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There have been some truly awesome builds popping up in the inbox after our call out to see your projects. This one comes from Patjoe of Ireland, who is putting together an AE86 track car that will be powered by a NA SR20VE bored to 2.2 liters. Considering that the above photo is the "before" version, you know this is going to be one hell of a machine when it's done.

Although the car was originally powered by a solid 20 valve AE111 engine, Patjoe wanted more power. While an SR20DET or even an F20C might have been a more familiar route, he decided to go with a fully built naturally aspirated SR20 with variable valve timing.

This wrecked Nissan would serve as a donor car for the project. It's SR16VE head was matched with a RWD SR20 block for maximum high rpm NA power.

This set of 50mm individual throttle bodies from an M3 CSL will certainly help the SR breathe.

As the 86 was disassembled, it became less of an engine swap and more of a complete car rebuild.

The chassis will be significantly lightened thanks to these carbon fiber body panels.

When all is said and done, the naturally aspirated SR should make around 250 horsepower  will be mated to a 6-speed trans from an S15. The chassis has also been fully seam welded and built to competition-spec.

The choice in wheels? These 15×9.5 -19 Watanabes.

I'm starting to think a full feature might be in order once the car is complete. What do you guys think?

In the meantime, you can head over to Drift Ireland to see the full build thread.

-Mike Garrett



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WOOOOW, nice job!, this car look like its going in the right way hehe.


full feature yes please and thankyou


YES! Feature that 86 when it's finished! I'll be following the build waiting


Full feature would be awesome!


Please DO Feature this!!!


15s? last pic doesnt look at all like 15s...


I simply love it, hope to see more soon


The car looks awesome and the build sounds brilliant. I must say though I think the car would look better without the bodykit (Spoiler and overfenders can stay) I always prefered the Levins without ground effect kits.


"Doc" eh?

When this baby hits 88mph you're gonna see some serious shit.


Why is the engine mounted transversely? FWD?


This car looks crazy with that NA tuned and all the build process..awesomeness!


Hey Mike, what does it mean when you say "the chassis is been built to competition spec?"


Hey Mike, what does it mean when you say "the chassis is been built to competition spec?"


i like it

BUILDS>>SR22VE AE86 - Speedhunters

things being at that time im your rss reader


highly disapprove of the SR2OVE in a old toyota.

leave nissans top motors for nissans. the ve does not deserve to be forced to power a old ae86 driven by some drifto fan boi.

he should have built his silver top.


Defintely warrants a full feature!


I demand a video be uploded of this thing at full chat, once its complete!


WOW! hes got some quiet a bit of money to throw it down on all that carbon!


wicked, love the build - it must fly! liking the colour..


i want that ae111 engine so freaking bad how much? id be happy to get it off ur hands if is not too much money for it


Ricky: he got the Engine from the nissan that wasnt the corolla.

Looks sick. More info on the car.


Full Feature!!!


God i love those VE's so much i had one in my b13.

Cant wait to see when its done, and how it will move after those ITB's


Hell yea feature worthy!


god srs are so over rated why the ef would u put a na one in a 86 there are much better choices

f22c>3sgebeams/5sfebottom end>sr22ve


This car is ace...... and ireland is on the map again. yoewwww...

even Driftireland gets props. nice...........


that was awesome, but i was a lot better if that great engine was place on (ae112)


i dont know much about car engines and ect., but i love running our car downhill at full speed then drift at corners and i think that was awesome, but it would a lot better if that great engine was place on an (ae112)