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Happy New Year everybody!

As we have the past few years, we will be spending the first week of January celebrating one of our favorite automobiles – the Nissan S-Chassis. This year we wanted to get you guys involved by asking you to sum up your love for these cars in a couple of sentences. We did this last year for the AE86 and the results were awesome to read.

Want to take part in this homage? It's pretty simple.

In a few sentences or less, drop a comment below explaining why the S-Chassis is such a global icon or what the car means to you personally. We'll go through your responses and post them up throughout the week.

Let's hear it!

-Mike Garrett



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i love my s chassis (s13) cause its perfectly designed and fast...just the perfect car for me


I love the s-chassis cuz all of them look so awesome.


For me, the S chassis represents drift culture better than any other car.

It's aggressive and infinitely customizeable, and is very predictable once you get the tail out.

Realisitically, it's probably the most drifted car in the world, even though the AE86 is better known.

S chassis cars are just so forgiving, tuneable, and reliable as a drift or grip platforms.

Truly, it is the obvious choice for someone starting out in motorsports.


Why is it an icon, because Nissan stuck with it, from a cheap kinda cool car s110/ s12, to the almost perfect s13, then just got better through to the s15. It never became over weight or over priced. What has a better suspension and chassis setup than the s13/s14/s15?


Just classic pop-up.. Got the speed dat i needed for the street.

Fun to drive.. 2doors = true sport car.. Still got respect from other imports..

Just gota love my type X!!


I love my 200SX(eur 180sx) to death!!! It's like better car if you are between 18-25 years old...they are sexy, reliable, fast, grip well, they can drift, huge spare/aftermarket support, car for me<3


well why is the s series so great??? well for starters they're cheaper than the other sporty cars from nissan like the skyline and z and they got bigtime aftermarket support and they are easy to maintain and of course fun to drive


there should be a why i love my miata one as well =P

anyways, i've had two s13's. What i loved about them both is the Cockpit. The ergonomics are perfect, the placement of the shiter, and e brake aren't too far where you have to 'reach' and it just feels right. if you don't understand, i'm assuming you never had an S Chassis!

the other thing i love about the S-Chassis is that there are so many parts available that each s chassis can be done up differently and too the persona of the owner. Very similar to the honda guys (i've also had a honda). You can also easily set it up for drift, drag, or road racing.


The S-Chassis was the first car I ever seen Drifting, I went to a prodrift event in ireland for the first time and when i first seen the Silvia S15 smoking it, I was addicted


I own my S13 for exactly ten years now and I'm still deeply in love, although it isn't my Daily Driver anymore.

The 2 door and relatively lightweight body in combination with the turbocharged engine and the FR layout offers a great platform to every young sportcar enthusiast. Not to mention the almost endless support from the industry. The design is timelessly beautiful to me too.


From an AE86 drifter's view= car is cheap, fast, and reliable. Usually you only get to pick two but this car offers all three. The car is a good learning car that can be easily modded to compete at a professional level when driver skill gets to that point. Only downside is that there are sooooo many of them that it has created a stigma that beginners NEED A 240SX w/ big power to learn to drift and are only taught how to do e-brake initiations. Their popularity has grown to a point that other good platforms like the AE86, FC, Cressida, Miata are left in the shadows.


I have an s13 hatch and it is my second favorite car. (first is s15)

What makes them such wonderful cars is the fact that they sport a beautiful design. FR layout (I don't drift mine), handle very well, and they are compact.

Everything that I look for in an automobile.. and more.


Why not? What's not to love about an S-Chassis?


Cheap RWD with IRS.


I love th S-chassis because of its design,its perfectly built for the drift....


The S13 is the classic bulletproof drift car. I had admired the car as long as I could remember. I remember being 7 and someone asked me "you love cars so much. What is your favorite?" And I would always answer (even today!) "The Nissan Silvia S13." And they'd always reply, "what's that?????" I'd tell them to look it up and they'd come back and say, "Why not a Ferrari or Lamborghini?" and I'd reply, "I don't know. They just aren't an S13." Even having one, through many troubles, I loved it until it was gone. I now really want to get another.


Powerful engines which include 1/2JZ and V8 swaps, lively rear drive chassis, endless availability of parts...the S-chassis Nissans thrive in almost every single motorsport discipline. Tsuchiya once said that he hoped Toyota could once again make cars like the AE86 and I'm quite sure he'd be saying the same thing to Nissan about the S-chassis.


it's all i know, it's what i learned about cars in, it's what i learned to drive in, it's all i've worked on. i've tried branching out...but everytime i see another s-chassis i immediatley jump ship on whatever project i'm working on and get back into another one. they're a reliable, potent, user friendly, capable, and versatile vehicle.


I love my S13, as a first car I really wouldn't have any other. I'm 17 and seeing lil kids in the back of their parent's SUVs look over in awe of my stupidly low, clunking, noisy, imperfect car doesn't cease to make my day every time it happens. These cars have a reputation, story, and heritage all their own, and the diversity in the S-chassis community is second to none.


I love the S-Chassis because of the endless possibilities for customization and tuning. From Odyvia show car to GT spec race cars, there is just so much to do.


Cheap, easy starting platform, not too hard to find, and HEAPS of aftermarket support.


well, in particular, only the RPS13/180SX and Silvia S15 chassis, cause they're well balanced, awesome, inter-swapable bodykits, awesome engines, and easy to get the perfect stance with. Plus they run super well and cheap on road-tax in my country.


I learned how to drive in an S12 and dreamed of S13s and S14s before I could afford them. They were so sexy and just out of reach, so you saw them around a lot. Last, they are so customizable that you can really do anything you want with them...


i love the s-chassis because it is such a versatile and well balanced car. most of the parts are interchangeable between generations which makes the car easier to work with. also it doesnt hurt that the s-chassis are beautiful cars from the factory and doesnt take much for them to look stunning.


A S13 was my first car. Black, clean and the pride of my life. Driving is my escape from reality. Stepping into a light, strait 4, rear wheel drive with beautiful lines is the perfect fit. I await 2014 to import an S15 and cant wait, its too far away.


1) Good looking

2) Inexpensive, for the most part.

3) Lots of options for modding, for you to make your car yours, and yours only.

You drive around and you don't see many to start with.


whether it is hard parked and dressed up at a show looking pretty, sliding around raw during a drift event, or a work-in-progress semi painted project car (like my s13 haha) the s-chassis is always one of the greatest looking rides around. not to mention the "brotherhood" that comes from the following and passion for these cars and their performance


I've never owned one, but right now it's looking as if ill get an S13 when I finish my old chevy truck. They got kick, have endless aftermarket, and look dang good!


It was one of the first cars i connected with drifting in my head and the variety of silvias you can find in this sport (starts with an S12 and ends with an S15) is unique. Great car!


Whether intentional or not, Nissan managed to manufacture a low entry cost, two door, rwd coupe with a low attractive roof line, interchangeable parts (fabrication required between some years and parts), spirited handling characteristics from factory, and an aftermarket parts lexicon that makes for a promising platform to start your build with. Long live the beloved Nissan Silvia (240sx).


i love the S chassis because its like getting a blank sheet of paper. Building it to reflect your own any other car at its price can match that.


Versatility. If a component fits on one S-chassis, more than likely it will fit all S-chassis. S13 Struts on an S12, no problem. SR20DET from a S15 into a KA24E powered S13, fits like a glove! You can't beat that.


I love my S15 because it makes me Drift with the SMIIILE!!! ^^


Perfect in every sense... here's everything i love about them:


I love my 91 240sx hatch. Cheap, easy to work on and straight business. No special things like navi, seated seats,good audio system....thing barely has a back seat! lol. Best thing is a modified S-Chassis will get you props from somebody driving a 30k+ car lol


Its not that the car represents any one culture, its the fact that it is such a versatile platform. The s-series chassis has done everything from drifting to 9-second 1/4mile passes. Usually when a car hits the 20 yr. benchmark, it's reached a point where it can no longer technologically step foward. Somehow, over and over, another person or company steps in and raises the bar yet again. Its cheap, rwd, fun. i love my s13, its a true driver's car.


S chasis can be had for about the price of a geo metro and out of the box can be a fun car to drive that doesn't look half bad. You'll never wish someone made a certain part for it because the after market support is unlimited. They are super easy to work on and most replacement parts are only a phone call away to another enthusiast because most already have a junk yard worth of parts. I've been buying them for years and I plan to continue to do so for many more.


A sports car should be able to handle everything that is thrown at it; time attacks, 1/4 mile sprints, track day abuse and of course, entering a corner at 90 degrees while doing 100mph. The S-chassis not just fits the definition of what a sports car is, it is also the pinnacle of a sports car. 2 doors, FR, 2 litres of turbocharged power and a wonderfully balanced chassis. Which is why I love S-chassis cars.


The S chassis is simply a canvas waiting to be formed into the percect work of art.


The S Chassis is simply the perfect canvas waiting to be formed into a flawless work of art. Most of all it's an affordable lightweight 2 door that excels it's competition.


No, I don't like the S chasis, because every ass hole who owns one think their car is perfect in every way and themselves a drift king like Keiichi Tsuchiya. They have less street cred than AE86 fanatics after a night on Initial D.


Drift, grip, show or go, the S-Chassis does it all.


S chassis are good on grip driving, good ond drifting, easy to drive, and lots of fun....

and cheap....


The s chassis' was a affordable rwd coupe..more accessible for the younger guys to get a hold of then a skyline!


its the duece coupe of drift


For me, my S13 represents affordable RWD performance and fun. It is easy to work on, lightweight, decently fast, and fun to own and drive. Its one of the last of an affordable RWD sportscar that targeted younger audiences with smaller budgets. The S Chassis is fun for anything, personally I love to take mine lapping, or drag racing, or to local Auto X events, but theres plenty of other people who do drifitng, ice racing, rally, almost anything.


I love my S14 (Kouki) and they have the biggest after market support for suspension parts, look sexier than any other car under 10K, and now you can drop almost any engine in the S-Chassis.


I love my S14 (Kouki) and they have the biggest after market support for suspension parts, look sexier than any other car under 10K, and now you can drop almost any engine in the S-Chassis.


I love the s chasis because it to me represents drift.It's the sexiest car when all the right parts are put on. It's a car that to me represents freedom within racing.


because theyre down right sexy


We need the S16 NOW!


I love my S14A and have since they came out in 1995. In 2004 i bought a great example that had been well maintained and i have put it through 85 thousand miles of smiles since. I haven't always maintained it well but it is rock solid reliable, parts are easy to come by and the design of the car is great. I really cannot think of a fun street car with as many possibilities for the price of an S-chassis. As my car becomes harder core drift i keep wanting to buy a perfect stock example to DD but i know i would never be able to leave it alone..... they are just to easy to modify!

Reliable, Fun, Cheap, Handsome, Athletic about sums it up


I love my 91 s13 hatch because its a reflection of me, and it keeps me busy. how many guys know a girl that has built a car from a wrecked chassis to something to compete with the big boys, and did it all in the garage? yeah, my s13 is my baby and to some people it looks like a pos, but i love it as much as anyone else loves theres. they are all unique in there own ways and surprisingly you dont see many of them on the roads here in Illinois. Honda Civics are for street, the s-chassis are for street and track.


I prefer by far the S15, because it doesn't have this image of comfortable GT car than an S13 or S14. But I cannot resist to a good Sil80 !

The main problem in France is that a lot of people are buying the cheapest S13 and start doing sh*t with them, because "it's japanese, so it's reliable". Because of that, the image of S13 is also decreasing.


Because its a chassis that you can use for almost all motorsport and works!!! pretty good! and are RWD =D


big engine in the front rear wheel drive ... good easy drift car ;)


s13 hatch FTMFW

body line, lightness, and RWD!

pop up is so unique as well!


Yes. They are just so SMEXY!


I have never been inside an S-Chassis Nissan, I haven't even touched one. All I know is that it's one of the most versatile, reliable and (relatively) cheap sports cars out there. The S13, S14 and S15 are well balanced cars, with plenty of support from the aftermarket industry and a great reputation. They are also very nice looking, without exaggerated bodylines and an overall clean and simple design that lends itself to being modified, kind of like a clean canvas ready to be painted.

Perfectly good cars that for some reason Nissan stopped producing... and hopefully, if it ever gets revived, it won't get its name stained by some bloated and heavy hybrid coupe claiming to be their successor.


the s chassis' beauty is borne of it's function; there might be prettier cars on the market, ones that feel slightly more engaging to drive and ones that make bulk power more willingly but the thing about s-chassis Nissans is that to a degree they cover all bases - they feature all of the above attributes in sufficient amounts without excessive trade off in other areas. I own an S13 at the moment although have previously done up a 2000 model RX-7 and a 400hp Commodore. The thing I love about the S13 is that it can do anything, sure there might be areas where specialists cars like the FD outshine it but the S13 is still capable of holding it's own in all arenas. Plus it's cheap, easy and enjoyable to work on, which is my favorite part!


If you don't like the S-Chassis, then F**K you


The ferocious eyes of an S15, The classic, rectangular rear-lights of an S13, the S14's taxi-figure, and all others combined to make a series of well-known drift machines.


you forget about everything else when driving one sideways, just enjoying the moment...


I every loved S chassis because it reflects my lifestyle !!!


love the s15 because its got the detuned r34 engine, reer wheel drive, and its as good looking as the r34


I love the S-chassis because it is an affordable fun to drive sports car.

I own a rs13 since may 2008 and have not driven the car yet. Because of that I bought a second one this summer and drove it all summer long. Now my enthusiam is bigger than ever before finishing my first s13 ...

awesome car.


iv owned a S- chassis (S14), and i can say, its reliable, its fast, good looking, you can do many mods and swaps, fun to drive, and, in my case, you can use it to the trip to the market or to the track. love it. shame i sold it .__.


Because It's the Most Baller Shit Eva!


I love my s12 because its quick, dirty cheap, and people always ask " is that thing?". Because it is a silvia, other silvia parts interchange between the i can improve the car with newer parts and still be 80s cool without having to modify to much...


I love my s12 because its quick, dirty cheap, and people always ask " is that thing?". Because it is a silvia, other silvia parts interchange between the i can improve the car with newer parts and still be 80s cool without having to modify to much...


Just look at that picture awesome aggressive lines that make some of the most bad ass looking cars in the world and it seems as if the creators knew that they would be making one of the most popular cars for any motor sport especially drifting


The S13-S15 were some of the last "real" cars, before all the computerized stuff started taking over. The seating positions are comfortable, everything you need to get to while driving can be reached easily, and it feels solid while driving despite the light weight. But it also makes noises while driving. Its not a quiet boring ride. You can hear the engine, feel the steering, you can hear pieces of car making noises. Its alot easier to be come one with the S-chassis than most other cars. It just feels so right.


Good looks, cheap, endlessly upgradeable, also cheap if you use Skyline or Z parts, great community of owners too ofcourse, rear wheel drive, very advanced rear suspension, lightweight, reliable, fits any engine without too much hassle, so many different styles to do with looks. It's like a flat sheet of paper that everybody mold to their own liking and need :)


I like the s-chassis cars even though I dont own them and I haven't driven one...

I'm looking forward to having either a 240sx or the s15...

It would be the perfect break from my muscle car fantasies...


I love my S15, everytime I drive it, it puts a massive smile on my face. It doesn't matter if it's slow-paced city driving or fats-paced country driving it performs so well. Since owning my S15 I am now in the market for an S13 as a track car and look forward to having it as a project car.


Perfect styling, perfect price, and it seems to have been built with drifting in mind. They don't make 'em like this anymore


puts a smile on ur face.

been driving it like i stole for 3 years, starts in -38 it starts with no block heater makes haters jealous driftin everyday hahah. cheap as chips! can handle northern canadian winters SIDEWAYS which makes haters


I love the S chasis because I'm a massive fanboy and love nothing but to follow trends.

If I had a VW Golf for example, I would rust the 'hood' and put a roofrack on it.

Oh I love being original.


love the s chassis! not quite sure why though! maybe it's the lines of the car? it's simpleness? the opportunities for styling and tuning? or is it it's capability to drift? anyhow, I love it and its beautiful to look at! you can realy sense that japanese engineering feel!


i love the S-chassis becasue me being a furture car desginer i love the that each and every model looks so good, they capture the essence of the japanese sports cars like no other. thats why i like them so much


I love the S-chassis just because its a great carline.

No matter how old you are or how experience you have,its always a blast to drive it.

The nice price,drivetrain,powertrain and suspension,and simplicity,sounds to me as a perfect car!

And ofcourse the upgrade oppertunity.


I love my S because it´s part of my life, I passed good and bad moments in his seat, It´s my first car, and I´m sure that always I will have a S car in my garage, even if only to admire it.

Real cars are from 90´s, you feel it, you can talk with it, only the necessary electrical, made with with head.

Good new year !! Antonio. First spanish S13 Type X...


because its Nissan Lego.

RB,CA,SR,S14-15. It all swaps like lego.

- Tim


240s are the new civics. they are way way over played. find something more unqiue....


It's definitely Nissan's best lineup of cars, with the Skyline right next to it. The timeless lines and curves of the car will never become stale, and it's really the representative of Japanese drifting, and it shows that you don't need a fortune to have fun with cars, all you need is belief in yourself, and an S-chassis!!


For me the S chassis is just a personal style. For me the parts are interchangeable with damn near every other nissan be it GTR, cefiro, type M, and even some of the rare ferrari and toyota parts that will work. I have driven the 13, 14, and 15 and they each have their own unique style of driving due to their slight differences. I own a S13 and S14 and they are both equal as far as driving and handling but the 14 is by far my favorite. there is a style to slidding the 14 that just puts a smile on my face. The greatest looking S chassis is stock with a super low stance and a good set of wheels. For handling all you need is suspension, steering and some half decent rubber. akimashte umedetou


its a enthusiasts first choice, affordable, loads of atermarket support, great styling, and its RWD. whats not to love?


Why do i love the s-chassis? simple, not only is it a cheap and affordable rear wheel drive sports car but its easy to maintain and easy insure and also more importantly the after market parts for that car is like a candy store. No matter what your trying to use the car for, stance, drifting, time attack, rally, anything its the perfect car and will get the job done. Its sexy, iconic, and practical , thats why i love the s-chassis Nissan's


I love the S Chassis because it follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Formula to a tee.

For a fun car to participate in almost any form of Motorsports you want a Light, Cheap, RWD Car, with a good suspension Geometry.

If I wanted to Drag Race I would get an foxbody mustang.

if you want to rd race/drift you go S Chassis.

While America Never got a real deal version with the proper motor, the love and aftermarket have made this cars possibilities endless...

I have owned 2 s13a. and actually started a pretty interesting project on the latter of the 2. but had to put on hold for school.

cars these days are heavy, complicated, computerized, and expensive. the day a the KISS car has passed and the S Chassis is the last of that generation.


I <3 S chassis because they are quite cheap and very driftable :)


I like S chassis (180sx) because its the most comfurtable car to slide, cheap parts, and the styling is so much fun


easy to modify and fun to drive!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont have my full license yet, havent got a chance to drive or even sit in one of those awsome s-chassis...=(sadface...but for me, it represents a correct attitude of a car manufacturer towards a sport car: beautiful, functional & reasonably priced...which can be simply achieved but for some odd reasons, no one wanna do this anymore...this is a real unfortunate thingy in the realistic world for car enthusist like us...btw the S13 is my personal favourite, hopefully ill get one as my first ride!!!


I owned a 99 S15 for 6 six years (but sold already).... Although the stock car isn't as fast as it's 2L turbo rivals such as STI, EVo..., "Light weight + 6-gears + FR + Turbo + Coupe + tons of mod parts + lower price tag" is very unique in this class. Simply no competition at all.

If your weight-transfer is not doing well at corner, it easily under-steers. If pushing too hard, it over-steers. It's absolutely not easy to handle for novice but very good car to practice your skill indeed.

Love my S15 forever~~~


As a soldier, I seem to think that I see things a little different than others. To me the S-chassis represents freedom. The freedom to customize, and freedom to express oneself in the purist form of motorsports... drifting, The S-chassis allows people from all over the world to join a single family, but in the same breath gives them the right to stand above and stand out. Grasping the steering wheel of my S13 is surpassed only by holding my family in excitement. I have done two tours to Iraq and am about to go to Afghanistan and the two things that keep me going were my family and the beautiful lines of the S-chassis line up. So to me the S-chassis is FREEDOM... and freedom is something I take very serious.

P.S. Thank you SPEEDHUNTERS for giving a bomb tech something beautiful to look at.


Its like the perfect girlfriend....the one who does it all.... Gives you great feedback and communication, easy on the wallet, and great to look at. Plus...something so good looking actually can be maintained by a loser like me on a tight budget. I'm no rich guy and she still loves me. Damn straight this is the perfect car.


very versatile and beautiful cars with the best aftermarket support out there, perfect weight distibution and wheel base makes it fast and so fun. i feel fast and free and safe in them.


Lightweight, RWD, turbo engine with lots of potential, what else do you need?


When I was looking for my first RWD Turbo car, it had to be Japanese (I have a UK S14a). The S Chassis cars ticked all the boxes. They were cheap, easy to come by, tuneable, have a massive following in amateur motorsports and drifting and have a massive community of like minded enthusiasts. They are from the best decades of Japanese cars, before emissions regulations have turned most cars into eco friendly mushy nonsense.

S-Chassis rule.


Its a simple but effective machine, beautiful to look at, easy to drive on a day-to-drift basis and you can do so much with it....slam it, drift it, grip it, use it daily, aero kits, wheels, style and performance options are its perfect for everybody from beginners to professional drivers.


I have owned and drifted a s13 silvia with a sr20 and now drive a 180sx with a rb25det. These 2 cars have been easily the most fun cars to steer and learn from. The chassis gives so much feedback, Nissan has done a stunning job with these cars.


I love S-chassis, because it's cheap, fast and has milions of fans.


i love my s-body,.... because my 30.000 euro car could catch up the 100.000+ supercars on the nordschleife.... i love it!!!! i love it!!! i love it!!!! regards rik


It's a relatively inexpensive FR sports coupe that's light, powerful enough to break the tires, grippy when you need it to be, stylish, and over all has ton's of aftermarket support for any type of motorsports. What more could anyone ask for? It meets the criteria of any young to old, male or female driver that wants the most out of less. Honda couldn't do it, Toyota couldn't really do it (maybe with the MR), Mazda almost, but Nissan DID. Let's see them do it again!!


having owned a s13 coupe,s13 hatch and currently 2 s14s i love them becuase you can reflect your personality through these cars ,style,function and motosports..the s-chassis can do it all. i cant think of another car that comes close except maybe the will never be able to recreate the s13-s15 line again........long live the silvia!!!!!!


I think what makes the s chassis what it is can only be felt emotionally. Its the feeling everyone gets from the car the first time they hop in, no matter the power the sound from the cockpit from a 2.4l to the spool of the smooth Sr to the torque of an rb to the absolutely undeniable pure power of a v8. Every time you hop in you feel that spirit that ignited when you were a kid in your first 240. It defines affordable perfection and versatility <3


I love my S12 because it has alot more potential then my previous ride, '90 sunny coupe, that i wrecked in the freakin snow here in Holland..


My def.. of the S-chassis: The S-chassis can be a mean looking, ore a cute looking, But its a car that has style on its own, and thats makes the car perfect to those how have the own style.

Right out the hart

All a good 2011



Silvia, that beautiful girl


The s-chassis is a great low-budget entry level platform. The ease of customization and relatively low cost of performance parts makes these cars a great starting point for youth who want to get into grassroots motorsports like drifting and auto cross, and even track days. My first car was a Datsun 510, which is a very cult following. When I finally ran it into the ground, it was easy to make the transition into the s14 because that same type of community exists for the s-chassis. There are plenty of people who know about working on these cars that can help you at every turn, some of them are even nice (some of them don't read your questions, but would rather yell "SEARCH"). This community driven aspect of the platform adds ease of access to the car's repertoire. It's a fun, stylish ride that is easily accessed by everyone from seasoned vets to novices.


i can only answer this with another question.. is there any better platform to modify or start out on?


I like my s13 cause its hella fast and hideous to everyone who thinks its a bad ugly car. Its light and even a good daily with any engine.Another good reason why its so good is their weren't very many in fast and furious for paul walker to make look stupid.


I bought an S14 Silvia 8 years a go because I couldnt afford an R32 GTR. Best decision I ever made. The Silvia is te most versatile car ever made. It can be used for any form of motorsport ( yes ive seen one raillied), is cheap to fix, looks good and can look great, has huge aftermarket support and parts are interchangable between models and Skylines!

I have all threee models. 13 for drift, 14 for Time Attack and 15 for street. Will never need another car. And love all 3.

But most importantly, unlike todYs computer controlled cars, they are fun and rewarding to drive while still being fast. Say no to all wheel drive computers on wheels amd yes to good old fashiond rear wheel driving!


i do love my s14a its a bit like marmite love it when it works and hate it when it brakes but thats just the fun of owning a s-body


Perhaps the best part of the S-chassis' could be found in it's origin. We should not forget that Nissan did not intend on the S-chassis to be a "drifter" but more so an entry level sports car that was affordable, well balanced and most importantly rear wheel drive. A small motor with good power rounding off a beautifully designed exterior, and comfortable interior, the idea was quite simple. Even better than the idea itself is the fact that they stuck with it, taking note to the old saying "if it ain't broken , don't fix it". With such winning attributes it is no wonder why the S-chassis is so popular today.


Because I couldnt find a AE86 GTS lol. Plus cant beat the 5k I put into the S13 vs. me almost spending that much to get a used GTS on craiglist haha


Because I couldnt find a AE86 GTS lol. Plus cant beat the 5k I put into the S13 vs. me almost spending that much to get a used GTS on craiglist haha


Because I couldnt find a AE86 GTS lol. Plus cant beat the 5k I put into the S13 vs. me almost spending that much to get a used GTS on craiglist haha


Because I couldnt find a AE86 GTS lol. Plus cant beat the 5k I put into the S13 vs. me almost spending that much to get a used GTS on craiglist haha


I have a 91 hatch and nothing beats the fr layout. There are more than enough after market parts availible making it cheap and easy to modify. If you want power you can always throw on a turbo or do engine swaps from a 4 cylinder ca18 on up to the recently done toyota v12. There's no other car with the same number of options and can be set up for drift, drag, autocross, or anything you want to do.


KA24 = :0 torque and high revs all day, plus it makes the women want to "wrestle"


they look Class and never get old..

but the main thing is. here in ireland sr parts and s-body parts are extremely easy to get. and there a great competition car aswell as a first drifter......


I Love my RS13!

it has the perfect shape and in my opinion it is the Drift Symbol :)




parts availability

weight ?

engine strength ??turbo+lightweight FR=fun

good chassis

can be used for grip-drift-rally etc...(multipurpose base)

doesn't need much mods to start having fun.


Just the queen of sideways ! Never seen a car with such an aura when getting on the track


Nothing beats the feeling of hearing that SR timing chain slap in the morning, clunking of the rear LSD in parking lots, the constant interior noises that soon become less irritating, making the headlights pop up to wink at chicks and see them smile after that, being able to whip up that tail no matter what situation you get into, being scared of driving in the rain, wondering whether my front bumpers will be safe each time i visit shopping malls, always thinking that the car is going to run out of fuel but doesn't seem to, astonishing people when i tell them that my 180sx is 20 years old, aaaaaaa there is just too much to say! i love my s-chassis!


Everyones love for the S-Chassis is very simple. It's the Japanese Jack of All Trades. Whether Drifting, Road Racing or Drag Racing. Cars like the Yashio Factory S15 in Drifting, Exceed Moat cars in Time Attack, and The Jun Hyper Drag S14 show the versatility of the S-Chassis car. This stems from a very well engineered chassis, and a capable tune happy engine. The extensive aftermarket catering to both form and function finish off this recipe for success.


I've personally owned an RMS13. And up to this day I can't find a better car for its price. It's got great looks, great suspension, reliable engine (KA24DE), and an endless source of upgrade that can be done to it. Incredible car overall.


The S-Chasis. Being in highschool my 180sx is the perfect car, you can modify it on a budget too make it lower, faster, more agressive looking and easier to slide around than any other car out there. Driving an S-Chasis also gets highschool kids wondering, "what kind of car is that anyway? it looks dope." Even though the s13 and 180sx are 20 years old, their styling is timeless and modern.


I don't own one my self, but it is the perfect car for those who love cars and enjoy the relatively new motorsport called drifting. A daily runner at day, drifter at night. Perfect symbiosis between two very different functions.


love the s-body as i rock one :) and its shit easy to get parts for


they do everything cheap


i see alot of people repping 13's! thats awesome, but i can speak for the s14 drivers :D its a sexy big booty car with unprecedented style, gushing vast amounts of sex appeal. i also love all s chassis because the way you set up you car definded who you are, what kind of personality you have!

you can pull of just about any look from VIP to TRACK. BEST CAR EVER!! :D


Why do I love my S14? Thanks to having both the Zenki and Kouki components, I can convert it into either saying "Hey, how you doing?" to "You better get the **** out of my way." Other than that, it's just one of those cars where unless you've sat behind the wheel, you just never really know what you're missing.


just because of the sr20 and the looks. i personally have a s14a..

- reppin aus


Tons of aftermarket support

Cheap to get into

Was produced in mass quantity

Parts interchangeability across manufacturer line up

Doesn't require 20's to get proper stance

Tons of easily accessible knowledge

And then there's the whole Team Burst thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love s-chassis because of pink godzira.


I love my s-chassis (s14), because its a part of me and even tho i loved that car before i bought it, it grew even more on me, and it just came over me, when i changed the wipers lol

and well, its just because its actually a pretty rare care in germany, if i can remember right, theres only about 100 s14's, registered. Its really fast for its money, and even though, it may be too fast as first car (thats what people around here are saying), i still kept it, and will probably still do, till its gonna fell apart.

And the other fact is, that i just cannot drive a golf for shit, because its boring, and i did drove a few in the driving school and when i got my license. The Bad thing about s-chassis in germany is just the fact, that its big lack of part-support, which sucks :/

but is that a reason to sell it again? a car which i love down to my heart? i dont think so!

But the biggest letdown of the s-chassis is nissan itself. They keep concentrate into their z-chassis and skyline-chassis, and totally forgot about their cheap "entrance-sportscar", the s-chassis. i think im not the only one who would love to see an s16, or even a remake of the s15, which was only sold in japan and australia....


Because I couldnt find a AE86 GTS lol. Plus cant beat the 5k I put into the S13 vs. me almost spending that much to get a used GTS on craiglist haha


You know how they say "behind every man is a good woman." Well, June (my S14) is 'that' woman.


The S13 was my first car back in 2006. It isn´t just a hobby to tune and to specialize the car for your needs.

Today i would say it´s more lika a passion between me and the car.

New cars don´t have personality, the cars just drive you from A to B.

In a silvia, you are the driver.

What is better then cruising in a hot night with good music in a S13/S14/S15?


The S-chassis is the ultimate in versatility. Whether you want a drift car, or a grip car. A show car or a street car, the S-chassis can deliver. The plentiful amount of engine swaps, to endless amount of tuning, both aesthetically and visually.


The S-chassis is the best value for money when you are looking for a sportscar. It's unbeleivable that you can find such a reliable FR car with a nice amount of hp and so many options to cheaply improve it.

I own 2 s13's, one for dayly use (which I bought with only 87000 km's on the clock... now sitting at 264000!!) the other one is for drifting purposes... ;) Both have a fare share of upgrades that make them unique in handling and driving-experience.


Well with s-chassis being great in the styling,affordable,driftable,"fast car" my enjoyment comes from the community of the car. People always seem to be doing something new and more outrageous things than what most other car community do. Its reasons like that and the fact that i know i can do almost anything to it and there will be people i can ask questions if need be to help me through it... thats why whenever someone asks me why i dont get a newer "better" car i ask them to find me something better than a 240 or an s chassis in this case and i will buy it... needless to say i still have my s14


Me lost me cherry in a silvia


Teeni-Bopers love civics.

Tuners love Silvias.

No hate. There are just some things the FWD cant do right.


I own my ´90 RS13 (200SX) for 10 years now and I truly loved it.

It must be love, because I´ve spent so much money on it to make it prettier and stronger and I think about quite as often as I think about my girlfriend (She owns a mint ´89 RS13 too ^^)

I´ll never ever sell this car and give it to my heirs (if they deserve it :D )


LIke the Corolla/Trueno, the Silvia is a cult car. A cheap, easy to tune, sexy car that has been soiling pants for years...and probably years to come. With a car that you can find in any recycler anywhere, the possibilites regarding tuning and tuning styles is endless.


becuase plain and simple, the s-chassis is like the chuck norris of cars, its just doesnt need a explanation as to how or why


It's the best drift platform for anyone tbh. I love everything about it, and it looks so good going sideways!


they are amazing. when someone says drift you picture a drift missile s13. but its so much more than just a drift car. they are sexy as fuck. can you think of anything sexier than a white s13 hatch with fender flairs and a CF hood on some bronze rims? i think not. the only problem is they are drift taxed the fuck out of. shit you cant find a beater for less than $1500.


It makes me feel alive, 'nuff said.


I must love my s13, because i have no money to buy a Porsche.

But the S13 is a good old car


My s chassis (s13 silvia) gives more then it asks


My s chassis (s13 silvia) gives more then it asks


Just recently a new owner of a Ca18de s13, coming from a hachi roku to s13 is a whole new ball game, so much easier to drive, slide, its newer, has air con, actually still pretty light of a car, love the hachi rokus for life, but will never regret selling it off and getting a s13, cheap mans Ferrari that is affordable in this life time


god i hate that car...


I love S-chassis because its stock sound way better than any other car.


because it rust pretty


I love S chasis because they are pretty sexy they look agresive and fast, but I never drove any S chasis right now im working to collect money to buy one YEAHHHH


It was my frist car,1989 S13 Hatch, ive had it for 3 years now and just seeing a go from a bone stock DD, to a SRpowered mildy modded grip monster, which i Daily is an amazing experiance. They look amazing, very easy to work on, have potential, and an unbelievable aftermarket support, anywhere you go in the world.


The S-chassis is the quintessential Japanese sports car. Light, agile, attractive, economical, and can be made to go like a bat outta hell.


oldschool eyes and sexy back, could not get any better :D


The S-chassis cars are the most basically designed cars, both aesthetically and performance-wise, yet they hold a special place in all us. It is this simplicity that has made this car as popular as it is. It represents what the auto industry is missing: an inexpensive, simple, highly-tunable, lightweight, rwd coupe. And as long as this sort of car is unavailable at new car dealers, we will always resort to out beloved S-Chassis.


i love the s-chassis to death, ive had 6! and thats all ive ever had. s13's are where its at!


I love my S30 because it is by far the best looking Nissan ever created, and has 6 cylinders like the good Lord intended.


I chose my S13 240sx because it accomplishes everything I wish to do with my automotive aspirations. I don't believe the S chassis is best at anything. However, I do believe it does most everything well. The S chassis has great aftermarket support, a good community, and is an all around blast to own. Whether back road carving is your thing, drifting, or even a daily driver for that matter, the S chassis can do them all without a second thought. There are faster, better handling cars of the same age out there, but for the price, the S chassis is hard to beat!


S chassis suck. thats why i have one. biggest POS ever.


I love my S-Chassis because it is always reliable and still turns heads even in stock form after all these years. No other car has more of a following and company backing the the S-Chassis so for years to come us owners will always be able to find new parts and upgrades. It is a timeless classic of our age.


I love my S-Chassis because even when its broken down in my garage its still sitting pretty.






I loved my S-chassis, but I hated the CA18DET.

Just a question of time until I will revive that hate/love relationship..


Just love to drive/drift/race my S-chassis, even (or especially) with the 'small' CA18DET engine!!! ;-)


I´m absolutely in love with my widebody S15!

It´s not a only a great drift car, it´s also a perfect car for grip driving.

I track her every month on german racetracks, mostly of course Nuerburgring.

RWD, leightweight, turbocharged, easy to modify and very rare in main europe.

What do you want more to bother all the Porsches and M3s over here? :))