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Okay, the Need for Speed D-Mac '86 is back to its build bay in the shop which is getting more and more untidy as the weeks go on! Hopefully it should come together quickly and we can tidy up round here. You might notice the front tube extension has not been painted. This is because at the time the car was going for paint we did not have the intercooler and could not make the brackets to hold it in place and also the brackets for the bumper bar need to be made and we need all the aero on for that part of the build.

Bridgeported 13B goodness courtesy of Hayward Rotary in the UK. It has finally been bolted into its new home and not snagging on any part of the rusty old Corolla :-)

It looks so much better with paint on it!

We have to do our best not to scratch it while installing all our interior bits. In the next update the interior should be completed all going to plan.

This is the last shot of the rear interior before the view gets obscured by our custom radiator, piping and roof vent.

The rear axle is now painted and located with our 4 link system. It's hard to beat black and white.

Our custom top link is now installed. This should allow us to fine tune our setup quickly on track, not like the original two upper links that are very awkward to access. You can see the BOSCH pump and bullet filter installed ready to be covered by the fuel cell.

The tunnel and bulkhead were just second to the steering in the time consumption stakes but now they are finished. I think they have turned out pretty good.

Our MCN/AVO rear coilovers are ready to transmit more power to the tarmac than any other AE86 drift car in history. We wanted to run standard and just off the shelf AE86 suspension rather than a custom trick suspension setup just so we can prove just how good our '86 suspension is.

Likewise at the front. We are using the MCN/AVO adjustable front inserts inside the original struts with weld on coilover conversion tubes.

This has been the most head wrecking part of the build, the custom steering. I hate and love this steering rack in equal measure. It took quite a large amount of time to get everything working the way we wanted it to, but if it all works out it should perform really well.

We made a custom steering column so we could throw away the over complicated Toyota one. A new gear lever has been made for the Supra transmission and we modified the 16 inch ASD vertical e-brake lever to just the right position for me.

Aerial view of currently the world's shortest '86!

Right so, that is it for now, time to get back to work. It should start to come together pretty quickly now. I cannot wait to here the first brap from this thing!





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looking good is this for formula d? I would think so


i dont think the 4link is gonna go well with drifting


first off, that's a 3-link setup, commonly used in circle track racing, NOT a 4 link setup (commonly used on drag cars). Secondly why is the panhard rod at such an angle? that's going to give this thing some seriously funky handly when you hit bumps and the rear end slides over a half inch to the left or something.

I love how you talk about keeping the suspension setup stock but then using a fully custom steering setup!

D00d, hire me to help you optimize that suspension! at least mount the panhard horizontally and centered. Or switch to a watts or mumford linkage setup.


this isnt for formula drift . .


Floodo1 you are right I was going to say the same thing about it being a 3 link. On my circle track car is set up even lower than that too. He will find out that his back end will have a lot of roll.

He doesn't have a torque bar or pull bar, its soild so at least his rear end wont move forward to back.

I should go see what my rx-7 does on the street and report back here. oh wait that is illegal :(


omg rotary's is so small O.o

perfect project


Is it running the AE86 differential and axles? I wonder how the little LSD and skinny axles are going to hold up to the increased power.


Rad. I'm feelin this. Can't wait to see it!


Looks great guys! Can't wait to see some action shots!


That thing would never pass FD tech, very cool build though


Rotary powered AE86... I'm speakless... ¦-)


nice!! this is great, i was just wondering how to fix the retarded stock suspension in my x72 cressida wagon (which has the same 4-link suspension and solid rear axle), now i have a pictorial guide!


Loving this build!!! This is gonna be a kick ass AE!!


That front suspension is pretty haggard looking.


^^^it doesnt matter what you think, i think d-mac and the boys know what they are doing here... and its actually a 5-link.


how are you posting the pics on this thread, I can see the pics in the other threads but not in this one, not even in some parts of the precvious thread on this build.


are you using the R154 out of a supra? custom bellhousing?

if it is the R154, you should check out the nashman motorsports adjustable shifter, they had a group buy on It's pretty trick, you can adjust where the shift knob is located, and it shortens the shift.


Great, i love this builds part, cant wait to see the rest.


Good post, good progress.

Don't like the suspension setup but whatever, it's not my car.

Good luck in FD.



hiring you would be a mistake.

the panhard should be horizontal at ride height when the car is sitting on the ground. in that pic the suspension is at full droop.

not to mention the suspension probably won't be adjusted until the car is almost finished.


europe bound...I wish it was for FD!



Let me answer your all your remarks

1. As any well travelled person would know there is different terminology from country to country. Where i come from this is a 4 link system, 3 forward facing links and a panhard/lateral/track bar

2. The panhard bar is at such an angle because we have the car raised up to as high as it will go so it is easier for us to work on. We like to pamper ourselves here. You can clearly see in the ninth picture down that the coilover is wound up as high as it will go. I thought that from the pics its pretty obvious that this car is not ready for the track just yet. If i was concentrating on my rear suspension geometry at this stage then i would be getting a little ahead of myself dont you think? since we have inlet, exhaust, ignition etc???

3.My point that i was making was that the dampers are off the shelf ae86 items. steering has nothing to do with how the damper and spring performs. We could have gone with 2 or 3 way adjustable damper with in car controllers etc but we decided to use a product available to the general public and show how good it is. Does this make sense to you??

4. Your 6 line comment has totally convinced me to take you onboard. Please call by this week to discuss your contract

5. We beleive there is an advantage to running the panhard over the other link systems


interesting steering rack location, neat idea putting it up and in front of the motor, allowing the motor to sit reeeeeally low.


this would of been cool if hadnt been done before but one of the d1nz boys already has in nz


It is a 3 link but it's not sitting at ride height now. The panhard/track bar will level out once the cars on the ground. The body mount is slotted to make small adjustments needed when they adjust their ride height. I'm surprised they didn't fabricate an adjustable mount on the axle housing so they could also adjust their rear roll centre.


Awesome welds on that front suspension


Actually, if you guys looked hard enough, it is a four link: two LCA's, a Panhard Bar, and the fourth link is on the top of the differential housing and it connects through the floorpan to inside the cabin. And as far as the angle of the Panhard Bar, what matters is its angle when the suspension is loaded.

Can't wait to hear that rotary scream!


Most power ever in a Drift 86? what figures are you expecting? i've seen V8's and very powerful 4's here in Australia!


hey just curious about the 2 panhard mounting points on diff and body? looking awesome buy the way.


"Our MCN/AVO rear coilovers are ready to transmit more power to the tarmac than any other AE86 drift car in history."

Ummmm...Must be HUGE HP because theres some pretty dam fast, High HP 86s out there. Have seen many fitted with 1 and 2 JZ drag motors, 20B turbos 20B pps, Turbo 1UZs ect ect.

Honestly this has to be one of the most over rated builds ever, How do you even get to put a build of such low quality fabrication on this site.. I could never upload a photo of such poor welding.. espcially on such vital bits as suspention and steering!! Can no one at your shop TIG weld??


The 3 link set up is a very good idea to reduce the inherent bounciness of the 86 rear suspension. By raising the link point of that top link, the suspension will get better and smoother travel and as a result be more smooth and stick to the road better than the classic awkward angled 4links. I've never seen a steering set up like this on an 86, looks like it might help you get more angle, let us know how it works out!


Nice one Darren. Its looking good.

looking forward to hearing it. Debut @Teeside?


Great work so far Darren, keep it up. This is going to be a weapon!


Lol @ SKDKNG...

Have you been getting up at the wrong side of the bed lately?

Or are you a mid 40s washed up wanna be car builder who has read every forum post on car manufacturing there is to read but cant figure out how to hold a spanner?

You my friend are a clown...

Once your first post was answered and u wer proved wrong you decided to come back and try again with more raving nonsence!!!

Maybe some day your kid, if you have the capability to produce 1 will ask you to help him build a wooden go cart and when you cant quiet figure out the geometry of 1 piece of rope by each wheel and a central pivot point hit us up bro...

Until then go back to terrorising moter racing/drifting forums...


This car will destroy all.... Simples!


Edit my prevvious line 4 to a mix up....


@SKDKNG: My words! Espacialy a few concept-thoughts on this car are absolutly 'brilliant'.


Doesnt Formula D rules state something about cage mounting to the rear shock tower must be indivudally connected not jointly, if that makes sense. Yours looks jointly connected.

Im really curious on how well the steering rack works for you guys. Goodluck!!


wow haterz hatin! I think due to that fact it doesnt use pistons everyone is inclined to hate as hard as they can. Or maybe people forget that this isnt a show car? not everything has to look perfect. More than likely after all this work its going to get nicked by a wall or another car or whatever

Anyways dude build looks like a good track car build. Honestly i love the motor placement for sure! I am just unsure of how twitchy this thing will be. My fabricator and i had thought the same about pulling my 13b back 2-3 inches in my fc but thats gonna have to wait.


lol @ floodo1

D-Mac just owned your ass. Do more research before you think you know more than someone who is a PROFESSIONAL. That word exists for a reason.

Sick build though! Can't wait to see it when it's done. GL Darren!



I said drift car not drag car

secondly its obvious you dont like the work. We do the best with what we have. We would love to have the budget and tools to of bigger teams. There is only 4 million people in this country and 1 race track so as you can imagine its very hard to have a company building drift cars. Our welds may not be as tidy as TIG but they are strong and it is all of our ideas that make our builds interesting. Speedhunters isnt about maga builds and beantiful fab, its about car culture around the world. This is our culture here in Ireland and we are glad speedhunters recognise that


I absolutely cant stand the spindle on strut design they used back in the 1980's bah.


I think this TIME ATTACK AE68 will be pretty damn cool. And Fast. And ORIGINAL.

@ SKDKNG & floodo

Nice comments guys. Please read D-Mac's response to your retarded statements and please reconsider your points before crapping on a forum.


well done darren, i wish i could visit mcnsport sometime, iam in kerry


Very nice work! I can't wait to see more.


Love this thing i am currently working on the exact same thing