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When I headed to this year's New Year Meeting in Odaiba, I promised myself one thing; to spend some time in the visitors' parking lot first. I'd always known it to be a bit of a treasure trove (looking down greedily every year as I exited the train), and when I finally devoted some time to look around, I found it filled with interesting stuff. This place is a show in itself! Above, design perfection. One of the world's perfect cars – there are only a few…

Naturally, the majority of the interesting cars were Japanese (literally every one of them a design statement). These two machines above, between them have less than 1,000cc – both also illustrate iconic lines from sixties' Japan.  While these two beauties are from different years and different makes, do you notice any similarity in the headlight shroud shapes? An Interesting example of something fairly similar in design terms, working well on two totally different products from the same era.

From the elevated exit of Fune-no-Kagakukan (Ship Science Museum) station. Check out the cement ship-like building on the left, that's the museum. And what about the cars? A couple of obvious ones – and a few besides. I'll make a Desktop so you can look closer.

Mimicking something out of an art installation, this Citroen DS20 (rarer than its pre-and-successor 19 and 21 variants) flies the Tricolour for design, something deeply admired and understood in Japan. Yokohama slabs over Nice plates are a nice touch.

The Killer Sunnys: Seeing cars like this is the peak. Compact with a punch. Check out that interloper in the second spot, decidedly un-shy. 

Bluebirds. One of the greatest cars ever built. These guys drove all the way from Mito (up near Motegi).

Best Celica ever? One of the best design-wise, that's for sure (until the Supras – more on that later). This one's brilliantly done. For a parking lot car, it's a ten. 

Here's another cool one, and check out the giant boom-box in the back – a nutter at the wheel, there's no doubt! Sixties Gloria wagons – you don't usually see (m)any of those around….and definitely not in that colour scheme. 

One of the amazing things about Japan (reason #1638) is that there's an audience for every form of ….everything! Be it a type of music, era of marque or model followed, a sport, film, whatever; there's a devoted following. Interesting spotlight on the roof, man!

What in the world? OK, It's an early to mid seventies' Matra something – but which one of us can tell me? Certainly something one would not see on the streets here – and, in this day and age, an object ever rarer even in France… The rear view isn't all that pretty, though sports a full glass canopy.

Detroit Rock City – there's a riff that'll go on in your head for ages. Just like this NASCAResque Falcon, very impressive.

This Sunny wagon was 100%. You could hardly improve on this one.  How could you possibly improve in on this car? 

Isuzu 117 Coupe – one of the (many) incredible automotive shapes from Japan. 

Another Sunny – can it get any brighter? Fantastic rims, and surrounded by other iconic Nissans.

Oh yeah, here we go; JZA70 Supra, the ultimate sleeper. You never see these anymore, and one in this condition is really rare.

R32 or not R32, that is the question. This ride is like one of those huge lizards in the Galapogos: A car that defined a generation of JDM designs. Hey, that's reason #1639!

Cruizin' – and they continue to…. Glorias have an ardent following. This design's closing in on fifty years of age!

What car-nut parking lot wouldn't have one of these? Well, there were at least four, but anyway, the colour on this particular example was just brilliant.

…and while some will focus on what's behind this (with help from another British marque – understood), any Healey would be cool in my books – one of the most pleasing designs of all time, with performance to boot. A pretty unique set of attributes.  

Dr. Death. The Munsters. Grave Digger. Transylvanian Taxi. These are a few of the words that come to mind when looking at this incredibly convincing 1970 Dodge Coronet wagon – and you should've heard this thing, shook the overpass as it waited at the light. He's got a bunch of friends purely into Mopars, they meet occasionally. Expect an image report soon.

And that was just the parking lot. Going in to the actual show I knew I was in for something special, but (seriously folks) I could not have imagined what lay ahead of me…stay tuned for event report.

 – Len Clarke  



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The Coronet wagon is sick !!!!


The yellow french car is a matra 530, producted in 9609 exemplary.


Do you by chance have anymore photos of that "lizard like" R32?


Cool lot... Got all kinds of cars


The Matra is a 530 produced from 1967 to 1973. 1.7L V4 72PS, later 75PS. around 900kg, 175kph.

Here is another bright DS with Paris plates.



PLEASE more pics of that laid out R32. DAMN!


Thats a Matra M530


The Matra 530 is very interesting! The Coronet stole my heart though <33


must see pics of that mopar meet!


The Matra is a Matra 530, ugly car successor of the Matra Djet

the Djet was a rival of the Alpine A110 berlinette...




Any spots of a 350GT (Infiniti G35 Sedan). WOuld lov to see how they tune them in Japan vs. States


Ooo, Coronet Wagon, NICE!!!


That second "Gloria" with the ardent following. Is a Mitsubishi Debonair.


the last yellow car is a "fiat 500" ... ;-)


wow.. can you do a spotlight on...everything?

But really, more info on the Checker VW Bus and it's interior, what's in the shelf on the door? What's inside? Who drives it? so cool.

Also that Coronet, anything on that, what's under the hood? I want to hear it.

Healey's.. 10-15 years ago you could pick those up for cheap, my uncle use to have one..

Awesome lot.


Supra is a 1988 MA70 Turbo A, one of 500 homologation special. MAP sensored 7M-GTE with hiflowed turbo, uprated injectors etc, grill above license plate in front grille, factory black sawblade wheels.


can anyone identify the white car next to the blue healey? is it a bmw?


Wallpaper on the group shot of the Sunny's?


The only car I wouldn't want to drive away... the slammed R32. What a god-awful waste of fine machinery. The coronet is a monster... I wonder if it's got a hemi hiding under there. Agree on the sunny wagon as well. Those wide steel rims, so sweet.


The write up was just as amazing as the cars, keep it up!


Heads up, not a JZA70, its an MA70. JZA70 had the 1jz, so unless the 3.0 Turbo A badges are fake, its an MA70, and if its a legit turbo-A, then its a very cool JDM only optioned MA70.


I'll also be waiting for the pics and report on the Mopar meet. It's always intrestg to see how the japanese twist the muscle car culture. Neat Coronet BTW, really cool with the Wheel Vintiques big-inch Magnum 500s. Desktop?


Michael, you're absolutely right, it is a Mitsubishi Debonair - thanks for spotting that.


No problems Len, happy to assist. Last time I tried to correct something I got fobbed off so it's nice to know there are people willing to admit when something is awry.



The car beside the Healey is an Isuzu Piazza.


some wickedly cool rides here - ah the memories come flooding back.. so much character! such a pity that differenent constraints mean that the manufacturers don't build 'em like they used to.. love the Celica, Bluebird and of course the Sunnys' - all are true icons - Honourable mention goes out to the R32! - thanks for the post and pics!!


Any more pictures of that Nissan line-up behind the R32 with lots of negative camber? Including the R32 itself, of course.

And yes, like a couple of dudes up here ^ said, the Turbo A is a MA70, because it has a 7M-GTE.

Hmmm, what else... oh right, were there any other Isuzu Piazzas other than the white one behind the Austin Healey? Or a Gemini?

And please more on that Coronet wagon!

And lastly: most of your pictures have a thin white line below them.

I think that's it. :)


The white car next to the healy is a Isuzu impluse, they were made 1983-1988


The white car next to the healy is a Isuzu impluse, they were made 1983-1988