car customization is in itself is an individual taste, someone will buy this and love every minute in it, hopefully he puts a giant "haters gonna hate" sticker on the back.


I wish I had two more hands, so I could give those titties four thumbs down!


you guys call it heresy, i say originality


hella sunk, this is garbage.


Kill it with fire!


On behalf of the car world, I'm sorry you truly deserved so much better.


Usually I love slammed cars, but why ruin such a great car like this


I hate it so bad.

It's still awesome.

Don't crap on someone's idea for a car. Just because you don't see something like it every day doesn't mean it isn't fun. I'd drive it just to hear all the hellaflush fanboys run their mouths.


i must say, ive never seen a 911 done like this. As the owner of an old 911 set up for racing and tracking, i dont see the benefit of putting the work and money into the suspension on this car for a narrower wheel base. I personally am not a show car type of guy but i can understand that this is the type of setup that floats some peoples boats.


I love everything about it except the front track. Replace the front track, add some actual suspension, some wide a$$ Fuchs, and presto


I'm not sure what's worse: the car, or people thinking the only way to modify a Porsche is "THE RWB ROUTE!"

RWB is incredible and highly respectable, but when everyone starts saying that's the only way they'd do up a car, it just reminds me of all the Hellaflush wannabe's.


Ugh that looks so terrible


givin the middle finger to the porsche crowd! hahaha. looks good to me.


Stance? What stance?

Performance? What performance?

LOL ugly and doesnt perform. How useless, such a waste.


with respect, i seriously think that purists are in line to slaughter whoever did this. This is sacrilegious!


i think it would be bad ass if the front beam wasnt so narrow and it had a subie engine in the ass end yeah its sad its a rare car but they probably didnt want to spend a retarded amount of money to fix it up to original specs and i dont blame them the thing had the entire floor rotted out and i also dont believe a fully custom subframe is what you would call a hackjob


no discussion necessary, just not attractive or fast. It stirs about as much emotion to me as if you had posted a stock focus. Which you've done on this site.


its notable because its a Porsche, i do like the old colour too - those arches need filling tho' - as regards to buying it - as we say up North "al leave it thanks!" - thanks for the blog! (i think!)


dumb, they are built to handle, not fudge. its dumb.


I just threw up in my mouth,alot.Somebody please buy this and destroy it ASAP.