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Some of you will call this blasphemous while others will say that it's a very worthy engine swap but no matter what your opinion on this LS2 V8-swapped 350Z, the fact is that it’s a missile in a straight line and that’s why it graces our engine swap themed February cover.

What really attracted us to this car is how tame and understated the exterior looks. For the average passerby this 350Z has wheels and a moderate lowered stance. If one were to look harder though, they would notice a front mount lurking in the grill. That’s right not only does this Z have a V8 in it but it’s also turbocharged enabling it to shred tires like nobody’s business.

Another subtle looking but extremely potent car is this Nissan 200SX. Never gaining too much popularity in the S-chassis world, the S12 has been somewhat of an ugly step child but this particular car is worth a double take.

Because under the hood lies a complete RB26DETT engine swap from a Nissan Skyline GT-R. What’s more impressive is how damn clean it looks. The engine remains fairly stock with just some bolt-ons rounding off the modifications but it’s plenty of get up and go for this S12.

I can hear the Honda purists crying and asking why? The S2000 is one of the best balanced chassis out there and someone has stuffed a big burly Corvette V8 engine in it?! I’m more amazed that it fit and looks right at home in the engine bay then why the owner chose to do it. And for the record he did it because “I like to tinker and do stuff that people say can’t be done”. That’s good enough reason for me.

Our final swapped car is a pristine looking 1990 Nissan 300ZX with an inline 6-cyl replacing it’s OEM twin turbo’d V6.

A mighty Toyota 2JZ-GTE resides in the engine bay now and makes a very conservative 450whp thanks to a single turbo setup.

On the tech side of things, we dyno some Motordyne ART test pipes on a 2010 G37 looking to crest the 330whp marker.

Our EVO X project car receives a cooling upgrade courtesy of CBRD and we also swap out the OEM brake hardware for some more track friendly parts.

Data acquisition systems are getting better and better and after evaluating RLC Racing’s Pro-X race dash we couldn’t be more impressed with all the amazing features it includes like touch screen, full-color display, powerful track mapping software and multiple sensor inputs and outputs.

3-inch vs 3.5-inch exhaust systems, we test them both to find out if there’s any advantages going to a bigger system without having to go 4-inch and dealing with the obnoxious noise from that size.

Project S2K receives its first round of turbo upgrades including a Full Race twin scroll manifold, Tial wastegates, Vibrant Vanjen clamps and a Bell intercooler.

We scoured the SEMA show room floor to bring you the best parts and cars from the massive event.

We also attended the 13th annual Sevenstock at Mazda’s headquarters.

Then headed over to Mitsubishi’s HQ for its annual Mitsubishi Owners Day where new and old Mitsu’s converge for the biggest meet in the country.

This month’s buyers guide has to do everything and anything in regards to cooling. From radiators to complete oil coolers, if it has fins then you’ll find it in our guide.

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Is there a guide or build thread on swapping a 2JZ into a 300ZX?


i love the v8 swaps! but i dont understand why people leave the plastic covers on!... it just looks tacky in my eyes. nevertheless it is still a v8 :)


That 350Z needs some truck nutz hanging off the back now to complete the swap.... should have put the LS2 in the Z32, at least is has t-tops and it makes a bit more sense. Gotta let that mullet breathe. These V8 swaps are killing me man. Whatevs .... probably fun though.


Lol that S12 was in S3 magazine last month


The S2000 looks clean but damn, the corvette engine swap been beaten to death...Just IMO. That 200SX is badass though.


That S12 was definitely featured in the new S3 Mag issue! Gotta love those 80's angles!!


Just buy a fking corvette....


"having to go 4-inch and dealing with the obnoxious noise from that size"

When you start talking like this it means your getin too old! time to move on, maybe get yourself a wood lathe some earmuffs an start making some pretty tables an whatnot.


wow that 2jz 300zx.. Cant wait to read it:p


the LS on the S2K does look right at home. :)

kudos to the owner for making the haters cringe!!



Gonna have to pick this copy up. 2 ls swaps in post 2000 cars. oh boy here comes the drama....


Love the V8 swaps! Let the haters hate.


Why do cars with LS swaps even get featured anymore? We all know they fit in everything. After a v8 is put into a car, said car is no longer interesting except to domestic enthusiasts. Everything else looks good though. Good mag.



look for VIP Tuned @ youll find the Z there.


OOOOOOOOO that Z32 is the hotness... a little thrown off by the engine choice, but it's good to see a mint 300ZX running around and getting featured :D


yeah I personally don't like the whole V8 movement. not only because it's just the easiest possible way to get cheap and powerful car. just look at this S2K. the V8 just stole its character. where's the high revving, motorcycle-like engine? and what about weight balance?


what about weight balance? who cares??? there is way more power potential there. the s2k is siick. quit hatin


Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. The car is mine. You can find some videos of the car on my youtube page. My username on there is TheRealSnyper There aren't a lot of videos up since I took most down but ill be adding much more during the spring.


I can't really see the point of swapping the OEM engine from the 300ZX when the horsepower achieved could also be achieved by tuning the OEM engine.


I am not too fond of the whole V8 swaps from domestic cars. But to each, their own. They look nice. I'm more interested in the S12/ RB26DETT and Z32/2JZ-GTE swaps. Straight 6 engines forever!


Damm i wonder how the s12 with the skyline motor swapp




This V8 swap stuff is BEYOND played out. What hasn't somebody dropped an LS motor into?!



MODIFIED STAFF: Prepare your resumes. This stuff is boring, & you just gave away all the suspense of purchasing, let alone picking up this months issue.


looks to be a heavy issue. i hope you got some video from each of the cars you chose to feature.


LOL v8 a 350z, why not just shit in the engine bay, leave it to fat americans to need a v8 to hual there fat ass around and destroy a Jap car.