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When Nakai-san asked me to choose three cars to shoot quickly after last month's RWB track day in Tsukuba I knew I had to grab his new personal car, the Royal Montegobay we have already seen. My second choice wasn't that tough either, as it was probably the car that stood out the most on the day. I give you the Sunburst Eyre Peninsula.

I'm not quite sure what the connection with the actual strip of land in South Australia is, but what makes this car quite unique is that it's a fully dedicated race car. 

The car will be used, along with another one that Nakai is building at the idlers endurance race in Motegi later in the year.

All the recognizable RWB styling cues are present, the obvious front and rear fender widening, this time with side intakes and outlets at the rear. 

The build of this particular project called for a full strip-down of the chassis, necessary to weld in the custom fabricated roll-cage as well as additional stiffening brackets. The whole shell was painted in the same bright orange as the exterior and SSR Professor SP1s.

The two NACA ducts on the lexan rear side windows help keep the transmission cool as you can see in the background…as well as direct some air towards the driver. With one of the taikyu races in July, it's going to be getting rather hot in there!

The flat-6 has been lightly tuned by Promodet and sits on special solid and lowered engine mounts. A cone filter helps increase airflow to the engine while the single-exit Promodet exhaust takes care of supplying an impossibly raspy sound.

Final touch is the kind of spoiler no RWB car should be without! Next up is a look at the "Masterpiece!"

RAUH Welt Begriff


idlers club

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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hmmmm sick omnomnom


diggin the orange on orange.... how about some HD DSLR footage from idlers when it rolls around????


Orange Bang ! Love this car. Great pics Dino.


Rad. I'm feelin this


sieht ja aus wie hingekackt und hingeschissen hier in zuffenhausen würd man sowas direkt verbrennen. die reisfresser sollten die deutschen autos in ruhe lassen da kommt einfach nix gutes bei raus!

*flme on


Those intakes in front of the rear wheels look like they do nothing, but I would find that hard to believe on a car like this. An explanation and/or closeup of them would be awesome.


Why has the engine been left so untouched on a lot of these RW cars? It seems like they could be pure beasts with more attention in the engine bay.


Rauh WELT *drool*...I was going to ask for desktops but let's wait and see the "masterpiece" first :) I love these cars


Gotta agree with kooo and FGKouki. Can't see why so many people are sailvating upon seeing a RWB car. Stock engines, huge tyres (why? You don't happen to have a Group 5 engine in the back do you?), super wide wheel arches to accomodate the SP1s, silly names (sorry, I'm not a fan of Engrish), simply idiotic rear spoilers and bumpers every Indian lorry driver would be proud to own are NOT a good mix. Just leave 'em like they were when they were passing the gates of the factory, there's no point in ruining a perfectly good 911.


:O blimey what a car!!!! please a desktop of the last image!!! pleaseeeeeee!


Juicy! I'd love some audio clips...


@Tony240Z these machines are works of art. and the racist comment on indian lorry drivers was not necessary.


orange overkill!!?? i like the colour tho' - love those rear spoiler (especially when their braced up) - we are gonna need video footage of this one my man, need to hear that engine roar!! - this car ticks all the boxes.


I agree with Tony240Z. HOWEVER that porsche that dino featured a while with the rediculously wide rear wheel arches was just awesome.


Whilst these cars from RWB do look absolutely stunning, I can't help being disappointed every time the engine is looked at, massive wings, super stripped out interior, carbon fibre this, that and the other, and then you get a cone filter and a loud exhaust. These cars are all mouth and no pants.


guesstimate about 2300 lbs and 300 hp is a good reason to drool...then add wide wheels, sticky tires, race-spec suspension, and enough downforce to dig its own grave gives us a hard-on...and not to mention most of them are "street legal"...purely orgasmic



Koo, you are an intolerant idiot. You may have your own opinion, but there is no need to use words like "reisfresser". Don´ t think just because you are writing in german nobody can understand you. And i know enough people in Weissach who like RWB cars. Just because of the looks and the idas. So don`t speak for Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart or Germany in genereal.


Out of curiousity, do those that are slamming the RWB Porsche's lack of engine tuning know what the rules are for the 930Cup @ the Idlers Club events? I do not know the rulebook restrictions myself... but it could very well be that they are not allowed to modify things internally.

Or they could be leaving the engines relatively stock, aside from blueprint and balancing, to preserve reliability in endurance races. Regardless, 2300lbs with 300hp is C6 Corvette power-to-weight territory... and certainly nothing to sneer at.


i be pleased with it


now im your rss reader


@ .wow - you're wrong on both ends. For something to be a work of art it has to have no other purpose than itself; that is - unless a functional object (like a car) is used as a part of an artistic installation of some sort it may not be called art. Secondly, I wasn't being racist, I was just reffering to Indian truck drivers' bad taste.


Engine is nearly stock, yet the tires and aero package look like they are for a car with a thousand horsepower: RWB FAIL yet again


To Tony240Z. Because ruining a Porsche can be done but RWB has not.

In the same way many people have the flatnose 911s, you seem to hate overly aggressive styling. Well i feel along with many others that they are done with taste. I would agree the engine can have a bit more tuning but it doesn't need to have ridiculous power levels.

Basically what im saying here is, the RWB method is one of the many to make a 911. And still work.


I think I fell in love with this car.


I love the RWB cars. Every single one has massive presence. Sure they havent tuned the engines much, but c'mon....I'd still be willing to bet they turn a damn good time on track even without 1000hp.


@Tony240Z - I suppose until you have driven one of these cars yourself, its hard to have a solid understanding of the joy they provide the owner/driver, right? My guess is that like most any sportscar, adding more grip thru wider wheels/tires just adds to the fun on track. The unique colors and wider fenders and aero bits all add up to a special car but theyre all functional. Its not like these are ruined and its not like these are unused, unloved trailerqueens. Thiese are great racecars and trackday fun toys, isnt that what this site is about?!?!?


Hey Tony, Since I am sure you have no idea what its like running laps around a track, driving 300hp Flat out is better than driving 600hp at 50%


I love the car.

Anyone have any idea what base year and model it is?

I have been reading the heated debate about rwbs tuning and I would like to say a couple of things being the owner of an older track 911.

first, the minimal engine tuning is probably a result of a strict rule book for racing, and the fact that most of these porsche owners dont want to rebuild there engine every 30 hours of racing. plus a lot of rwb owners drive their cars on the streets and on regular basis, so rebuilds that frequent (which are required on race only porsche motors, like sprint motors) would be extremely impracticle.

Second, as for the body on rwb cars (the wide fenders, face bumpers, and decklid with banana wing on top, and th wide wheels) are not RWB tuning thing. This is a common setup on modified race porsches across the United States as well. People want the greater tire surface area on the ground for better grip and you need wide fenders for wide wheels. And the low ride height and stiff shocks are a result of the desire for better handling.

So people may want to know their stuff before making acusations


since when do all track cars have to have a million horsepower? these are phenomenal driver's cars that force you to master technique in order to achieve fast times, not be bailed out by a high power for the straights. as far as the colors and silly names....can't cars be fun anymore? everyone needs to stop worrying about fitting in and just enjoy their ride; hooptie or exotic


The best part about Rough World, is they've been sticking to their scene and evolving it, instead of jumping from trend to trend. Also, turbo's don't make a track car epic. They hide the sound, and turn good corners into point-and-scramble hell. For enjoyment - Raw NA all the way.

LOL @ Tony240z and Koo. Nobody's writing stories about either of you, and they never will - Unless!!! - you put down the haterade, and do something epic yourselves. I'd bet $5 that neither of you do anything remotely noteworthy. Haters seldom do.


@ Henry (2) The vents in the front and rear arches hark back to the 911 RSR race cars from1974-75.


@LS1RX7owen - as a matter of fact I have driven a 911, though it was a watercooled 996 rather than one of the earlier aircooled models. I also rode in a 964 and a 993 Turbo as a passenger. I also have a car which was meant specifically bring a smile on my face every time I look out of the window to see it or drive it just for fun. OK, at the moment it brings me more sadness than happiness because of the state of my bank account, but still, I know what you mean about the joy of owning a car that has a special place in your heart.

Yes, I agree that adding wider tyres adds grip, but why on earth would you need such wide tyres if the stock 964 came with 225/45R16s? Why would you ever put heavy, 18" multi-piece wheels on a car with stock brake calipers? Why would you lower the car to compromise the handling? Why would you ever need such a huge wing in a car with a stock engine? OK, I may be a bit harsh, but I tend to look at cars as a whole - leaving out the engine mods or dropping the suspension to the point where tyres need to be "tucked" into wider wings makes no sense to me, even in a full-blown track car.

@ EJ25RUN - maybe you're right, but to me this car represents the "fashion over function" approach that RWB seem to promote. I just hope that owners of those cars like 'em just as much as you guys do.

I'm out of hater fuel...


and i forgot to mention,

power to weight ratio is key, like what braydon said. If this engine puts out 300hp, and is reliable and durable on a car that weighs about a ton wet, your right in their with other highly modified race cars.


Also, like braydon said, 300 hp is not an amount to put "only" in front of. On a race car, its all about hp to weight ratio on the track and 300hp on a car that weighs about 1 ton wet is better than a big heavy car that puts out a ton of hp.


@Tony240Z aww man you are just a naysayer on this one, I can understand where you were going with your comments about how wide is too wide, how heavy a wheel is worth it, etc. because I have been known to offer the same arguments in the widebodyt FC RX7 world, but I'll agree to disagree on these Rauh Welt cars because they seem to be getting so much time on track. They have to be awesome fun to drive, dont you think?

I'd love to see some desktops of these amazing cars, the photos are great Dino!


What are the details on the car? what year? what capacity engine? G50 or 915 gearbox? Pics are nice but specs would be excellent


Its funny how people dont like a car and have to tell the internet about it. I like the color and ive always love the rwb cars. Maybe if we get some track footage to show the functionality of the car.


Can we get some wallpapers?


Dino, put the link to the full res picture in each frame so we can actually download these as desktops. Nobody has 800x600 desktop resolution any more.