Car Spotlight>> Esprit Nsx

The reason you didn’t see any shots of the Esprit NSX on the Part 3 of the HKS Premium Day coverage is that I wanted to dedicate a spotlight to this very special car. As you may recall its time at the Lap Battle event in Tsukuba back in December ended early due to mechanical trouble but it was running better than ever at Fuji. It was the fastest car in the 2WD class of the Fuji Speed Max, Tarzan Yamada managing to tame the savage power delivery and record a 1’43″94 which is truly beyond fast.

Wanting to take a closer look at the NSX I headed into the pits while the car was in for a tire change and a few adjustments.

This is what makes this car so unique, its longitudinally mounted V6 motor, which has of course been turbocharged for well over 600 HP.

This is definitely not where those red heads should be pointing towards!

The main reason for turning the engine 90º was not only a better weight balance but primarily to fit the transaxle sequential gearbox as was used in the NSXs that raced in Super GT.

This dry carbon scoop on the rear trunk area of the car seems to be there to direct cooling air towards the transmission.

Much like the driveline the lines of the widebody aero kit are very much inspired by the Super GT race cars, with the huge GT-wing dominating that rear end.

This is where Tarzan Yamada does his thing! The rear hatch windscreen has been ditched in favor of a lightweight dry-carbon cover so a camera and LCD screen take the place of the conventional rear view mirror.

Esprit has built some wild NSXs in the past but this one really is on another level. It’s a pity we never got to see its true potential at Tsukuba lat month at the Rev Speed Lap Battle.

Taking care of braking up front are 6-pot Endless brakes while at the rear…

…due to the weight balance of the mid-engined layout, big Brembo F50 4-pots are used with separate calipers for the side brake.

Is this the best NSX ever to come out of Japan? Maybe the purists will not agree as it’s been turbocharged and fettled with too much…what do you guys think?


HKS Premium Day 2011

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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just perfect <3


Car is belt for one thing, to go fast! and has done so, car is a purists of its purpose already


built* lol


I just think it's awesome


hope too see this car at Tsukuba aging and maybe break into the 54 sec range which is stupid fast


Wangan run that thing! :D


I absolutely love it! Time attack cars makes me drool =D


Honda, take some inspiration from this car and come back to the market with a car worthy of a company with so much sporting heritage.

Stop trying to flog hybrids as sports cars.


the limit between tuning car an GT racer is becoming thiner. Great car nonetheless.


Such a cool NSX!


What, wheel spacers on a racing car!?

Socialist Europe does not allow such transgression on their tracks and most racing enthusiasts are so religiously against these that they swear your wheels will come flying off if you use them!

And still, Japan does it!


I would say its ones of the best. Most of the honda fan boys that swear by NA must have for gotten about cars like the city and legend which both had a turbo options...


I'm not complaining what has been done cos its been awhile we've seen any NSXs over here :(

At the same time, they've done stuff that hasn't really ruined the essence of the car.


With honda restarting their NSX Successor Program. Many People have been arguing if it should be turbo or n/a

While I love Honda for their N/A High Reving motors, I am open to seeing what they do with boost in a High Performance Model.

Think about Ferrari and their well know Model. Funny that the Undisputed King of Ferrari's is the F40...

This is a nice model. but this specific model should be NA to be the greatest. Still a very badass setup...




One of my all time favorite time attack cars.


Such an amazing car! Seeing all that engineering in the engine room makes me very sad to see that they couldn't find wheels to properly fit the car. I mean come on, 40mm wheel spacers on a car of this nature??? Really cheapens it for me. Otherwise, cool machine.


very sick.


Awesome car. But what exactly is a side brake ? Never heard that term before, is it the same as a hand brake ?


i wonder how fast FXMD NSX would be if they just get sequential gearbox , from a good source i hear they got something big coming out ...............


i miss the white blue fade!!! still love this car though!


The purists can eat it...this car is a testament to brilliant engineering


gotta watch touge max, with the old NSX shit was rad


Absolutely perfect in every way.

Can i have it please Esprit? Post to Perth West Australia please


i think the mugen nsx rr is the best looking nsx... it had everything this car had minus the turbos, its engine was rotated, however it wasn't a working model. the esprit nsx is the most radical conversion for daily track shredding purposes. mugen should really finish their car to see what it can really do.






The only thing that would have made it better would have been an I6 ;)


If you are thinking of the PURE NA NSX form I do understand that some may say it is not as pure as some would like it to be. I really like Honda and theyer NA spirit. But when you look at this you can not but agree that this is just awsome work from the buttom and up. Inspiering I would say.


i think its deffinately one of the best looking NSX's to come outta japan!!! stunning


nsx race car ftw - I prefer some of the nutty Mythos cars since there streetable but this is still win


This is just the best NSX ever, period. Good luck trying to squize 650 hp out of an N/A engine, you would need a big V8 at least, which would increase weight and there's probably no room for it. And for what, 0.002 sec better pickup? Turbos also give more torque. Great build this, really impressive time!


A good ol' track focused weapon!


more shots of the motor!. Wish you guys could drag a mirror around for some under-car shots.- Kinda like those displays that the have at lower-rider shows . Id love to see some power_train snapps!


Impressive piece of engineering. More info and pics please!!


Dino, thanks for mentioning what kind of sequential the car is using !

Attention to details buddy !


Desktop mann!!!!!!!!!!!........................baddasss esprit & spoon NSX the best in Japan!!


I am in love.


fxmd eats it alive IMHO


Best NSX ever? More like best car ever!


epic.. this one is definately a legendary build.


it's not the first and only longitudinally mounted C32B. If I'm not mistaken Mugen also did this with their Nsx rr concept.


this NSX is by far one of the best NSXs of all time atleast in my opinion


An awesome machine! Has to be the best road legal NSX out there...


Love this car!! 
btw, I believe that rear scoop goes to the intercooler for the turbo setup.