Car Spotlight>> Kyushudanji-tomiyoshi Racing Nsx

Senna Forever indeed! We all know how the great Ayrton Senna was responsible for fine-tuning the handling and chassis of Honda’s greatest sports car, and the driver of the Kyushudanji NSX, Hannita-san, obviously has a lot of respect for the greatest driver that ever lived. Since managing to get a 56-second lap at Tsukuba his NSX has been all over the internets…

…because as far as I know, no naturally aspirated NSX has ever gone quite so fast around Tsukuba Circuit. In fact I think I can count in one hand the amount of NA cars that have lapped Tsukuba in under a minute, so a 56’959 is simply incredible.

The widened exterior of this 1999 Honda NSX has been fitted with a Super-GT inspired front lip spoiler and massive canards to help the front end bite down hard at speed.

Kyushudanji simply means a man from the Kyushu area of Japan, where men are known for their strong and determined attitudes. And determination is something Hannita-san certainly has, driving across the whole country from Kyushu in order to drive his NSX at Tsukuba!

No turbos to be seen in this engine bay! Tomiyoshi Racing took care of rebuilding the CB32 with a fully forged and balanced bottom end along with special cams.  The engine revs to 8,500 rpm and is good for 380 HP.  On the intake it has been converted to run six individual throttles which breathe through billet velocity stacks… explaining that intense concerto in the video of the lap.

A quick shot of the interior, stripped and reinforced…

…with a bolt-in roll cage. The weight of the car is now around the 1050 kg mark.

Not much to see up front except for the suspension’s piggyback tanks.

Hannita-san has proven just how fast a well tuned and set up, and of course driven, naturally aspirated car can really go. Respect!


Tomiyoshi Racing

Omega Oil Tsukuba Soukoukai

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much!


Such a great example of an NSX



Such a cool car, and what a glorious sound it makes too. Well done to them, great achievement especially as it was driven by himself.


Nothing is better than a naturally aspirated engine. This car is stunning.


Amazing car, to look at, listen to, and I'm sure to drive. Huge congrats to the driver!

Some of the youtube comments make me facepalm. It's ridiculous that anyone would criticize his driving or say they could do better. Consider for a second the fact that the lap was on a foggy day with traffic and it makes it all the more amazing.


Gorgeous car!




Fix that Video link!! I wanna hear this thing!!


that first shot, youve got two vintage BMW's and one old Merc hanging out in the background...would make a great wallpaper!


thanks for your precise and heartfelt comment,

thanks for your a lot of beatiful photographs.

also he is very happy to your comment and photos.

his challenge will be continued.

he is training well in Autopolis international circuit in kyushu, west part in japan.


its all good - love the NSX as a platform anyway, but this exmaple is definately strong and determined looking at the least. - love those rims and the seat look very comfy "thank-you-very-much" - its all good!


To kyushu-danji namerd kosako:


Congradulations on reaching 56'959

Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring us all!!


That is a sick simple NSX!!!!


Awesome car, proper engine as well.

Can we get some pictures of that dark grey E30 in the back? Pretty please?


A good balance of the engine is the best thing you can do to a naturally aspirated engine, and Japanese people are really good at this. 380 BHP are not so much, but the great balancing makes the 380 BHP working like 600+ BHP from a rude turbo engine. Plus it has not a sequential gearbox but a more normal dogbox! And it sounds like a DTM car from the 90's!

Stunning car, love the NSX and Honda's NA engines.


sweet I wouls pick this any day above a flip twin turbo nsx just more class


Great Car! Need more NSX desktops please =)


just ePIC !


wallpaper of any picture be great esp the last one


NA is best!

Congrats for the driver for such an amazing achievement, and thanks Dino for sharing with us this great car. :)


the sickest NSX ive saw in ages!


Wow... So sick !


first time ive ever heard speedhunters mention that the driver set the lap time not the car.


that is one special NSX. Desktop of the last picture please!! :D


You seem suprised by the bolt in cage but the nsx is alumunim and every nsx with a cage is bolt in.


A fantastic NSX, probably my favourite in the world outside of Super GT!


Desktops! Especially the last shot.

Awesome car, and amazing its so fast on 380hp!!


Way to represent ???! Great to see a tuner from there achieve such a great success.


Best NSX I've ever seen. Keep up the good work! Desktop please


Can i have 1???!!!!???


A lot of these Battle Evome cars could give the Hyper Rev cars a run for their money lulz! XD

Its amazing how these smaller tuner shops could run just as fast as the big tuners with less than half their budgets...


wow what a buff nsx!! all motor can be fast too hah


senna forever indeed. had never seen this but damn what a car.