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As soon as Rod and Charles announced February's theme 'Builds', I was immediately inundated with ideas. One standout example that came to mind was Ryan Beall's Toyota KE70. Ryan purchased the car back in 2006 off an elderly fellow for just $500, and the project is certainly coming along. It's great to know the previous owner still keeps in contact, wanting to know what new ideas and concepts Ryan's working on.

The purpose of this build is to have fun and to enter the occasional competition. Here you can see the lips of the front guards have been cut off and welded onto the rear to fit the 14x9J -21 SSR Mesh and a wider F series differential.

If we take a look on the other front quarter panel you'll see Ryan has made some progress on extending the whole fender. The front guards will be left alone with no flaring to gain the 45mm clearance needed while keeping the standard lines.

A couple of AE86 parts compliment the rear end. A TRD Coupe spoiler has been moulded to the boot along with an AE86 rear bumper.

At the rear is a straight-through exhaust leading to twin 3.5-inch tips. The rear end suspension setup consists of Tokico shocks with adjustable spring seats, with a 6kg/mm spring rate.

Whilst speaking with Ryan the night before the shoot, he mentioned the motor was still on the crane. Turning up the following day, the motor had been installed. The little KE70 will be powered by this 3rd generation 3S-GTE. The drivetrain consists of a W58 gearbox and an F series differential with a TRD 2 way. Ryan had to make a number of adjustments to fit the motor…

…such as cutting through the firewall and shifting the whole motor back 60cm, virtually coming into the cabin.

The floor trim and sound deadening have been completely stripped out. A pair of Recaro seats from an RX-7 replace the standard seats nicely.

At this stage there isn't much going on in the interior. Ryan will be beginning to make the full custom dash in the coming weeks. For now an older Classico Nardi steering wheel has been installed.

Moving onto the rear, Ryan has welded in a full roll cage which he fabricated himself. 

Also fitted is a Celica GT4 ST205 water to air interooler and electric water pump to feed the boot-mounted radiator. Air will be directed to it via two NACA ducts.

As we disassembled one of the front quarters we got to the suspension and brakes…

…8kg/mm custom coilovers on the front fitted with Tokico Hts shocks, 40mm RCA and custom steering knuckles to help in the lock department. To help pull this little machine to a halt are Landcruiser brakes and RX-7 pads, quite an odd combination but it's known to work.

The little KE70 is finally starting to take shape and almost look complete. With some more work to the fenders, a fresh splash of paint, some wiring, and Perspex windows the car will be ready to see the track again!

I'd like to thank Ryan Beall for his time, I look forward to seeing the end result.

-Casey Dhnaram



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this looks like its gonna be epic !! can't wait to see this...


This definitely would be "sexy time" xD


I love the fact that this awesome budget homebuild is parked in the garage next to the quintessential home built: Locost7!!


It would be so nice to have that level of DIY/Mechanical knowledge and experience. I'm only just working up to things like turbo swaps and suspension mods.

Great build, it's gonna be a VERY fun car to drive by the looks of things.


yes, this is so cool! maybe pictures number 1, 5, and the last one as desktops?


Love those SSRs!


3sgte gt 4 power!


At first, I was wondering to myself "What is this POS doing on SpeedHunters?" Then I read through the build, and now i'm excited to see the end result!


always good to see people restore cars and add more personality than original parts.


Looks like a S14 front subframe on there


cant wait to see this thing done, its gonna be soo sick!!


I would think you might give it a V8 with all that work. I love the Corollas. many things can be done to make them nice.


Warning: unplanned sexy-time can lead to abortion.


3sgte? That is freaking awesome.


land cruiser brakes huh???i'm gonna have to do some looking into that one, kudos my friend kooo dos


OMG! No words just amazing


Sweet. This thing looks though.


whoa, this thing has the same engine that i was going to put in a ke70. dang. just needed to find a shell..

good work mate


props to an everyday person doing it big. Nice motor choice.


looking forward to the build. car's got heaps of character


Sexy time for real.


landcruiser brakes in the uk have the same calipers found on a 97 impreza sti.


I gotta know... where did the rear window louvers come from?


This is too freaking awesome! Can't imagine how epic this will look in a year or two when it already looks so epic right now! xD


Chop the top :P


I want that sticker. NARUHODO NA!!!


OOoo so dump n so clean


looking good.. although if he parked where i live, looking like that, the authorities would be taking that one away!! - i love it - keep me posted.. really want those rear wheels!


That looks awesome. I love how he's modified the body without using aftermarket parts. But what is it going to do on the track exactly? That front camber gave me a hunch...


what a weapon!!


nice little project there, coming along nicely!!


impressive fabrication for a home build. i dont get the front fenders tho. hes cut the flare off the left hand one to fit on the rear... but hes pulled the right hand one leaving the lip on. so the finished car will have asymetrical front fenders? what have i missed?


I have about 6 guards that I have been experimenting from, rear guards are form the front of a ke70, but not the guards you see in the pictures, front left and right are two different ideas for front guards that i am working on at the moment, I put them on because they both happen to be beige even though they were never originally on the car, note no brown pin striping.

who ever suggested s14 front end, this is not the case, close though. It is mitsubishi based control arms that are 60mm longer than standard with a slightly larger ball joint. I did this as I am running a wider diff and wanted the front end to be equal to or greater than the track of the rear for better oversteer characteristics. Also by having a longer control arm it allows much more room for lock, less likely to foul on the body or anything else. With rack spacers, gtv rack with quaife internal quick rack gears, custom steering knuckles my wheels have a lot of lock, with very few turns on the wheel, and come about 25mm shy of fouling on anything and thats with very little castor as I havnt wound them out to final adjustment yet and am contemplating exchanging them for cusco rose jointed gear.

Milk+, the rear louvres were on the car when I bought it, I have collected a few "spares" just in case over the years but they seem to be on about 1 in 50 rollas here in Aus. I thought they looked funny until I had the large duck tail and rear bar (just so you know there is an 86 bar that was also modified for the front but was not on in the pics). I feel the exhaust, or the rear bar, or the wing, or the louvres would look quite silly on their own, but all together it looks exactly like what I wanted in my head.

SteveT, I wont be choppin the top haha, Im quite a short person as you can see in the pics, my recaros are moutned quite low, and my roll cage literally touches the roof and I have about 20mm clearance for my helmet. Plus I think it would take away from the naturally "designed with a t square" lines I love about the car.

Declan, that might be the case, im not sure, they are found on landcruiser 100 series, ln106 or something hilux and maybe one or two other cars I dont know about, the difference between landcruiser and hilux is the landcruiser have tiny cooling ribs on them. The hilux/pug/rona brake setup has been tried and tested amongst track racers for some time, I like them as they come together nicely and fit snug under 14s. They will be more than powerful enough, I have paired up the celica gt4 master cyl to the ke70 booster and it seems like quite a good ratio.

2x the fun thank you very much, I struggle sometimes financially and time wise with a university degree, and the last 2 times I have had PITA injuries one from bmx the other from a hot cup at tea that flew in the direction of my face/neck that prevented me from getting more done, but now that I have 95% of everything paid for and 95% of the hard fab stuff out the way I have all the quiet enjoyable fiddly things left to do which is great. I look forward to driving it and getting some angy greatly.

Cameron, if you intend on putting a gen3 into a keto, heed my warnings, there are a few things that are a right pita, if I had the time again I would go something easier but less torquey/powerful. But whats done is done and I have done all the hard things.

Rich, the gen 3 3sgte makes simmilar power and torque to a lexus v8 with what I hope to be better power characteristics. Also by making it breathe a little better and a slight increase in boost which it handles with ease I can have the power over 300hp reliably.

FPseth the locust was built by my father from scratch with no plans, it runs an s15 sr20det motor, gearbox and rear cradle, it builds power really nicely and weighs somewhere under 600kg so its quite fun to drive, the craziest thing is when you slide it you are sitting at the back of the car and your body moves sideways rather than at 45 degrees in a normal car which is pretty funny, also pretty funny when curbs are literally an arms lengths away when you slide.

Thanks for the comments guys, I thank casey for taking the time to write this article and the rest of the gang, it is very motivating for me.


Please I really want deskop of that KE70 with 3SGTE it looks soo awesome !


Epsilon wheels?


This is gay.


Thank you for posting up such rad Corolla. Had given me some more inspiration to do it on my Corolla too.


ethan drives his boyfriends minivan in assless


Make sure you get a tetanus shot before you get too crazy in that thing. Its cute and has character but those welds on the right front fender are HIDEOUS!! Fun build no matter!


Defs need some desktops of the machine!


It really is amazing how the Japanese continue to inspire the drift scene internationally, whether it


It really is amazing how the Japanese continue to inspire the drift scene internationally, whether it

Liam marly Barcodian

whats the rear wheel called(the green one) i have been trying to source a set but its proving impossible


Could you tell me all modifications u went through to fit the engine


Liam marly Barcodian SSR Mesh