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While following Team Need for Speed's European GT3 program we also had the opportunity to shoot FIA GT1 and to document SUMO Power's inaugural season. 

Along with Rod, I attended three races: Silverstone, Paul Ricard, and Algarve. The scene above is from Marsielle, France, a short drive from Paul Ricard.  

While the paddock at Silverstone was my first time seeing the SUMO car in person. 

The engine and exhaust note are unlike any other GTR I'd ever heard – since it's twin turbo V6 has been replaced with a V8. I laughed after hearing the GT1 GTR's unofficial nickname – "Nis-tang". Although it's V8 throaty rumble will fool you into thinking a Mustang or muscle car just passed. 

SUMO isn't the only GTR in competition, here the Swiss Racing GTR rips up the turf on Copse corner. It also gives some perspective to how tall the GTR is compared to it's opponents. 

No other car flames on downshifts quite like the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 R-SV. 

Grass covered hills make up the countryside of Portugal's Algarve circuit. The track's elevation changes helped to mix up the scenery from the flat of Silverstone and Paul Ricard.

Beneath the engine sounds is a new score by Ekstrak. I'm excited to hear what you think about it. We have some new things in store for 2011. 

Enjoy this look back at the FIA GT1 races at Silverstone, Paul Ricard, and Algarve.

- Will Roegge



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whats the capacity of the V8 engine?


this going on youtube? :D


cinematography and editing is top notch as usual but there is no information what so ever. Shouldnt a retrospective take a look at the highs and lows, the results and things that happened?

I think Im just well over music montages.


Gr8 lookin' cinemagraffiti!!! R dos shotz frum SHIFT2?


thats was a nice short movie and clips of shift 2 incorporated into the video looked sweet too. cant wait for the game specially since the first NFS shift seemed to be sort of an underrated game. looking forward to more movies with GT cars



Your videos always capture the emotion of racing so completely. Goosebumps every time.

God what I would give to turn a few laps in one of these.


I HATE FIA! Apparently in order to compete in GT1, you have to have a V8. In my opinion, this just ruins the car! FIA has also mandated this for DTM and SuperGT (>:-\)




I cant wait till Need for Speed Shift 2!!


Great video!


nice job guys. enjoyed it..


Hey, I hope this means you're not dropping Mark Morgan for Shift 2? If I load the game up and find it's 100% chart-pop like Inberlin and the guy who did the soundtrack to Fallout and Planescape and Shift is nowhere to be found, I am going to get pretty mad!


Pretty awesome...watching that vid alone makes me want to get Shift 2 now. :)

I was rooting for team Sumo Power too. Maybe this year's their year.

BTW, which Ekstrak music was used? Sounds awesome.


Sweet... GTR!


@ That One Guy Who Reads....

You DO know there is an option, "Music Volume: OFF"? Do you leave your car stereo on default stations and complain about the reception too?

Killing the music is absolutely first thing i do when I get a new game. I have no idea of any soundtrack artists on games because I've never heard the music they want to torture me with. It could be Beethoven's 5th in D and I still don't want to hear it 9 billion times.

Game music ALWAYS sucks. This is a new concept to you?


Thanks a lot ! Fucking amazing video !


this was pure pleasure :D


absolutely great!


Dope video Will! Why don't you guys just post up the youtube version on the site? For some reason the embedded player on here loads crazy slow, even on my super fast connection at work and it also doesn't allow you to pause the video to load and buffer. Anyway I saw the youtube version on the Shift2 site and it looks great man! Crossing my fingers to hopefully get out to a GT1 race next year.


@ Sean, glad you liked it. Also on the Speedhunters' YouTube page in 1080p


Can I ask the name of this music ?