Builds>> Peter Holloway’s Rocketbunny Ps13

Out of the four cars I have featured so far for this month's builds theme, Peter's PS13 would have to be my personal favourite. Since the car was purchased and the build process began it has been kept very low key. For many people in Brisbane this will be the very first time they've seen photos of this car. I was over the moon when Pete agreed on doing an article.

After a little chat with Pete, we got down to business. Unlocking the garage to find this outrageously low RocketBunny kitted PS13.

Whilst I did my thing, Pete did his. For each feature I've shot for builds month, I've individually spoken to the owners and asked for them to work on the car as if I'm not there so I'm not holding anyone back. Here Peter has disassembled the front bumper to re-allign the front quarter panel to allow the passenger door to open and close without rubbing.

Not long after that problem had been diagnosed. We began to take a look around the car.

The first day Pete picked up the car it caught on fire due to a small leak in the engine bay. The evidence still remains.

In saying that, the SR20DET looks immaculate. Repainted bay, hidden loom and shiny, polished piping all comes together perfectly. The purpose of this s-chassis is to have a reliable 2.0L motor with a healthy 200KW at the rear wheels (268BHP)

As Pete is a fan of the older styling of s-chassis the car is sat on a full set of 15x10J -26 Longchamp XR4's wrapped in 195/55/R15 giving a suitable amount of stretch.

Moving down to the rear of the car there RocketBunny parts everywhere. Out of all the body kits made for PS13's Peter has never come across anything that has fitted to the chassis more precisely than this.

As the afternoon approached we began to attach the body kit and roll it onto the street for some statics. Little did we know we were going to disassemble the kit five minutes later.

As the car still doesn't run, we had to push it out of the garage …

Onto the rough, unlevelled driveway. The car got about 1 meter before the front tow hooks engraved themselves into the bitumen. As a result of it being stuck there was no other option but to remove the front wheel…

…and wind up the front coilovers to clear the bitumen.

Finally clearing the road, the car was stuck once again. As it was only Peter and I, myself not being the biggest of stature, I called for backup.

In the time we were waiting for two rescuers I spent the time observing the interior. Pete is a Hot Rod fanatic, he actually prefers them over imports which is a huge surprise. Both the steering wheel and shifter are from Mooneyes.

Check out the boss kit on the steering wheel!

After Seamus and Nick arrived we eventually got the car onto the street. Attaching the bodykit and lowering the coilovers back down it was time to get some photos. It worked out quite well timing wise. The light was ever so even, I really wish this time of the day lasts longer than it does. 

Once the puzzle had been put together all four of us stood back and were quite impressed. The XR4's incorporate the shape of the car so well.

Here you can really visualise how well the bodykit does fit up to the chassis. One thing I love about the RocketBunny kit is the rear ducktail spoiler. It's such a perfect touch.

The time it took getting the car out of the shed was all worth it in the end. Since the day Pete bought the car it hasn't moved outside so this was not only my first glimpse at the car put together but Pete's also. Did I mention the car was going to be street driven? I have my fingers crossed for Pete that the car lasts a while with our strict enforcement, it really looks tough parked on the curb.

I'm sure if he pulls a face similar to this the Police will let him off with a warning!

From the rear it has a Nascar style look to it with the boxy rear bumper and the sharp boot spoiler, it will look awesome when it's all painted one colour.

There is still some work to do on the car such as: modify the rear cradle to sit higher, install half cage and finish the oil cooler. Peter is also waiting on a few more engine accessories before it's rolling again.

Once again I'd like to thank Peter for allowing me to write a story on the car. I am hanging out for a lot of cars to be finished, but this one I really can't! I'll be sure to hit Pete up for a full feature on the PS13 when it is 100% complete. 

Peter would like to thank Brett Mattinglay, Shane Bingham and Erin Sykes.

-Casey Dhnaram.

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freaking beautiful.


hella original.............



Get that "washed out photo effect" out of here -- you're doing it wrong.

Photoshop noob.


what are we looking at here? a non-running s13? unfinished install of aero/body work? meh is right.


almost dope, but for the love of god PLEASE get some damn 225/50/15s, jeez


looks sick i love the wheels! but am i the only one that thinks that the wheels arches look a bitter big for those sorta wheels?!


So many fucking haters. Awesome car Pete I'm sure it will be just as good if not better than the old 86 :)


Awesome car!

Also reppin' BMX ! Cool to see BMX stuff on a car, those worlds are very far apart for me


Where are the actual build pics?


i like those cars so much, especially the front end.. this one has massive overhangs with those front & rear bumpers fitted.. nice - hey keep it up, you'll get there, might not be soon.. but it'll happen! i like the "Peter has never come across anything that has fitted chassis more precisely" comment, then the photo of him with the the drill.. cool!


Love the kits 6666 does, they stand out in a crowd. Way to rep.


looooove rocketbunny kits on S-chassis


good job, but not my cup of tea


^hahaha took the words out of my mouth. mehh..


oh forgot its not your cup of tea because its not sitting on 18x12 viennas huh? Wheres your fucking car bro?


Dope car. The Rocket Bunny kit honestly is amazing on the S13.


wheels/tires look undersized.. Its a shame.. rest of car is mint


Wheels are too small. Car looks awesome but the wheel-arch gap is just ridiculous.


Full of win :)


this feature has sold me on that kit. one of the best looking s13 kits ive seen


you made car your dream


Engine can stay.

Everything else. Gross. Sorry......not a fan


too small wheels, doesn't do it for me.


Brisbane cops are gonna have a field day with yellow stickers for this thing...


Does he not know how to angle out of a driveway?



My buddys S14 deserves a feature more then this to be honest. I built it.


needs new tire set up,has mad gap between the tires and fenders


I thought build threads included progress pictures... Either way I like the car.


I really love the front bumper, engine bay and rear spoiler... everything else is so-so... I had one of those steering wheels once- it was the cheapest looking and feeling pieces of garbage I ever purchased! Mine was silver sparkle and white (I gave it away- it even smelled cheap!)


Amazing car, amazing photo's

Australia is getting better at this whole car thing eh =D


damn.. thats sick! good job Peter.


hope the police dont give him to much trouble.


I neeeeeeeeeed that kit dammit!!!!!


whats wrong with your eyes? that kit is a horrible fit! 15s are ok for a s12 etc but not s13s ay jus dnt fill the guards enuf an looks unco


As far as I'm concerned the only s-chassis to to pull off 15's is the Super Made S15.

What was he thinking when he picked up those Longchamps?

Too much wheel gap for me.

Other then that I love it.

Huge fan of the ducktail spoiler, like the one on Fatlace's s14. They just add a really unique look.


This story is similiar to mine. Peter keep on the awesome work and I can't wait til you finish it. How long has Peter been working on it?


Freakin love it


needs more low... it will never look right


Absolutely love it!

You know, I reckon it looks tough as with the mismatched colours too, I'd just maybe paint the ducktail.

Really good job man. So good to see this from Australia too.

Man, these hateful comments really annoy me though. Almost as much as the fact that Speedhunters release SUCH SMALL PICTURES!



I like his hot rod influence! Just wondering, do all wide kits have to be pop rivited on?


It's like a corpse of an old monkey wrapped in louis vuitton and gucci. Dunno if that's a bad thing? :P but 15inch is to small for S-chassis.


im feeling the 15" look! credit to supermade, i think they might have started a new trend.


I think when its finished it will look great, but it REALLY needs bigger tires to take the tire/fender gap away.


I actually like the car a lot. It's not bad...I'd drive it, but there was one line that cracked me up...

"Out of all the body kits made for PS13's Peter has never come across anything that has fitted to the chassis more precisely than this."


I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but there's nary a single picture of this car where any panel lines up!

Other than that, it's nice to see a grassroots build featuring a guy with irrefutable tenacity!


hahaha. haters can go back to hellaflush and hold this pickle... i dont build a car for the readers of this website.


why are there 15s on a 240?


All these haters need to go back out and have another look at their car, Pete is building this thing his way for him. I quite like it.


Man there are some haters!!! Everyone is so self-centred these days and ready to jump at negatives! gosh..haha..really cool stuff so far, can't wait to see it finished!! Good luck with the 5-0 as well..


It's probably gonna be very nice when it's finished, it will be interesting to see how he runs 15s without actually putting the kit on the ground.......Am i the only one who feels the internet needs to take a hiatus from Silvias? Total overkill. Suggested theme for March on SpeedHunters 'no Silvias for 30 days.'



Mike said:


Get that "washed out photo effect" out of here -- you're doing it wrong.


I too think that effect made the pictures look terrible.


Got me mad to read all of these negative comments...I have 2 S chassis and they both look totally different from each other... there are so many different ways to build a car because everyone has their own taste and style...i really like the picture of Peter with his hands out and this came to mind..."so what do you think?" ... i think it looks great all around and has a ton of character...its all done to Peters own style and what he wants HIS 240 to look like not Hellaflush or all the guys on Speedhunters.... Thanks Peter for letting us take a look at your build...can't wait to see it finished.

P.S. id like to Vote no on the "no Silvias for 30 days" haha


i like it ..but spray it :) what ever what nice jobb ;]


There's not many cars in Brisbane that looks like that. Keep up the work.


the car looks really nice, and that washed up photo look is awesome


There is nothing wrong with the 15's, just needs a larger tire profile.

I cannot wait to see this thing cruising around Brissie!


home-built/grassroot PS13's wet my pants each & every single exception here! =P


f$%k i love speedhunters, why all the hate??if you don't like the car, why put S$%t on it??

awesome looking S13 i reckon!! don't think anyone in Oz will have a similar looking S13!!


From a felow brissy boys its rough as guts but i love it. its your hobby and your doing a dam fine job. keep up the good work, cant wait to see it finished


Those are my all time favorite wheels! Some wider tires would be nice so there won't be a wheel gap...perhaps 225's


Needs a bit more tire. The car will be sick though. Engine bay looks proper.

The real question is what does his shirt say above the picture of America?


nice car bro, haters always going to hate.....nice and unique car...thumbs up!


Im a fan! I never really liked Hellaflush anyway :)


fuck some of you guys fail.

15's too small for s-chassis cars? lol


Absolutely beautiful, one of the best s13's. I even like the fact that it doesn't nearly fill up the arches. The interior is great too, and the rocketbunny kit is the kit to for a s13.

Coolest s13 on here. ever.


To add to my previous comment.

Go back to your poor handling hellafail cars running chopped springs for fitment

over performance. build a car that you will actually enjoy driving, not just looking at it

sit in your garage because your too scared to drive it down the street because your

wheels may scrub on your guards


America.. Just doesnt get it.


S13 Awesomeness!!


What is the point of having a car so low that it takes you an hour to get out of your driveway? Isn't the point of sports cars to have fun? That doesn't sound fun.


What is the point of having a car so low that it takes you an hour to get out of your driveway? Isn't the point of sports cars to have fun? That doesn't sound fun.


WTF..u guys are all negative people..all comments given are destructive comments. Once In a while why don't ya give some good constructive comments will ya..daimmn..

Why don't u guys take a look at pete's Koguchi style FMIC setup..I'm sure u guys didn't realize this did ya? Awesome layout with supershort IC's goin to be a responsive machine!


Roger SoCal is on the money.

Seriously, this car isnt running a 17/18 stagger set of eurolines or typical bland rims and all of a sudden its not cool. I guess your only cool if you max our your credit card so hard to fit the trends that your only use for it is to wedge between your wheel and guards?

Wake up to yourself and have a look at what's happening in Japan and the rest of the world. There are thousands of S13s running 15s and making it work. This thing is mid build so obviously isn't done, so posting a comment such as ''needs paint'' just makes you look like a wanker.

Sorry if this post is long and distracted you from buying on the hellaflush and illest online stores.


Looks sooo awesome! can't wait to see it driving and ripping some road.


mooneyes! ftw!