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This evening the new (real-life) Pagani Huayra was unveiled by its proud father, Horacia Pagani at the Pirelli headquarters in Milan: 700bhp of screaming V12 clothed in a sublime, hand-crafted body. A million dollars. Plenty of customers. It's another car to add to the stable of extreme Zondas that the Pagani atelier has been creating: and beauty on the outside, beast underneath.

The Pirelli connection comes from the work the tyre company has put in to craft rubber capable of handling the power of the AMG V12 – they're just one of many technical partners that have brought the Huayra to life. The world's media gathered in Milan for the launch: Speedhunters had exclusive access to the Pagani factory back in Modena the day before, and we were able to see the Huayra in the flesh – before the wraps came off the car for everyone else today.

The car is a riot of detail: from the sci-fi dashboard to the intricate rear exhausts and suspension, the Huayra is a masterpiece of design – I'll take a closer look at the car in a following story. 

Even though I'm never going to be one of the few people who will be lucky enough to drive the car in real life, the good thing is that I was able to at least get behind a virtual wheel, as Shift 2 was running on X-Boxes at the launch! Even Mr Pagani himself took a quick (literal) spin in a virtual version of his own creation. I think he's going to stick to the real thing though…

Jonathan Moore

Shift 2 previews on Speedhunters



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There's plenty of carbon anyway.


Oh my god those side mirrors! Very unique


these shots make the car look very nice actually


Sorry, I really don't like this car. The interior with all that carbon-leather and lights, it's too tacky.


Wow, great car, but a little to fancy for me if i had the money to get a car like that. If i were to pick something like this it would be a Koenigsegg CCXR.


cool car. but the interior is horrid.


I'm not a fan of the chrome wheels or the busy interior, but it still looks great!!


does anyone actually give a s**t about cars like these? other than ultra rich douche's? wasted bandwidth... again.


every family has an ugly duckling....


I remember people saying they hated the "fish" looking front but straight ahead that thing looks pretty damn mean to me.


too much going on in the interior, especially in the dash area


that car is still glorious


The first picture looks great.

However, the full frontal pic looks like the over-botoxed, bastard child of a frog and Renee Zellweger.

Oh, and would it be too much to ask to get a phonetic spelling of the name...or like a video of Horacio Pagani saying it? HOW THE HELL DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT NAME?!?!?!?!?!

Am I the only one?


ahhhh, the car with the cat anus!


Yeah... I've looked at it from almost every angle and I still can't get myself to like it. The wheels are cool though.


the dash is very intricate..


Err, wow. nice car, but what the hell were they thinking with the insides?! As long as you never drive anyone anywhere, just turn up at places, people'll love it.


the interior.....breathtaking...


Pagani always has some surprises, love that car ;D


a cheap korean portable stereo has been raped by the set of startrek deep space nine... and given birth to that interior.

actually quite good looking on the outside.

but overall ive got to agree with tink.


The interior is HIDEOUS! And the Zonda looked better. Oh well, at least with that much horsepower, it'll be going fast enough for noone to notice the faults :)


still prefer zonda...


you should need a pilots license just to sit in the cockpit of that thing.


Since I can't afford this car I will simply resort to saying it's ugly. If I could afford it I might be a bit more constructive. Thanks for posting everything "speed" even the cars that make civic drivers feel insecure.


I hope you guys at speedhunters get enough money for promoting this ugly car with its "i absolutely need to be the killer important special supercar" attitude...


This car is very unique

i dont get why people have to dislike it for,

they clearly dont see the art and years of designs and effort in it

what dose a normal person know about something abnormal.


Shape is starting to grow on me... just with they kept the fire breathing NA V12 (with more power of course).


To all of you that flammed the car, why did you look at it then? Its a million times better then looking at some p.o.s hellacrap drift car. Its nice to see a proper car for once , one that dosnt look like it is sitting there broken.


This car is very unique

i dont get why people have to dislike it for,

they clearly dont see the art and years of designs and effort in it

what dose a normal person know about something abnormal.


The real problem with this car is that the Zonda came before it. Think about it. The Zonda was so far advanced even in the late 90's early 2000's that they essentially kept the same car for 10 years If the Huayra had come before the Zonda everyone would have been fine with it's catfish mouth. I think overall the design is above average especially compared to most new super sports cars nowadays, especially the interior. i hope we see better and better versions of this car like we did with the Zonda, or to put it another way "From here on out it gets better kid".


last pic wallpaper


Interior is crazy awesome. Wallpaper!!!


Very nice on the outside, but i think its the ugliest interior i've ever seen...


I love SPEEDHUNTERS, but you guys have some assinine readers.


It would be an okay looking if the mirrors were not on it. You would think with a price tag like that they could put rear view cameras in instead. It would be more aerodynamic, cheaper and probably the same weight as the giant funky mirrors.


Beautiful. And its coming to America


Love it! You can see all the wind tunnel testing in the body, the fit and finish of the cabin looks amazing too. I WANT THAT SWITCHWARE!!

I don't care if I'll never afford it, it's pushing the boundaries which can only be good for the rest of us in the long term.

Engineering masterpiece like this? I want it.



Is wrong with the interior? ??

Was it designed by some rapper with down syndrome or did Liberace come back to life to design it???????


Realmente me impreciono el estilo del auto acompañado por tan ingenioso video , realmente dá gusto que pueda existir tal auto , Un saludo .


i just revisited this article, and was prompted to have a quick surf on tinternet to remind myself what the zonda looks like... and its not much better IMO. in standard trim it looks to me like somebody's homebuilt replica of a GT car. exposed rivets to the headlamps on a £ 6-figue motorcar? those wing struts??

a word of advice if you are seriously in the market for that type of car: get yourself an Ultima - max out the spec, go crazy - and with the change, put your kids thru college (and your brothers' and sisters' kids while youre at it). Maybe they will learn some taste!



@ J: "rapper with down's syndrome". like it!


The fraternity of supercars manufacturers has been a very exclusive group. It's a group that is run