New Cars>>the Hyundai Veloster

I’ve been keeping an eye on the news coming out of the Detroit Auto Show this week, and while I haven’t seen anything that will set the enthusiast world on fire – there have been a few notable debuts. One of them is Hyundai’s new Veloster compact hatchback.

While the Genesis Coupe established the Korean automaker in the rear-drive coupe market, the Veloster is looking to tap into the market of affordable compact cars like the Scion tC, MINI, and the CR-Z.

The Veloster will be powered by a 1.6 liter four cylinder that makes 138hp mated to a standard 6-speed manual or optional dual clutch transmission. It might not sound like a lot on paper, but combined with a weight of just 2,584 lbs it should be a decent drive. On top of that, Hyundai also claims the car will do 40mpg on the highway.

Inside, the Veloster will be loaded with tech like integrated Pandora radio, Hyundai’s “Blue Link” and USB video playback, and more.

It all sounds very promising, but then there’s the styling. It’s unique, but I’m not sure if I’m quite sold on it – especially that front end.

Regardless of the styling, with a target price of around $17,000 this could be a very a big car for Hyundai, and it’s great to see the brand bring another interesting car to the market.

I’m interested to see what you guys have to say about this car.

-Mike Garrett



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LOL unique? its hideous. it isn't quite as worthless as the tiburon it replaces, but why pay $17K to be laughed at?


AD pic from hyundai


It doesnt look too bad. Dont like the front, but the rear is okay. Good to see cars still available with a clutch these days.


Less is more, Hyundai! The roofline and window profiles are nice though.. Front plastics looks incomplete and over-designed, and the rear is just .... although its not pleasant to look at i could live with it. Whats with tail lights being at B pillar height anyway? Ok, the focus RS does it too, but thats a different design altogether (vertical), and it works. Actually, the Focus RS is a great example of less is more. Overall, I like the package and price - good engine specification and extras for sub 20k mark. Not bad at all. However i'm tired of Hyundai making these fun, funky cars. I think they should bring out a serious sports small car. And serious I don't mean boring, I mean something of substance and quality, instead of these disposable, shallow cars.


The overall design is growing on me, but Hyundai needs to fix that front fascia, and soon. It looks like a (rapping?) hamster with its cheeks stuffed full of food.


izzit me or the Veloster exterior and interior looks a lot like Fiesta...


i think the front end resemble lexus lsf


how can you talk about this car and not mention the passenger side suicide door with conventional drivers side.


I have absolutely nothing positive to say about the exterior styling of this car. I'd rather have an Accent hatchback, I think they would have been better off making a performance variant of that.


1 driver's side door and 2 passenger's side door sounds convenient but it will never look right to me.


I've owned an Integra Type R for 12 years, and the turbo version of this could replace it


i would love to scoop one of these up when it's released and dump it


This looks like a bastard child of a Citroen DS3 and a Renault Megane Coupe with some bad genes from the CR-Z and the Audi TT. In a word, it's fugly.


Not happy!


Great content... but it's hideous. It's bulbous.


sloping roofline and centre exit exhaust on the 2 door model appears to be similar to the renault megane RS...


The front bumper and headlights seems styled from the R35~


The styling is a little clumsy for what I'd expect from Hyundai since the sonata and genesis sedan kill in that department... but I think it's a good idea for them to have an inexpensive economical car again since that's what they have always been good at making. I bet this car will be pretty fun to drive


I think it's funny how everyone is trying to act like this car is something special or exciting.

an '05-07 ford focus has more torque and equal weight to this car, plus independent rear suspension... and I wouldn't call THAT a sports car.

Another site was saying this is the next CRX... hmmm let's see.. the CRX had double wishbone suspension and weighed 1900 pounds.. nope this isn't even close


maybe they'll put the 2.0t in there as an optional later on

i like it personally

and to correct DRFTmonkeh, the genesis coupe actually replaced the tiburon

this is more a fun accent


they ripped off the focus rs interior


They copied ford on the interior and i would take a CR-Z over that thing any day.


im a hyundai guy, i drive one..... but this... is... hideous!!! NOOO HYUNDAI NOOOOO


I'd say it doesn't look *atoo* bad, but it won't win any of my personal design awards.

Those little slots beneath the headlights, I can't really tell but I'm hoping it contains some form of an air intake.


Personally this and a few other korean cars look big and clunky. It looks like the ricer bodkits they would put on cars back when that stuff got big with F&F. imo. If they would make something that looks more serious...basically the Genesis. Im talking about Korean cars....but yeah. I don't dig how it looks.


Look at the front ends of Aston Martin One-77, 2011 Citroen C4 and DS3 and tell me this car is not just a bad copy.



Totally resembles the Fiesta. Hyundai is starting to copy other manufacturers including Ford and Lexus, not to mention the Mercedes-like Sonata.


Nope, i'm not feeling it. That interior is... terrible. And that's before you get out of the car. No, just no. That sloping painted part under the grille is what really ruins it for me. Looks like a happy buck-tooth grin.


To correct someone above, the Genesis didn't replace the Tiburon. Hyundai openly made press conferences that the Tiburon was Hyundai's sports coupe, while the Genesis is it's rear-wheel drive sports car. They had mentioned that something that was supposed to replace the Tiburon, as another FF/FWD car. I guess it's this... Eww


bleh. it's heap and all but you get what you pay for. and in the end, you're still driving a Hyundai.


umm not too bad yerh the front isnt as pretty as other cars but its not ugly like a mini clubman!


Another ugly car.


i'd like to ask if it is in wrong wheel drive?

i mean FF layout. :)


I for one think that this new car does look a little odd, but I am sure it will grow on me. When i was looking for a car after I graduated from high school I unwillingly choose a 2008 Hyundai Accent. At first i hated the looks of it, but it eventually grew on me. I feel like that will happen with this Veloster car too. i amglad tos ee Hyundai starting to build more cars that would be a good basis for people interested in tuning, and might want to represent something "non-traditional" like a Civic or a Corolla. Rock on Hyundai!


Good options, 6 speed and around $17,000 hot damn. ill take one. If any body has noticed, mazda, ford, honda, toyota, etc. have all gone to brave new worlds concerning design... hyundai is throwin down turbo 4 cyl. with 274hp (so they say) and they build 'em pretty tough nowadays.


Another car that couldn't stop being designed - Sharp lines here, curves there. I'm no designer but it looks like they got 16 different people to draw what they wanted a section of the car to look like and then showed each other, and went with that! Oh, and it's a Hyundai

Rant over.