Random Snap>> Sneak Peek Of Lambo’s Latest Chassis

Lamborghini has just released a shot of thier upcoming flagship V12 successor to the Murcielago this morning, which showcases brand new technology to the marque. For the first time they are using an all carbon fibre monocoque using some new patented processes on the upcoming production car. The whole monocoque weighs just 324lbs and is apparently much stiffer than the outgoing aluminum body shells. By incorporating aluminum mounting points into the lamination, it allows them to securely attach the aluminum front and rear subframes which houses the inboard suspension system. Lamborghini will be doing all the work in-house, using the latest in pre-preg carbon fibre materials, as well as the latest in epoxies. Can't wait to see more under the skin of this car, I am definitely geeking out with this image already.

- Carl Jarrett



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ever heard of paragraphs?



The man gave you latest news bout the sucessor of the Murceliago, and whine about pargraphs? Son, open a book some paragraphs are BIG, deal with it.


Nice feature, but mark is right, breaking it up into 2 or more paragraphs, or at least indenting part of it would make it a lot easier to read.


Very sweet. And haha seriously that was a perfectly normal paragraph, with every sentence relevant to the topic...


More pics on Jalopnik.


this is speedhunters, not English class. get over it


lol why are people moaning about the paragraphs?! are that lazy that they cant be bothered to read the whole thing?!

oh and the chassis looks pretty much the same-ish shape and the meci' cant wait to see what this thing looks like!


id take it even without the body


Awesome! Seems a Lego Technic model!!


that thing is going to be insane.


Thats not a car!!!...............it's an Engine & a Seat mounted VERY STIFFLY to WHEELS!!!..............................LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


lol at Mark

That my friend, is a paragraph.


desktop, maybe? maybe not.. ur call


L-L-LOVE!!! I love: V12s, inboard shocks, and carbon fiber!


Yeah speedhunters shouldn't give two s%*ts about correct paragraph structure! The chassis is constructed of a mix of discontinuous fibers of carbon and an epoxy resin that can be injection molded. This greatly decreases production time vs. a wet layup once you create the mold and you can get greater dimensional accuracy. Just google "Sesto Elemento" and you can find out more about it. It can be drilled through and bolted together like a high tech erector set. Look for this to become the standard for super car chassis construction pending the success of the new Lambo. It's already making an appearance in a driver head made by Callaway Golf. SHame it doesn't have the same great look of woven carbon or kevlar mat... but if its as light and strong as they say, i could learn to love it.


Really only 324lbs?!?!?! that things is probably go to fly away in the wind. I'm interested to see the final weight of the vehicle. The easiest way to increase performance of a vehicle is to lose weight and I guess Lamborghini finally realized that. A 600hp Lambo that weighs under 3000lbs would be a different level of supercar.


I saw the pics on Jalopnik and I thought the car looked like some sort of mutant crab, hopeully it develops better character like the Murcielago did with it's LP640 evolution. I imagine the name Aventador comes from a giant, mutant crab that the Spanish bullfighters fought one day in Spain.

Well at least Alfa Romeo hasn't let me down yet.

It seems to be a trade-off with these italian supercars lately, you can have extreme performance and tech and not entirely thoughtout styling in a single package, or you can have exquisite styling but shit mechanicals in one package. DAMN YOU ITALIANS STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD AND PUT THE GOOD STYLING AND GOOD TECH IN ONE PACKAGE. Oh wait Ala Romeo 8c Competizione and Lancia Stratos.


If they don't race it, I'll have to write more than one paragraph to Lamborghini!


ill be impressed when they get a REAL monocoque chassis to weigh 320lbs, not this passenger-compartment-only weighs 320lbs nonsense.

its not technically a monocoque when the majority of the suspension bolts to a subframe that bolts to the passenger compartment. its similar, but real monocoque designs integrate the front and rear suspension components into the whole chassis.

just a pet peeve of mine when people in the car industry calls something by the wrong term.


I'm quite sure the Murcielago had a tubular steel chassis with carbon fiber panels. The Gallardo is the one with the aluminum space frame.

And your remark that "[A carbon monocoque] is apparently much stiffer than the outgoing aluminum body shells" is as insightful as observing that Halle Berry is apparently skinnier than Gabourey Sidibe.


Actually that is how a bunch of carbon monocoques cars work work. So please stop talking out your arse. They do it that way so the tub will hopefully not be written off in the event of a crash. And that is how they judge the weight of most carbon chassis, by the central tub, which is of course different from judging a rolling chassis without the engine and bodywork. What is ultimately more important though nowadays is aerodynamic packaging as a lot of people can design a really stiff tub and then modify the bits and bobs around it for packaging, cooling, handling and aerodynamic purposes.


If it comes to about 3000 pounds and has 600 plus horsepower, that would be a really nice power to weight ration :)


@ Sam

You are correct.......nowadays they are limitations to the "monocoque" of cars as driver safety is the greatest concern.........you must remember that although a lighter car is beneficial overall......too lite a chassis in a car with this shape, day-to-day driving and heavy engine can throw off the dynamics severely.......................just look at the new V8 Ariel Atom.....sure it's fast but is it really quicker than the old Atom?


lol @ people whinning about the paragraphs on speedhunters.

Nice article!


As I thaught, its a widened Gallardo Superleggera chassis.


there's a new pic @ http://www.autoblog.nl/archive/2011/02/22/hoi-ik-ben-de-echte-lamborghini-aventador#post-41337 it's in dutch

the color is suprising fuck ferrari red hahaha

greetz jimbo



Well according to Top Gear UK it is, but then again they had a new Stig from G-d. Also it would seem that any potential handling woes to the Ariel Atom V8 were remedied with the addition of it's more comprehensive aero package and larger wheels and tires, as I saw that thing behave pretty much like a formula car, you had to think ahead of the car but luckily it is easy thanks to not having to manhandle the car. Also the v8 has a capacity of 3.4 liters, it is basically two Suzuki Hayabusa engines fused together, still a very light engine for it's amazing power output. I would think that they made the rear suspension firmer to compensate for the engine's additional weight, and added as much downforce from that front wing as they could.

But it is most surely not a daily driver unless you are from the very early part of the twentieth century. It is not purposed to be a daily driver. It is supposed to be a track car that you can drive on the street from track to track without needing a trailer.


You guys can write all you want, I get to work and drive it!!!! going for training on it shortly