Event>> Omega Oil Tsukuba Soukoukai – Pt1

Man I love Japan. If you think that covering high-profiled events, jam-packed with famous demo cars would give you exposure to the best the JDM has to offer you would be so wrong. I was reminded of this last Friday when I was completely blown away by the turn out at the Omega Oil organized soukoukai event in Tsukuba. I mean seriously, look at the cars in this post! Imagine being surrounded by such time attack goodness…I didn't even know where to start from! And to top it all off most of the participants from the Battle Evome series were there too so it was truly grassroots grip at its best!

The key with these events is to get there as early as possible as the quietness of a yet unopened track lingers over the paddock, as amateur drivers begin prepping their cars for the day ahead.

Omega Oil has been organizing days at Tsukuba for a while now, attracting some of the best cars in the Kanto area. Before the sessions begin drivers are given a short briefing on general guidelines on how the day will be split up and the way one should behave on track.

With cars like the Scorch Racing S15 sitting a few meters away from me I didn't hang around at the driver's meeting long, as I wanted to get a closer look of the upgraded bits like the dry carbon fenders and roof.

Suzuki-san spotted me looking over his car so came over for a chat. I mentioned it looked almost perfect, but really needed some extra stickers!

Even one in the back! Very cool! Thanks Suzuki-san!

A few pits up I noticed that Tec-Art's where there too with their N2 beast! Not sure how regulations work at these events but I always assumed slick tires were banned…I guess the rule doesn't apply to AE86s!

Here is Kamata-san of Tec-Art's giving some advice to a fellow hachiroku driver.

The event was certainly bigger than last year and Omega Oil even brought in two pro drivers for free tuition. What a great idea!

The great thing about these kinds of track days is the selection of cars, most are pretty extreme track-oriented toys…

…while others modified street cars.

The Traum SR20-powered JZX100 Chaser is looking so much better without all the stickers it once used to run. 

One of the Exceed Moat S14s was also there. Check out the wing stays cut from regular home-center aluminum sheets! Ingenuity and cost cutting at its best.

This is a car that was totally new to me, a Rayra Factory built S2000. Loving the 911 GT3 RS color scheme.

Now that is what I call pumped arches! 

The Auto Bahn Soarer time attack machine, a car we will be taking a closer look at very soon. The owner and driver wasn't there to brake records or anything but more to have fun. His semi-slick Advan A050s were pretty much worn down offering little grip. I saw him power out of the first corner in second gear with cold tires and he left two thick black lines 20 meters long. 800 HP will do that.

Kyushudanji was there with their two NSXs ready to get some practice for the Battle Evome meetings they participate in. In fact the last one of the year is this coming Sunday so it will be back at Tsukuba for me.

You really do run across some wildly unique cars at events like these! The K11 March is a car you often see but not quite done up like this one. The oval gaping mouth is very Tommy Kaira!

Remember that crazy red RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R we saw at last year's event…well it's now white and looking even better! 

French car journalist JC Pepino of Autoworks magazine came all the way down from snowy Sendai to take part in the event with his zenki S14. JC can usually be found terrorizing drift tracks in Tohoku but was in grip-mode at Tsukuba with a set of sticky Neova tires. 

NSX awesomeness.

You really can't get more Japanese than a modified Cappuccino! This lightened, widened, stroked and highly boosted kei-beast was built by kei-car specialist Fighter Engineering and develops well over 200 HP! These things used to crank out 63 HP from factory!

This Alfa Romeo 147 GTA wasn't participating in the track day, I just spotted it parked a few cars behind my R34 an it just looked so nice sitting lowered with the stock wheels appropriately spaced. The JDM touch works once again.

With so many cars present the sessions run back to back until the afternoon.

We've seen KP61 Starlets built for drifting but the little lightweight Toyota is actually quite well suited for some grip fun too.

One of the Kyushudanji NSXs entering turn 1.

Suzuki-san is now running even more power thanks to a GCG turbo and was out at Tsukuba warming up, checking everything was working well before the Battle Evome days. Even at a slow pace he was getting into the 57-sec with his fastest being a 57"019!!

Stay tuned for more time attack coverage from Tsukuba as well as a couple of spotlights.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Feature on the cappuccino!!!!


was the hammer supposed to keep the car from rolling? ahahaaa~


truly a holy ground for time attack oriented cars i wish more foreign companies (American, Australian, European) cars would go there and set some lap times instead of Japanese companies traveling around the world


I agree sir, I want to see more of that cappucino.


WOW, that white NSX rear end is certified car porn. I love how the kit reveals the rubber, SEXY


What an awesome selection of cars. Fantastic.

I especially like the Amuse kitted S2000 and Traum Chaser, as well as the NSZ's and of course Suzuki-sans S15.


Oooooo weee that first s2000 is sweet!


modified Cappuccino!!!! looks exactly the same as mine in GT5 (apart form the stickers)!!!!!!!

i think that there should be a psot that would show the blogers own cars....i wanna see Dino's R34 :D!!!

nice post btw!


Desktop of NSX awesomeness!!!!


What's so JDM about that Alfa?


That 147 looks Italian DM (IDM) to me. How is it JDM?


Please do a spotlight or make that Suzuki Cappucino a desktop. I am in love with that Kei car!


cappuccinos are awesome!!


These are some extreme looking track cars. You can tell you had a really good time as well. Keep up the good photos.


truly a holyground for time attack oriented cars i wish more foreign companies (American, Australian, European) cars would go there and set some lap times instead of Japanese companies traveling around the world




Haha, that March is righteous! And I spy a ducktail Carrera peeking out from behind the Traum Chaser.


more, i want more. What a great event, don't forget to post lap times.


great shots Dino. Cool variety of cars. The Hosaka GTI-R too. it's awesome. see you in japan soon mate. unless you are coming back to aus any time soon. R


WOW, that white NSX rear end is certified car porn. I love how the kit reveals the rubber, SEXY


I'm feelin that rad cappucino.


man i love those exceed moat S14's! need more pics


Rayra Factory built S2000 - feature

RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R - feature

Exceed Moat S14s - feature

Tec-Art AE86 N2 - feature

Kyushudanji NSX or that white NSX - feature



Grassroots events like this are the best, Thanks Dino. Keep it coming!


more on the gti-r please


liking the NSX in white.. K11 March is cool - but i love the look of the 1st pic Honda S2000 and the Orange one by Rayra - thanks for a sweet post and pics


What happened to TRAUM? Their website no longer exists. :C





More on the Capuccino,please !!


SR20 Chaser is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.


really nice post, but the alfa comment is just stupid. since when is it JDM to lover a car and give it some spacers? oh come on, its an alfa. not even on "JDM-ish" wheels...


Suziki-san's S15 is looking absolutely amazing. Definitely worth another spotlight with the updated trim and possibly a video? ;)


Great coverage dude i seriously love everytime you guys feature time attack events. Keep up the good work :)


Feature on that pumped Roadster please. :)


sweet work dino. can we get a wallpaper of the flared Miata? that thing looks tough with a capital T! also cappuchino, nsx, orange s2000 yada yada...



Popped-up hoods and tools-under-tires are a track-guy thing. Parking brakes shouldn't be used, as parts get so hot they could stick together. Any spare tool will keep a car from rolling on nearly-level ground, and wheel chocks always seem to disappear.

Great post! Can't wait to finish my time-attack rx7.


Dino more on grassroot time attack !! Love this stuff


Dino more on grassroot time attack !! Love this stuff


I love Suzuki Cappuccinos. They are sexy kei cars, sporty and lightweight!


Please for the love of all that is holy do a spotlight on the Fighter Engineering Cappo


The Scorch S15 (4th picture down) made me giggle when I saw the JDM hammer parking brake!

I want one.

Awesome looking car, though...and yeah, the S2000 is raucous, rough, sweaty, sex on wheels.

Moaaaaar please.


Soooooo sick! Love Pepino's 14


I'd like to see more of the RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R.


I'd like to see more of the RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R.


time attack!! hmmm wondering why there isn't any R32s ... still this event rocks!


great photographs! I really can't wait to push my S2000 on the track this season :D


Loving that s15! Bit off topic,but i also want a speedhunters decal. Where can i get/buy one? Thanks!


RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R - feature please!


where can i find more info about that gtir, its is by far the best gtir ever built. you guys need to get in on speed hunters .