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It's always exciting when a super car company announces their latest creation. And after a few weeks of leaked images floating around the Internet, Pagani has officially unveiled their Zonda successor for all of us to see, the Huayra.

It was 12 years ago that a brand new super carmaker entered the scene with their radical C12 Zonda. From the looks of the Huayra, they decided to play it a little safer on their second outing. Zonda's styling queues can be seen throughout the car. 

It's Zonda heritage is most apparent when viewing the car from the back. It is especially prevalent through the tail light section and the four titanium exhaust tips.

Pagani has ditched the normal way of opening car doors for a set of much more extravagant "hey-look-at-me" gullwings.

From this view you can also see its fish-like front end. But those slats and flares are aero aids that help the push the car down at high speeds and in the corners.

Fishy front-end design aside, the overall of styling of the car looks great.

The interior features the usual Pagani flamboyance of luxurious leathers, beautiful aluminum pieces and copious amounts of carbon fiber. 

Now, here are the juicy bits. The Huayra packs a Mercedes-Benz AMG-built 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 punch pushing out over 700 horses and just around 740 pound-feet of torque. It is said to be capable of speeds of around 230 MPH! With a car that weighs of just under 3,000 pounds, thanks to a whole boat load of carbon fiber, you have a car that can relocate the your vital organs to your spine in no time flat!

It looks great from the side and in motion. We can't wait for videos of the Huayra to pop up so we can hear the 6.0L V12 sing.

From this photo, you can see the brake flaps in action –something the Zonda did not have.

Many new cars (not to mention new Facebook layouts…) face harsh criticism when they first get unveiled for their styling queues. But after a while, we get used to it and finally see the car for what it is. 

If you're not a fan of the Huayra's overall look, give it some time, hear the engine note, see it slide around on a future Top Gear episode, and then give it your final opinion.




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copied spyker with the "exposed" gear shift

the 458 with the general shape of the car and the deforming pieces in the grill

veyron with the air brake

AND they ruined that beautiful engine note with turbos?

i was the biggest pagani fan in the world until today


doors from mercedes... ugly looking pouch on the drivers side door from a 90s buick... the more i look the more negatives i find


@bubbajoe: Its the same engine used in the SLK Black so it was Pagani who added the turbo's but the engineers at AMG.

Not a big fan of the fish from end but the rest of the car looks good and i like the dual brake flaps instead of one big spoiler, though if one fails at high speed that could be disastrous. Overall I like the original Zonda more, especially since it looks and sounds amazing.


bubbajoe shut up, you're a dumbass. pagani isn't trying to copy anything from anyone.

the huayra is as ugly as the name Pagani gave it. the front fascia is a blunt, criss-crossed, open-mouthed, disfigured mess. it's truly hideous compared to the styling of the beautifully aggressive zonda, and it will soon become a shame to the pagani company. (btw, changing the straight split-spoke wheels into shiny gay swirly things doesn't help)

"Many new cars (not to mention new Facebook layouts...) face harsh criticism when they first get unveiled for their styling queues. But after a while, we get used to it and finally see the car for what it is." the facebook metaphor doesn't hold. it doesn't matter if people get used to it. it's ugly now and always will be. people who get used to driving ugly cars still find them ugly. with every new layout, facebook makes things worse. people get used to it, but that doesn't change the fact that it still sucks. hopefully pagani won't follow their example


it's better than old one


it's better than old one


For those that are wondering how it's pronounced, it's "Eee-why-rah"

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to say it.


It's a bloody automatic.


It's not a "blopdy automatic" it called sequential manual.


to bubbajoe... I fail to see how they copied bugatti with air brakes? Alot of car makers have had them for years... Mitsubishi for one, had them in the early 90s on the GTO


i hope its like zonda r fast. i like the semi retro futuristic cues of it.



I think you meant FACELIFT or FACELOOK, and NOT FACEBOOK. Either way, why calling out people?

Pagani copied a lot of the design from other cars. In my eyes when someone does that; he/ she simply doesn't have any interest in creating something new and innovative; and the fact that Horacio did not use his head to conceptualize this latest creation, to me it's fail; sorry.

The leather-carbon-aluminum interior is as tacky as the previous Zonda; and that beautiful Mercedes Benz AMG built V12 is essentially the same engine he's been using for all other Zonda; nothing new.

3rd picture from the top; the rear end looks awfully like a Ferrari Enzo. Not impressed.


Flappy paddle gear box.


Zonda II...


Truly I also got a feeling there is too much old zonda, F458 and maybe murcielago or CCX.

Anyway I don't like it. It's damn ugly!


After staring for a while... It looks ok


its a automotive disaster...


question: how do you go about closing the door when you get in the driver seat? a switch maybe? and what is that in the seat between that would be between the drivers legs?? i'd still happily drive it though



wtf "FACELIFT or FACELOOK, and NOT FACEBOOK" what the hell are you going on about?

im calling out this "bubbajoe" guy because he's being overdramatic and he's just plain making shit up. who knows where the inspiration for these aspects of the car came from? but i can guarantee you that pagani did not copy "the 458 with the general shape of the car" or "veyron with the air brake" or "ugly looking pouch on the drivers side door from a 90s buick." how retarded does that sound? he's being a dumbshit because he wants attention. im "calling him out" with good reason.

as for you... who are you to say "Pagani copied a lot of the design from other cars." were you there when the huayra design was first penned and sculpted? maybe a lot of functional aspects just happen to work the same as those in other cars. similar shapes or design cues aren't all too uncommon among the hyperperformance elite. but the basic profile and most of the design features are more reminiscent of the C12 Zonda than anything else.


didnt say the most important thing: the price

until prices come out, no way to know if its better than MP4-12C, 458 or LP67-4 SV


the front half looks like a koeniggsegg to me and the other half like a ferrari, it's just me though


oh baby!!!


Not feeling the look of the car but if it goes like they claim it does, then that's a fast, but ugly, car.


what a horrendous mess of curves and surfaces. Terrible. From the pure design of the Zonda this is hugely disappointing


and the front looks horrid...


Hmm, I'm not sure what to make of this car. From a functional standpoint, I love Pagani. But from a aesthetic standpoint, I really think Horacio Pagani should hire a designer first before building something.


This will be the car that wipes the name pagani out of the motor industry looks awful would take a zonda over this any day


It looks less like a new car and more like a poorly executed mid-cycle "facelift"


Ugly as sin from the front, plus I don't really care for those curved spoke wheels or the name (sounds like a noise you make after drinking too much tequila), but otherwise a great car.

Considering it has a 6 liter V12 with twin turbos, the power output seems a bit underrated. Probably has a fairly conservative tune to comply with ever restrictive Euro emissions standards. Especially considering that the Zonda R makes 740 hp NA, but only 523 ft/lbs of torque vs. this cars 700 hp and 740 ft/lbs. Nothing a competent tuner can't fix! I'm sure an R version of this car could easily approach 1000 hp!

I'm sure even with a pair of snails, this thing still sounds awesome!


Mercedes SLS just called, and she want her door back, NOW.

and WTF is wrong with Pagani, first they made an amazing car with incredibly beautiful and very creative design, and now they just fucking RUINED IT.


the zonda just looks faster, but this car definitely is beautiful. The front end isn't my favorite, but knowing pagani there will be plenty of new packages and special editions after some time.


I hated the first one (actually I'm still hating it, just not as much) but I love this!

The only thing I dislike is the "Huayra" on the dashboard which makes it look a little tacky.


wonder if those flaps can be used individually during a turn to give the outer tire the extra grip.



the veyron is not the only nor is it the first supercar with an airbrake...


Looks like a Zonda, redesigned badly by a 5 year old.

Complete step backwards, all they've done is take the pointless shit from other manufacturers and stuck it all in one hideous car. Downforce was fine without deforming flaps, regular doors are fine and gullwings only suit certain cars, the airbrakes are just plain pointless.


Simply ugly, just like its brother Zonda.


I have a feeling that this car (its name at least) will be MASSIVELY popular in russian-speaking countries.


looks like ferrari


Overall design is ssssssik! But the tail lights have to go, and what's up with the split spoiler, er, spoilers???


god thats ugly


DRFTmonkie said it well. Only to ad the front looks kind of a Ugly Porsche (993/996) from sideview. What an disapointment, but like so many times before (bmw anyone) it is hard to update something so perfect and beautyful.

Well at least the old one will be there to be enjoy'd


New Zonda?


I like it

i dont love it,


Damn that looks like a beast !

But the rear body line kinda reminds me the Ferrari 458 Italia, I don't know why


reports weight as "just under 3000 pounds." Although that statement is true, it is slightly misleading. Pagani lists *dry* weight as 1,350 kg or 2,970 pounds. Pretty much every manufacturer (excepting those listed above and motorcycle manufacturers) use *curb* weight when identifying weight. If we *only* add in fuel weight (not counting any other fluids), we're looking at 85 liters or 22.45 gallons at approximately 6.5 pounds per gallon of fuel = 146 pounds. Add in engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, etc., etc. and you're looking at an additional 250 pounds easy. So if we want to compare apples to apples (curb weight to curb weight), we're talking about more like 3,220 pounds or so. Still completely commendable and impressive considering the hardware in the engine bay.

Then if we want to talk about cv versus hp, we get 690 hp from the 700 cv as listed by Pagani.

Does it really make a difference, you ask?

Numbers as provided by Pagani:

2,970 pounds

700 cv

~ 4.2 lbs/hp

Numbers as compared to (nearly) every other manufacturer:

3,220 pounds

690 hp

~ 4.7 lbs/hp

So yeah, it makes about an 11% difference--pretty significant.

Again, these are completely sick numbers either way, but in order to be fair (and have fair comparisons to other vehicles), consistency is important.


This is a one of a kind vehicle made with excellence and persistence


@ t_s: It's a flappy-paddle like most of the supercars today. But if you can chuck up the cash for one of these I'm pretty sure they can fit a manual transmission...

Car looks amazing, even the front end if you look at it straight on or from the side.


Cant help but fancy the specifications. 700 Horsepowers, top speed 230 miles per hour, a bit under 3000lbs . In which puts the Pagani Huayra in the estate of 550 horepowers per tonne. Meaning this could be one of very few fastest the world!


Looks good to me!


Looks good to me!


Who am I ( or anyone here ) to comment until I can actually afford one. Zonda or their owners dont care what we think.

But anyway, turbos rule and it looks proper spastic!!!


@bubbajoe, Ooh, it copied Ford too, cause it has 4 wheels! Get a life bro.


Huayra ??????? ????? ????????))))


Who am I ( or anyone here ) to comment until I can actually afford one. Zonda or their owners dont care what we think.

But anyway, turbos rule and it looks proper spastic!!!


Oh my goodness, it has 4 wheels, 4 tires, tail lights and head lights, a motor... they copied off of a John Deere mower, this is ridiculous!! I'd like to see someone who can complain about a car that's design was executed as well as this one, design something better. Whatever works, works. I don't think they're going to make enough of these to overwhelm the supply/demend. Maybe someone would like all the beautiful characteristics that one would complain about was taken from another car, into one great looking car. Insert: this car.


Like it a lot...


Truly I also got a feeling there is too much old zonda, F458 and maybe murcielago or CCX.

Anyway I don't like it. It's damn ugly!


look at those rims! it's mirrored

the left side is different than it's right side


They named it the Huayra because that is the sound you will make, while vomiting, after you see this car.

This car is fugly. it looks like a damned catfish. Pagani should go back to the drawing board.


I m hating the frontbumper but i really like that rearview.


i'm sorry. but just like bmw's first e90 tail lights. it'll never grow on me i'm afraid.

i can understand the updated rear design language....but the front has nothing on the Zonda.


Looks terrible, looks like a Whale Shark.


im still in shock that such a great company would do something like this. they changed the game with the zonda, now they are just following in other peoples footsteps. i hope this car is fast as hell cause there sure isn't anything else going for it.


I think it looks great.

Looks like alot of detailed aero work to complement the shape.

The air dam is very interesting.


no where near as good looking as the Zonda...really is one of those ugly cars!!!

And not to mention the new ferrari FF!!! i mean whats happening to it?! its going down the drain! Alfa is the only one with a model range that still has the looks....!


god damn, that car looks awesome!

it's better than previous zonda!


Wow hater gonna hate hahaha. Screw all you people, this thing is gorgeous, lets see you guys do better


Why mr. Pagani, why?

Stylingwise I'm truly disappointed. Even the name is horrid. There's still hope that the "thing" will kick major ass...


How absolutely horrific. From the gorgeous Zonda R to this horrid assortment of curves and orifices. I'm hoping it grows on me but I'm not so sure. That wide mouth Mazda-esque front fascia is disgusting...


I'm sorry but this model really is a big step backwards in terms of style. It looks heavy and full of design details that are poorly executed and unsympathetic to the car itself. I'm pretty disappointed especially when the original was so left field and a refreshing change compared to other super car companies at the time.


I like it better than the zonda, im just not feeling those wheels and the way the roofline extends and surrounds the tail lights. :/

I'm also glad they got rid of that stupid pointy nose thing for the most part.

Looks cool but lacks most of that "feminine" shape from its predecesor, like the original. Anyways, I'm pretty sure the photographs ain't helping muchs. Perhaps in some other color and loking at it at normal human height it will look even better.


Although the nose does look too high and there are a lot of fins in the front and I'm not even going to mention the frankly hideous doors (leave that styling to Mercedes) I think it's actually just a more conservative looking Zonda as they're probably going with the "can be used everyday" line. Toned down looks and tuned up performance. Bet it's a monster around a track. Still don't like it? Wait 6 months after release and I almost guarantee there will be either an official new version with huge wing and exposed carbon fibre or some tiny tuning house will poke it with a stick and tweak the looks (and paint).

Personally I just look at that engine bay and the interior and I want this car. Engineering perfection!


Nice styling. I still can see some Zonda residing in this car, but it is still entirely different. Also, @ bubbajoe and DRFTmonkeh... WTF I though this was a place to leave comments, not try to kill each other!!


Haha, these haters are probably the same ones gawking at those cheap Japanese hatchbacks sprinkled on this blog from time to time. I'm sorry this Pagani doesn't have a two-tone black and white paint scheme and doesn't have a boot to carry tofu. There's a slim chance one of us commented here can actually acquire one of these anyways. Regardless, it looks great, although I can without that awful name for the car.


I really like this car, the interior is probably the only dislike in it all, new colours would change that though. and just think this is the base model, when pagani decide to release more bonkers versions of this some of the styling cues may be changed, and I'd take this over any other supercar out


Given the opportunity to drive one, we would slip and fall on our own pee, having wet ourselves as we ran to get in the drivers seat.


a lot of complaints from people whom will never afford one of these let alone drive one. it is a stunning super car!

we love you speedhunters!


haha bubbajoe what a load of ****!!! really do you even own a pagani... if not i really dont think that your their 'biggest' fan!!! lol some people really do come out with it some times! copied veryon with the air brake! lol so they must have copied the SLR as well no?!


everyone who said this car is ugly i would like to see you design a car from scratch.... exactly, shut THE HELL UP...

this right here is nice, plus its got a twin turbo V12. that should be enough right there


Whilst i wouldn't necessarily say he's "copied" anything else, he does seem to have taken a lot of styling cues from other cars and the end result is one damn ugly mess!! For starters, it kind of reminds me of the supercar equivalent of a pickup truck with the short bonnet and long rear end, i keep looking at it and thinking its back to front (ie the rear should be the front and the front the rear).

In fairness though, it's doesnt really matter what we think of it, not like it'll be within most peoples price range. Overall a major anti-climax but hey, the Zonda was always gonna be a bloody hard act to follow


So sexy, love the side profile. I think the front end will grow on people. Sounds real dirty too!


Guys are going crazy in this one lol

Personally it's not as hard and edgy as the Zonda. So people who liked the Zonda for that wouldn't like this and persons who didn't like the Zonda for being so out there may actually like this model.

I agree the engine should have stayed N/A purely for sound but who knows if they were trying to make as efficiency possible out of the engine by using turbos?!

On another note......Most super cars mimic each other with their various styling cues, it's virtually impossible to deny that. Only Lamborghini i can say doesn't look like nothing I've seen others do but most of their cars had a similar form as the Countach right? And how old is that car? lol So in the end we'll either hate refinement or love it, but for damn sure I'd drive it if i was ever given the chance.


Why the hatin'? Looks sexy to me. Just disappointed that they decided to use turbochargers for this car. They should have at least sourced the AMG engine and built it from the ground up without using forced induction. But perhaps using turbos is cheaper and more economical.


I made some shops wich make the car a lot more interesting! ;)


If the mirrors and wheels were different it would help a whole lot.


that front end is, how can I say this in a nice way?



Instant fan! Love it!


Why would they have copied ford by fitting 4 wheels? Do you think henry ford invented the automobile? I am simply pointing out that zoned seem to have copied many other defining features of other supercars. Spyker is known for the exposed gear linkage, and came made it an attractive desirable feature.

Mercedes is known for the gullwing doors and made them a desirable feature.

Ferrari has, with the 458, moved into the design where the quarter panels extend above the rest of the rear and the and pioneered the deforming pieces in the grill of the car.

What i was simply pointing out, in an admittedly ostentatious manner, was that Pagani seems to have taken the best, most defining features from other cars, and attempted to make them their own. I don't like this at all. Those defining features are what makes each car unique, and Pagani to show up with a design that mimics so many others appalls me. Each supercar deserves to have its own unique feature. Im not saying that the other cars have no other unique features, but Pagani sure has made a run at the most highly touted ones. Pagani broke the molds and built a car that was all its own and completely unlike anything else, and for them to then design a car that simply takes cues from other supercars is not in the true spirit of a supercar. supercars are supposed to define trends, not follow them. Supercars forge the way ahead for car design. If every supercar starts taking cues from another, we will eventually end up with every company designing the same car using the same ideas already in use. Maybe it was too much to expect Pagani to redefine the game twice...


Also Pagani more than likely chose to have turbos on this model. Mercedes wouldn't refuse them a naturally aspirated engine if they desired one. I don't believe the Maybach v12 is twin turbo.

Lastly, that pouch is unseemly in comparison to the rest of the interior and does not belong in a supercar.


niccceee but hate the interior and the way the doors open


Softened - Surface Zonda with Koeniggsegg tail...I finally dislike Pagani (of course, my opinion).

But stealing iconic elements from REAL Sportscars...i lost my language...Tzzz

BTW: Are you Speedhunters guys recieving money for adverting this thing?


Listen to all you litte girls bitching about the looks , That front end is functional ,

ugly and does its job , wins over pretty and dont do s**t .

99% of you who are bitching about the looks cant afford this car anyway ,so what you are saying has no importance to anyone that matters .

Looks before funtion is always a Fail .


700bhp, 740ft lb, 230mph and 2 turboes? who cares how it looks? :) the Gumpert Apollo aint a pretty sight to behold either, but shit it's fast too innit? might not be the best looking of car ( personally i like the look of the Zonda more, it's a timeless classic i dare say..) but for sure it gonna sell. and about the comparision with the Zonda R, thats an Ex-GT1 racecar engine. cant compare the 2.... i like the iinterior doh, looks alot better than my B13 sentra's ;)


is it just me but doe the rear lights wreck the whole cars flow

the front looks like a cross between a devil and alien

gota giv it to them on the side mirrors they look really devil tail like

but yeh the rear lights just kill it for me


everybody needs to shut the fuck up, this car is sexy as hell. I dont know what ya'll been smoking lately but you guys fail to enjoy the sexiness that is this car.


Its a pagani... whats not to love?

Besides.. they wont care about our opinion.. only a handful of people are able to afford them anyways

98 are the man


I like it =)


i personally love it...when the 1st C12 lots of people also didnt like it, like some here but once they hear and see videos of it they will surely change their opinions.....the huayra has lots of zonda influence, but then again pagani said the zonda r was going to be the test bed for this one


So many complainers. The car looks great. Sure the nose is a little awkward but after looking at it from different angles and seeing the EVO video it has grown on me. And as far as pulling ideas from other companies is a laugh. EVERY mass market company has done in one way or another. It's how companies stay competitive. Now how that change in aerodynamics translates to actual performance numbers remIns to be seen. Just because a car has the same or more powerful figures does not mean it is in fact more powerful on the road.

The interior is to die for. This argentine did it right.


I dig it, though the front end will need to grow on me a bit. I don;t quite like it as much as I do the Zonda, but as the post mentioned, with time I'm sure I'll grow to like it.

I hated pig-nose STi's when they came out - now I own one. Designs gain acceptance with time.


Great stuff!


Too all the people bitching shut up. You cant afford it anyway so why are you complaining? This car will smoke any of the shit boxes you drive , everything on this car is about function. Pagani has done something most of you will never do , go up against the biggest names in the car industry and make a successful product. This car is stunning. Its what a car should be , quailty, performance and beauty. Stop bitching about it.


This thing is a slap of genius! As for design not everything can be original, they are going to run into bumps. If you're going to complain about how it has Mercedes doors, well you might as well say it copied four wheels from the Ford model T. Super cars is supposed to be over the top. Love or hate, this thing works for me.


Its ugliness makes it beautiful


It's quite nice, how the upper and lower engine vents stem from a single curve, and match so perfectly with the rear seam of the gullwing

As with surfing, only the completely clueless and immature will look on without any real practice of their own, and assume they could do better.

You fools aren't going to buy the car, and could not even do half as well designing it, so quit your delusional whining for a moment, and just see.


I think the Pagani Zonda is very beautiful... I'll need a couple weeks to get used to this...


well, it's obvious we can find some similarities with other designs outhere. but every design has an inspiration. we can't escape from the influences, in this case positive to the final result. We can say that's look alike in some details, but there's no doubt, this new model keeps the full ADN of Zonda. It's a beautiful enginereed piece of automobile. And god that V12 must sing...


Personally, I like it. Although the Zonda is still a great looking exotic, it had a toy car image. The Huayra (how do you pronounce that?) is a nice evolution; it's like Zonda just put on a taylored tux over all the exposed carbon fibre. I love the long tail, which reminds me of the Nissan R390 from Le Mans of the 1990s.

Not a big fan of the nose though, it could do with a bit more sculpted body work rather than eight sections of grills.

If you look at the Aston Martin PR video of their newest car, they talk about making the car a work of art blah blah blah. The final product doesn't even look that good. Pagani pulls it off without making as big a deal out of it.


well if you guys don't like this car after you buy it..... i suppose you can give it to me. :)


For ALL OF YOU that say that the car is ugly.. you may have a point.. but I since the first time I saw it I've always told myself that theres something rather special when you look at it that makes you feel good and makes you ADORE IT for the wayy it is!


I think that aside from the front bumper (which is awful) it looks fantastic. Sure the wheels and mirrors are a bit wonky but they're not that bad.


Are you all out of your goddamn minds?! This car looks FANTASTIC, front grill and all.


this guy put a name to the car related with the wind, and trully you see the wind on it, is a beautifull car, im sure of it, and because no many people like it, make the car nicer,


I read lots of comments talking badly about this car with no sense at all, you can't say Pagani isn't original or that he is copying from other cars, when he managed to get side by side with the greatest factorys in the world with only one car model, the zonda is a masterpiece. The huayra is another masterpiece from pagani, I'm sure most of the bad comments here come from people who never saw a zonda in person so they never really get the level of perfection of the car in every little detail, aside their carbon bodywork is awesomely constructed with f1 technology, The Huayra was developed thinking in the aerodynamic of the car, the front and rear dynamic air brakes make the car go faster in curves, every curve in the bodywork has a functionality it's not just a design detail, Once it hit the roads many of the people talking bu+++hit here would be surprised with this car


i duno weird car! The inside looks like a space ship ... with luxury???


Everybody needs to chill out. Yes, its not very good looking but I was thinking the same thing when I saw the first Zonda for the first time and pointing out the cars that it copied too but I got over it and after a while found that I adored the Zonda design. The first editions are always kind've sketchy but they'll change the vehicles here and there and as time goes on, we'll find that we adore this Pagani too (just for being a Pagani more then anything). You see, all of you are comparing it to the Zonda which makes no sense what so ever because its almost impossible to out do or just do another vehicle as good as the Zonda... thats the issue with finding perfection. This vehicle is not a Zonda sequel but rather a hole completely different vehicle based on a different path. Don't disrespect it because its not the Zonda but rather respect for not being the Zonda. It'll get better... just watch.

Now would I drive it? Yes.

Would I buy it over a Zonda? Absolutely not.

Would I buy it over a McLaren P11 (MP4-12C)? Maybe, Maybe not.

Will it ever be as good as the Zonda? When you start your company with an automotive titan that is sometimes considered better then the very best Ferrari's.. its gonna be hard to do anything near as good. You woulden't ask if the McLaren MP4 could be as good as the McLaren F1, would you?

Will this car be successful in the future? Nothings entirely impossible with a company like Pagani. If it isn't.. Its not like they don't have the ability to come up with something new and resort back to the Zonda configurations.

Do think that this vehicle will be a Ferrari fighter like the Zonda? Yes and no. If anything it looks like the starting of a turbocharged power competitor to fight off things like the Koenigsegg and Bugatti to me for some reason. We'll have to wait and see.


Its like the s13s poo brown interior all over again ! sheesh lol


shit the interior is so beautiful and the car is wow OMG


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ya rien a dir de mal