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It would have been a great pity if I wouldn't have shared this last selection of shots with your from the RWB meeting that Nakai-san organized last month. With the Tokyo Auto Salon hitting shortly after this track day at Tsukuba I kind of put this final post on the back burner as I tackled the inevitable mountain of shoots that always follow Japan's biggest tuning show. But since it's not every day that Nakai's creations are seen all together in one place I think this post, even if slightly behind schedule, is one that can still be appreciated. 

Seeing and hearing these cars rip around a track is quite the experience and I was continuously trying to capture them from every possible angle…

…from the paddock…

…all the way to the back straight, the fastest point of Tsukuba Circuit.

Porsches always seem to have monumental grip exiting the in-field hairpin, and RWB fettled ones with their massive rear tires and increased tracks are true grip monsters. This little group of four is just at the point where you momentarily back off the throttle to enter the right-hand Dunlop kink.

We already looked at the flatnose 930 from another angle…

…a truly rare car.

Pick your color!

This white 993 was sticking to a more Teutonic look by running BBS wheels rather than the SSR SP1s most RWB cars run.

I've got a spotlight on this 930 coming up shortly! It's without a doubt one of Nakai's most unique paint schemes.

There was something so special about this red 964 RS, yet another stunning RWB conversion…

…but one that didn't have any sort of "rough" style that we often see on these cars. It was in fact extremely clean, almost factory perfect on the inside with modern Recaro bucket seats and a deeply cupped Momo steering wheel.

Here it is under hard braking going into the hairpin…

…and then under full speed overtaking at the end of the back straight.

How can anyone ever get enough of rear-ends like this! Check out the bracing bars…guess that massive stacked wing moves around quite a lot.

RS like rear ducktail and GT wing!

Some of these owners take engine tuning quite seriously.

The matte black on bronze is the classic Nakai RWB look.

I think the next time we will be seeing a similar concentration of Rauh Welt Porsches will be at some of this year's idlers events. Until then I've got two more spotlights coming to ease the wait!

RAUH Welt Begriff

Rauh Welt Begriff Meet – Part 1 – Moriya PA

Rauh Welt Begriff Meet – Part 2 – Tukuba

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Its RAUH not having more coverage for the WORLD to see!!


the white beauty on the photos is not a 993 but 965 turbo!This car's right exhaust was the final end for the wastegate!Flat six engine with single turbo....lot of turbo lag and massive power!!!Just amazing!!


Is that slantnose real though? I'd be willing to bet $10 that it isn't. There are far more conversions than factory slantnoses.


Rad. I'm always feelin the RWB style


i've never guessed that porsches are that popular in japan


The red 964 RS driver side rear 3/4 shot (#11) desktop please, stunning car.


I'd soooooooooooo love to be able to shoot at a Rauh Welt trackday one day... please keep the pics coming!! :)


This got me thinking, are there any RWB cars in the U.S.?


sweeeeeet! how true about those rear ends! so unique!

desktop pleaseeeeee!! RWB meet + desktops = :O !!!!!!


That white one isn't a 993, but a 964


Here it is under hard braking going into the hairpin...

...and then under full speed overtaking at the end of the back straight.

pics show different cars!.. although both stunning


"...and then under full speed overtaking at the end of the back straight."

Not the same car (#25 instead of #15).

But hey who cares, we're currently looking at some of the world's most beautiful Porsches.


What are those bronze wheels on the red one?


I am so in Love with these cars!


gotta love 'em!! - especially the white one with the GT wing.. mega..


there is a convertible rauh welt tuned 993 on komozawa dori in setagaya, it's blue and is convertible. i wished i took pix of it. it's near Central 21.

@ kustomspirit: there are so many tuned porsche gt3s on the highways in tokyo and osaka, all super loud!


Here it is under hard braking going into the hairpin...

...and then under full speed overtaking at the end of the back straight.

pics show different cars!.. although both stunning


Seems a shame to do that to a 964 RS... but at the same time I love it! Sums up RWB somewhat in my mind. Very cool indeed.


Would love to see more of the white pre '74 car...


Awesome, thanks.


Red 964 RS look very beautiful.


Please do a spotlight of the red 964 RS ! :D

Greetings from Croatia!


That red 964 is the best thing I've ever seen.


I have an awesome idea, Next time you have a lot of Rough World cars together snap each one of them and show them with a few specs under the pictue like a beckett type thing, specs: estimated HP,Weight, total build cost, Year make and model... WE WOULD EAT IT UP.... COOLEST IDEA EVER I KNOW....


Red Carrera RS DESKOP !

Please Dino !


I've seen that most of rauh-welt car have slicks who are sigled by : " Idlers" can someone tell me what are theses tyres ? where to buy ? Imported in Europe ?


(I've tried a google request but without sucsess)