Event>>the Grand National Roadster Show Pt.1

For most people in the hot rod and custom community, the Grand National Roadster Show is seen as the kickoff for another year of events and shows. Builders, media, and enthusiasts from all over the US converge on sunny Southern California to see the latest builds and to view historic show cars that have been unearthed for this important event.

As you saw yesterday during my Behind the Scenes post, the GNRS is quite an event – with several halls full of show cars, not to mention the hundreds of cars that take part in the outside show. While the GNRS does features plenty of Roadsters like the one seen above, there's a lot more than to see than just that.

Whether you dig pro-touring style muscle cars like this under construction second gen Camaro…

…or even customized motorcycles. It's a pretty diverse showing of vehicles.

As I made my way around the first hall, this slammed '37 Ford Buisness Coupe got my attention. Love the military style color choice.

You'll find plenty of extreme show rod builds at the GNRS complete with huge displays, underbody mirrors and all that stuff.

But personally, I'm more into the mild hot rod builds. They get even more points if they are street driven!

The 409 Chevy – a piece of American history immortalized by the Beach Boys in a famous song.

Here's a pretty traditional looking Roadster. The only complaint would be that it almost looks too shiny.

One of the most interesting cars of this show was this '48 Chrysler Town & Country being built by Hot Rods & Hobbies in Signal Hill.

Yep, that's Viper-sourced V10 power under the massive hood.

I know it's still under construction, but there's something damn cool about the wood on bare metal combo.

Also representing for the Pro Touring crowd was this sinister looking Nova.

I spoke with the owner of this Willys gasser a bit and learned that this thing is a genuine "barn find" – virtually untouched since it was discovered.

There are the photos to prove it!

This Roadster known as the "Brooklands Special" was inspired by the historic racing circuit in the UK. The staggered wire wheels certainly give it a little European flavor.

This '40 Ford out of the Bay Area was getting a lot of attention with its slammed stance and immaculate body work.

But my eyes were more drawn to the twin turbo 406 Chevy under the hood that apparently makes 950 horsepower.

This '35 Chevy Coupe has a fine period look with suede blue paint and mild striping.

Have a look at this brown on tan drop top Ford with modern DOHC power. Talk about a sweet a cruiser.

With its chromed out wheels and white walls, this coupe looks straight out of the early '60s.

I'll finish up with a shot of the gorgeous '34 Ford Roadster out of Arizona that just happened to win the prestigious America's Most Beautiful Roadster award. Interesting because this car is pretty understated compared to the typical AMBR winners. A solid choice I think.

Wer'e just getting started here. I'll be back soon with more from the Grand National Roadster Show.

-Mike Garrett



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Boring. If I wanted to look at what Grampa thinks is cool Id watch Matlock.


I just love that "Brooklands Special"




That 1940 ford is beautiful, where could I find more information about it?


Mopar/Muscle car people have the worst taste in wheels IMO. Really diggin' that Brooklands Special though, love that look.


that nova is freaking SEXY!!!!


Street driven FTW! A trailer queen is nice as a shops demo, but anything short of the extreme rat rods needs to be driven!

That blue suede paint on the 35 Chev looks sublime.

48 Chrysler a future feature car? I hope so!


That brown droptop Ford (Starliner?) is stunning


@Yeeaahhhh Son, get off this thread...you're too young to play with real toys. Go back and play with your Pokemon s**t and watch your Power Ranger cartoons.


i hope i get 2 own a willys coupe b4 the world ends..


@ got-rice

Lol real toys? You mean these ugly white trash heaps above? How about you take your head out of your sisters crotch take that skoal out of your mouth and go back to LS1 tech or whatever country bumpkin site you came from.


Man that Nova is sssssssssssssssssssssssssssikkkk!!!!!!


them cars are wildin hot, hot, hot...


One the best car shows ever, each year it gets better and better. Had a great Saturday enjoying cars and Pin Up Girls.


@Yeeaahhhh I drive a Toyota, so I can't put an LS1 in my car. Nothing wrong with the LS1, awesome motor, but Japanese cars stick with J motors and such. I think Speedhunters is too "domestic" for you, so you should leave now before the rednecks take down the JDM posts SMH. You have no appreciation for CARS whatsoever. Go back to playing Magic cards while you drink that Haterade.


Very solid choice for this year's AMBR, indeed. I'm pretty much surprised, but the winner is blatantly beautiful while still looking as a 1934 Ford. I love the rear wheels.