Social>>an S-chassis Homage: Pt.2

Now to continue our S-chassis celebration with another batch of  great quotes about the car from you, the readers.

Since it's January 4th, we've put the quotes up with a selection of S14 images from the archive. Enjoy!

The S-chassis allows people from all over the world to join a single
family, but in the same breath gives them the right to stand above and
stand out. Grasping the steering wheel of my S13 is surpassed only by
holding my family in excitement.
- SSG Kenneth Hay

I love my S14 (Kouki) and they have the biggest after market support for
suspension parts, look sexier than any other car under 10K, and now you
can drop almost any engine in the S-Chassis.
- Papa Yosh

I love my S14A and have since they came out in 1995. In 2004 i bought a
great example that had been well maintained and i have put it through 85
thousand miles of smiles since. I haven't always maintained it well but
it is rock solid reliable, parts are easy to come by and the design of
the car is great. -

The S13, S14 and S15 are well balanced cars, with plenty of support
from the aftermarket industry and a great reputation. They are also very
nice looking, without exaggerated bodylines and an overall clean and
simple design that lends itself to being modified, kind of like a clean
canvas ready to be painted. –

The S-chassis' beauty is borne of it's function; there might be prettier
cars on the market, ones that feel slightly more engaging to drive and
ones that make bulk power more willingly but the thing about S-chassis
Nissans is that to a degree they cover all bases. –

I love my S because it´s part of my life, I passed good and bad moments
in his seat, It´s my first car, and I´m sure that always I will have a S
car in my garage, even if only to admire it.
- JoCKeR

It's Nissan Lego. RB,CA,SR,S14-15. It all swaps like Lego. – Tim Bush

It represents the correct attitude of a car manufacturer towards a sports car: beautiful, functional & reasonably priced. - M

 I own an S13 and S14 and they are both equal as far as driving and
handling, but the 14 is by far my favorite.  there is a style to sliding
the 14 that just puts a smile on my face. 
- Skrappy

It's an enthusiast's first choice, affordable, loads of aftermarket support, great styling, and its RWD. whats not to love? - greens13

No matter what you're trying to use the car for, stance, drifting, time
attack, rally, anything its the perfect car and will get the job done.
Its sexy, iconic, and practical.

I love the S Chassis because it follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Formula to a tee. For a fun car to participate in almost any form of Motorsports you
want a Light, Cheap, RWD Car, with a good suspension Geometry.-

No matter how old you are or how much experience you have,it's always a blast to drive it. - Boost

Being a future car designer, I love the that each and every model looks
so good, they capture the essence of the Japanese sports cars like no
- Nikhil

The ferocious eyes of an S15, The classic, rectangular rear-lights of an
S13, the S14's taxi-figure, and all others combined to make a series of
well-known drift machines.
– Ruskia

Love the S-chassis! Not quite sure why though! Maybe it's the lines of
the car? Its simpleness? The opportunities for styling and tuning? Or
is it its capability to drift? Anyhow, I love it and it's beautiful to
look at! You can really sense that japanese engineering feel!
- mathy91

Perfect styling, perfect price, and it seems to have been built with drifting in mind. They don't make 'em like this anymore. - NFS-2ner

Just look at that picture, awesome aggressive lines that make some of the
most bad ass looking cars in the world and it seems as if the creators
knew that they would be making one of the most popular cars for any
motor sport ,especially drifting.

Good looks, endlessly upgradeable, also cheap if you use Skyline or Z parts, great community of owners too. -Siim

The S13-S15 were some of the last "real" cars, before all the
computerized stuff started taking over.  The seating positions are
comfortable, everything you need to get to while driving can be reached
easily, and it feels solid while driving despite the light weight. But
it also makes noises while driving. Its not a quiet boring ride. You can
hear the engine, feel the steering, you can hear pieces of car making
noises. Its alot easier to be come one with the S-chassis than most
other cars. It just feels so right.



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From S13 to S15, they just say "take me, love me, drive me".. The style of S-chassis is just for drift for sure. No other cars looks so right in Nikko, just S-chassis.


I hope to see more and more people like myself in Northern California make the swich from civics to 240sx's. The movement is growing more and more






I've never owned an s chassis, but if it's anything like my e30..(old school, no bs, got character, and most importantly rear wheel drive).. then I approve +1


yay! haha, if only nissan would make a new S-chassis car...!


All S14's Crash Always. :D


Thank you very much speedhunters for awesome coverage, and for adding something i said :D


Nice post!

could you post the first or the 18th picture as wallpaper please?


@ Ason : Strange, I had the very same feeling yesterday, my e34 BMW screamin' "drive me" as I opened the door... :D


@ Ason : Strange, I had the very same feeling yesterday, my e34 BMW screamin' "drive me" as I opened the door... :D


love the girl name silvia!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for adding my battered ass box in with all the other pretty cars :)