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A few days ago, we looked at the detailed build process and saw what exactly influenced the exterior styling of the ’70 Spectre Camaro. Now, here is the completed car. Quite a drastic change from the yellow car it once was, no?

Let’s first talk about the engine. The original motor was swapped out for an LS1, which was pushed back 1.75” by Campbell Auto Restoration. They added a set of headers from Patriot, a Spectre cold air intake and a Speed by Spectre HPR filter. This very popular LS swap with all these added components produce 410 horse power to the rear wheels and 400 foot pounds of torque.

The guys from Campbell Auto Restoration took no expense to dress up the engine bay with polished parts aplenty.

The carbon fiber front wheel tub and front cross bracing serve both their functions well while helping out with the visual aesthetics of the engine bay. If I owned this car, this is an engine bay I would not mind showing off.

With 410 horses and 400 foot pounds of torque at the command of your right foot, roasting tires becomes pretty easy.

The rear tires are a set of Kumho XS 345/30ZR19! Definitely not your typical size.

And with rear tire that big, the view from the back is intimidating to say the least.

The front and rear Kumhos are wrapped around a set of Spectre silver powder coated Forgeline S03P: 18X11″ for the fronts and 19X13″ in the rear –thirteens!

The suspension has been fitted out with none other than Hotchkis Suspension, a company which produces upgraded suspension components for classic muscle, and pony cars. It features a set of Hotchkis front upper and lower control arms, Hotchkis Chassis Max Handle Bars, and Hotchkis front and rear anti-sway bars. Campbell Auto Restoration modified the rear bar for more adjustability. Hotchkis QA-1 coil overs were used in the front while the rear got its treatment from a set of Detroit Speed & Engineering rear leaf springs and Hotchkis QA-1 double adjustable rear shocks.

Of course, you can’t have all that power and all that grip without being able to properly stop. The guys from Spectre employed the power of Baer Brakes for that job.

The interior of the car has been completely redone. It features a custom aluminum dash, console…

…and door panels. These aluminium pieces, which were fabbed from Fast Eddie’s Speed Shop and, like the wheels, were powder coated Spectre Silver. The roll cage was also fabricated at Fast Eddie’s and a Momo wheel replaced the original steering wheel.

The transmission tunnel has a custom Techno Cloth “blanket” by Campbell Auto Restoration. A very classic look, yet works very well with the clean, and utilitarian custom interior.

I love the gauge pod. It’s so fresh, so modern, yet also has a very classic look to it.

When you have a muscle car built to be able to handle itself properly in a corner, new seats are needed to keep the driver in from sliding all over the inteiror. In this case, a set of reclinable Momos were the pick.

The GT style side mirrors are also a nice touch.

In the build post from Elana Scherr, she spoke briefly about the one piece Anvil nose. And in the photo that she showed of the nose under construction, the headlights were empty holes. Now the headlight holes have been filled with the second hole using a Speed by Spectre headlight funnel. Cold air intake? That’s as cold as it gets without putting an AC unit in front of it.

With an engine that can roast a set of 345 tires, it has an exterior to match its power. The guys from Campbell Auto Restoration fabbed up the front and rear aluminum spoilers/splitters, the aluminum speedwickers, and the car’s most drastic visual change, its massive fender front and rear flares.

When it came to think about where to shoot the feature on the car, it was a no brainer: at the racetrack.

Luckily, the guys at Spectre were having a test and tune day for the Camaro at Willow Springs International Raceway.

During the first part of the day, the Camaro was getting its suspension set up on the skidpad on the Streets of Willow. It was rather astonishing to see the car break traction even with its gigantic front and rear tires.

Later in the afternoon, the cones were removed and the car set out on the race track itself.

Sadly, I had to leave a little after lunch, but Larry Chen was able to come and get shots of the car doing its thing on the track.

If I saw this car in my rear view mirror while on track, I’d get out of the way as quickly as possible!

This Larry Chen shot of the car is one of my favorites. It shows off the car’s beefy fender flares, and 13″ rear wheels very well. What a machine….

How about we end this with one more shot of the car doing a burn out?

Does this car have what it takes to join the modernized muscle car unofficial hall of fame like the Year One Trans Am or Big Red? Only time will tell. But I must say, this car is definitely something special.


Complete Spec List: 

’70 Spectre Camaro


- LS1 with Tremec T-56 speed transmission producing 410rwhp
- Cold air intake by Spectre
- Speed by Spectre headlight funnels
- Speed by Spectre hpR filters
- Engine set back 1.75” by Campbell Auto Restoration
- Headers from Patriot
- Exhaust from Edelbrock
- Aluminum drive shaft by Dynotech


- Custom front and rear aluminum spoilers/splitters
- Custom aluminum speedwickers
- Custom fender flairs by Campbell Auto Restoration
- Carbon fiber nose, hood, deck lid and rear window filler panel by Anvil


- Custom aluminum dash, console and door panels by Fast Eddie’s Speed Shop
- Roll cage by Fast Eddie’s Speed Shop
- Custom Daytona weave carpet by Campbell Auto Restoration
- Custom Techno Cloth tunnel “blanket” by Campbell Auto Restoration
- MOMO sport seats and steering wheel


- Baer Brakes
- Forgeline S03P wheels 18X11 and 19X13 powder coated Spectre silver
- Kumho XS tires 315/30ZR18 and 345/30ZR19
- Hotchkis front upper and lower control arms with QA-1 coil overs
- Hotchkis Chassis Max Handle Bars
- Hotchkis front and rear anti-sway bars, rear bar modified by Campbell Auto Restoration for more adjustability
- Detroit Speed & Engineering rear leaf springs and QA-1 double adjustable rear shocks

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Hi, my name is Christophe, from North of France (near Lille -59- dept) and would like to know the way about the Edelbrock exhaust of this "Evil" Camaro SPECTRE...


Exactely I want to know what are the last parts (with pictures pleased) of the end of these exhaust.


Thanks a lot by advance for that.