News>>subaru’s Ft-86 Concept To Appear In Geneva

This year’s Geneva Motor Show just got a whole lot more interesting as Subaru officially announced it will be debuting its “Rear Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept”, better known as its version of the Toyota FT-86. Little is known about Subaru’s version the car other than it will be rear-drive and powered by a boxer motor.

It’s still a little tough to grasp the idea a non-AWD Subaru, but I don’t have any doubts that this car will generate just as much buzz as Toyota’s version of the concept. We’ll find out for sure when the Geneva Motor Show opens in early March.

-Mike Garrett

Source: Motor Trend



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i hope both version go on sale by the end of this year as a 2012 model stop with the delays already


Rad. I'm feelin this.


Hopefully we don't get cheated out of the top trim level in the United States like we usually do.


I don't really get the point of the same car but in two different makes.

Still, will be a great new tuner car.


The automotive press should be boycotting any coverage of this ten year concept, until it is on the showroom floor. Toyota has gotten tens of millions of dollars of free advertising for a car that is no closer to production now, than it was in 2001. In 2021, we'll still be looking at pictures of concept cars, and still nothing in the dealerships. How can the automotive press be so gullible?


"Toyota has gotten tens of millions of dollars of free advertising for a car that is no closer to production now, than it was in 2001. "

This car was started in 2008 . . . where are you getting 2001 from?


"This car was started in 2008 . . . where are you getting 2001 from?"

Here is is in 2007.

If they started in 2008, they must have invented a time machine too.


RWD Subaru? strange.. but i like it


they need to hurry up n make this car!! Need one!


I'd have to agree. Why make two RWD cars under different badges? Are there some countries that don't have Toyota or Subaru?


im wondering there finacial aspect on why they are producing almost 2 identical cars from 2 different companys. on purchase i guess it would come down to brand loyalty assuming options are close to the same. not to mention with a 300hp version in the air, if the sti sales would drop cuz of the cheaper sales tag of the "ft86" yotasuby. but never the less i am extremely excited about this car comin out!!


I look forward to seeing more!, and the Toyota version making the light of day :)


Consider the butterfly effect drifting may have had on Toyota's decision to design/produce the FT-86. Interest in drifting has hit every country very hard. An executive of an automobile company may have taken notice that men and women around the world are starting to purchase RWD cars to drift with. Its only a matter of time before an automaker had what they thought was a bright idea to make a car for everyone in the world of drifting.

To make and try and sell a $30,000US car in this country this far into the drifting scene is quite the idea. Sure, several units may sell. But will it ever be built to be put to the test in multiple markets? Have they lost sight of what they originally set out to do? At first the car was going to be under $20,000US, and reports are showing it closer to $30,000US. We shall see.

Regardless we are all obviously paying attention to the buzz.


I will buy one as soon as its available me want bad.


hachi roku!


this must be toyota's reincarnation of the hachiroku


I agree with Seriously, including the 2001 part, meaning that in '01 this project wasn't started and right now even with all the hype, it' probably not any closer to production than in '01 (when it was nothing).

It's a PR strategy; Toyota is creating a 'sporty' image without having to actually develop and sell a sports car or even support racing. It is hypocritical that Toyota is taking advantage of the '86' image and fan following for this PR agenda, and then on the other hand is discontinuing replacement parts left and right for the AE86. TRD has also been discontinuing replacement parts like shock absorbers, gears, etc. too, even though demand is still there. Toyota is trying to sell as many minivans and Prius's as they can, and eventually when the pressure's on they'll say that the market environment was bad or demand isn't high enough to produce a sports car.

I could go on forever on this topic. 2 last extra points to consider.

1. Expensive, but you can still get replacement parts for GC10 Hakosuka Skylines and S30 Fairlady Z from Nissan.

2. FT-86 would be an '70s Corona with a forklift engine.


hopefully one day we can all sleep safely knowing FWD is dead. =] day.


oh sweet the Toyota FT-86 with a Subaru Badge.


Toyota have said they are scrapping the idea of this being cheap fun and instead plan to take it up market and put it against the 370Z. Subaru will probably do their thing and go low end of town - which is good for us. Strange not to have an ugly small subaru.


I look forward to the Toyota one as well, but I'll believe it when I see the actual car.


subaru? what>? it caugght my eye, im still not totaly understanding


reminds me a lot of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe


they look the same to me


It does look a bit like the Genesis but I'm digging it