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As I mentioned during my Grand National Coverage last week, there were a few customized vans that popped up around the show. There was one van, however, that stood above them all. In fact, this ridiculously cool hauler was my personal favorite vehicle of the entire show. Meet Van Go.

Owned by Coby Gewertz, Van Go started off as a 1963 Ford Econoline panel van, a vehicle designed for utility above all else. The van's working man origins are one the coolest parts about this build.

If you are like me, then the first thing you notice is the hammered stance. It looks like KA Custom in Huntington Beach put an incredible amount of work into the chassis of this van.

The paintwork is equally impressive, a combination of greens with subtle designs that accent the body lines and a metalflake silver roof.

Then, you have the interior…

It's an incredible display of craftsmanship. Nearly the entire interior is done in a beautiful wood finish.

Even the seats have been custom built out of wood. That big hump between them? The engine lies under there.

It's something cool. It's something different, and it's one of the coolest custom builds I've seen in a long time.

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-Mike Garrett



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Those seats looks terribly uncomfortable...


by far the most beautiful van iv EVER seen. it gave me goosebumps and i cant stop looking at it


looks incredible!


i love it. :D

looks to be top workmanship, but the overall idea/concept is even better!

would be great to see a proper photoshoot of the car... in an old workshop or factory etc..


nice, u should have a post with all slammed vans


Glad to see a little feature on this. Was probably my favorite thing at the GNRS, I know I took a TON of photos of it!


Glad to see a little feature on this. Was probably my favorite thing at the GNRS, I know I took a TON of photos of it!


braydon, with a ride height like that, im pretty sure even a seat made of clouds wouldnt be comfortable.


Holy shit! Amazing


Rad. I've owned two of these over the years, put a 5.0 in one... Maybe the wood looks better in person..? Not feelin it. Save the wood for the ladies ;)


this van is done extremely well! Probably the best built van i've seen for a while. Was the engine detailed too? I would have gone some other material for the dash to properly reflect the era ...not a glittery finish. But hey, each to their own.


that paint is amazing

top notch


that paint is amazing

top notch


But van goh only cut off one ear not two..?


Superb looking and that paint is flawless - its so straight for to have such large panels. 'Flake the world!


The paling of the paint really accentuates the car'ssdesign. And I really like those split bumpers.


i have one of these sittin in my mother in laws garage and i was just talking to a buddy of mine about getting it running God willin. this is the motivation i needed. thanks


THIS VAN IS AMAZING!! Another one is built by a member of Pebble Pushers, a car club in NC if anyone is interested in checking out that build on their website. Totally agree-- one of my favs of the show.


damn this thing is clean, I love it.


Oh WOW mike.. I love it!!!


@ Jeff > you couldnt be more wrong if you tried. :) this is exceptional.


the rims look like a good choice, the little i can make out of them =, love the colour choice too.. the seats don't look like they would be very forgiving on a long haul without cushions! but as a design feature and something different they look cool! - all in all the van looks the business - i'd love to drive it!


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