Builds>>rb26-powered Z32 From Montreal

We've already had a quite a response to our call-out for reader builds. Jay from Montreal, Canada sent us some photos of a project that him and his friend are working on. It's a RHD Z32 300ZX undergoing an RB26DETT swap.

Here's a shot of the car before it went under the knife.

Jay didn't say why he's ditching the VG30 for the RB, but I'm thinking the notoriously cramped engine bay might have something to do with it…

A shot of the new powerplant. The RB26 has been pulled from an R32 GTR and will have a pair of HKS 2540 turbines and Nismo 555c injectors.

The rest of the engine setup will include custom intake, exhaust, intercooler, and a Setrab oil cooler.

Also part of the build is a set of Brembo brakes, and fully-adjustable coilover suspension. The wheels of choice will be Veilside Andrews in 18×9.5 and 18×10.5.

The exterior will also get some minor tweaking. Here's the JDM-spec front bumper waiting to be installed.

Jay is aiming to have the car back on the road by the time April rolls around. What better time to fire up a new build than when spring arrives?

Thanks for the photos Jay, keep us updated!

-Mike Garrett



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I like it... a lot


The Y33 in the last pic looks good, more info on that please.


Is there a way to follow this build? I'm really interested.


Man I gotta send in pics of my z32 build. Sick Z man.


Im confused; didnt Quebec band RHD vehicles ? So im guessing this is a dedicated track car.


Good luck with that timeline ;)

I do love RB swaps though.


if me, i would like to put 2jz...


@JDMpurest: I was thinking the same! :)


I hope he'll wait til april cuz we just had another snow storm two days ago... more than a foot of snow haha! niceproject, i'll hope to see it on one of the track surrounding the city!


engine out... literally


Nice mon Jayp!!!! contiunue ta job!!


Sick Car from my hometown.


Ohh yeah my car is on Speedhunters !!

I will glady provide updates on the project as it goes by !!



That's not a Y33, it's an E34 Beemer.


Yea thumbs up de la région !!! Très bon projet, avoir la place, j'aurais déjà un tit projet comme ça en désespère pas...en attendant, bonne chance et que ce projet soit une réussite !!


Put those Viennas on the Z!


montreal represent!!!


nice work guys !! QC


For the Cedric, we are swapping a VH45DE in it ;) Next pics of the projet will come soon (with a BETTER camera this time lolll)

Thanks guys


Rims look to be SSR Koenigs.

and the car next to it looks like a Y31 Cima/Gloria

engine swap a good idea unless you have midget hands.


I can't say I'm a fan. Why bother with the custom fabrication and lack of hood clearance with the RB? Are you going to go all Top Secret and make 1000 hp? Probably not. Even if you are, 1000 hp is capable with the VG and you'll have way better torque characteristics with the VG, than the torque-less RB. RB motors are too hyped.

If you're going to do the custom fab work, you might as well go with the VH and twin turbo that. Massive torque, 4.5 liter V8, a motor with a true race heritage from the Groupe C, LM GT1, Indy, and most importantly Steve Millen and Johnny O'Connell's 94 season IMSA Z32's were powered by the VH.


I just realized that is a slicktop! Okay, I'll put my dislike for RB's aside, I'm just happy a slicktop is being built! I need to get my slicktop build going again.


@AR: The province of quebec didn't ban all the jdm cars. Every jdm that was inspected before april 29 2009 is legal for street use, new imports have to be 25 year old instead of 15 like the rest of canada before being inspected for street driving.


Nice jay !! WF FTW ;)


Hey guys for those that think that the black car is a BMW or Y33 .. think again its a Y32 Cedric. engine it out also in that one to make place for a VH45 (VG30 stock) and Dominic who replyed before me is the man behind the builds ! big up to his help and cant wait to drive summer time !!!


@ AR. Quebec only band new RHD cars from coming in. The ones that are already plated have been Grandfathered and are good to go.


I wonder what the reason for the swap is? He has a twin turbo, which is already very fast. Why the RB?


Here is the build thread of the black car ( sorry its all in french )

car is mine and its a 1991 Nissan Cedric Y32 (right hand drive) only one in the Quebec province


Hi guys,

The main reasons for the swap are : Unique / More easy to work inside the Engine Bay

The Vg was blown when I bought the car, it is my 6th z32 (im 22, do the maths :P)

I know the vg has a really good potential but I wanted something unique and I had a rb26 in my hands at the moment lol.

As for hood clearance, stock hood will fit ;)

Here is the link of the build in french :


please throw the 2540 turbos in the bin... 2530 or GTSS or the equivalent Garretts would be a much better option... the 2540's are infamous for their lag and are really old tech now... for RB26 tuning advice hit up lots of good info there

good luck with the build:)


Hey Jay, what bumper is that red one?

I'd love to get one for my RHD Z as well!

Shout outs from Ottawa and big props!


The 2540's aren't that hot of turbos for a street car. You need some more displacement than the 26 has.

Check the crank, make sure its not an early.

555 injectors are a little on the small side for pump gas, and trying to make any amount of power.